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Saturday, February 17, 2018

redirect to James Oh fanpage

Wow! Awesome both my FB accounts have reached their threshold. Thank for all your support. In order to cope with this overwhelming support, I have created a James Oh Fan page. Hopefully, this can reach more people.
This page will enable you to keep in touch with me as well as to know more about my core business and activities. Do visit my page as often as you can.

Thank in advance.

I would appreciate it very much if you could do me a favour by going to my fan page, click like and share it with all your friends, relatives or acquaintances. My heartfelt thanks for your support.

Then please drop me an email so that I can send you your choice of an ebook from my labour of love as a token of my appreciation.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you,

With unconditional love

James Oh

Wednesday, February 14, 2018



Chess King was born on Feb 25,1961-a tiny baby with a weight of 4 lb. 4 oz. He was small and many of his relatives who visited him at that time thought that he might not survive. He was a fighter even as a baby and he managed to overcome his weight in just a month.

He was very interested in chess and his talent and enthusiasm were spotted by his class teacher, Mr. Ho, who was also the school 's trainer. With his training, he represented his school in both the individual and team events in the MPPP under 12 chess competition. He then focused his attention on his education graduating with a degree in Accountancy and worked as an Accountant.

However, he met with another challenge which he failed to obtain justice for his stillborn son. It was the turning point in his when he embraced God and develop the spiritual strength to overcome his depression.

In his mid-fifties, another challenge surfaced when he was diagnosed with Stage 3 stomach cancer. He has to undergo surgery to remove 60% of his stomach. At the moment his main aim is to remain healthy and he hopes to share his journey with everyone through writing.

He has to date self-published eight E-books specializing in Finance, Wealth, and Mindset. They can be reviewed or purchased from Smashwords, at His articles have been published and republished in more than ten magazines and journals, both online and offline.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Every problem has a solution

Grace to everyone,

Everyone has his own unique problem, be it personal, emotional, psychological etc. Problems do abound. The issue is either to ignore it or try to look for solutions. There may not be perfect solutions but it is alright if the solutions are appropriate and feasible.

We need the wisdom to acknowledge that there exists a problem.

That is why wisdom plays a big role in today's modern world as Jack Ma puts it.

Therefore to have the wisdom to recognise and accept that there is a problem is very very important.

Then we need to identify what is the root of the problem.

What you see on the surface is not the root cause of the problem but the symptom. Try asking 5 whys to nail down to the main root of the problem.
Patience and curiosity are the main virtues that you need to delve deeper to find the cause of the symptom that may lead to the root of the problem.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you,

With unconditional love,

James Oh

Thursday, February 8, 2018


my ninth chemo

Grace to everyone,

Today marked my ninth chemotherapy and the third for this year. I am so glad that I have only 3 more to go. I am looking forward to the end of March, by then I would have completed the whole course of my treatment. Please continue to pray for me and may God continue to shower blessings on me.

My appetite worsened after my 8th chemotherapy. As a result, I lost 170g(61.3 to 59.6kg). Although my appetite for food dropped, I had increased lures for fresh air outside. Thus I embarked on frequent trips outdoors. I would go hiking and jungle trekking to breathe in the fresh air outside as well as to sweat it out. It was wonderful to enjoy the flora and fauna of our national parks and waterfalls. The simple task of gazing at the tiny fishes swimming in the shallow pools of water was a delight to me.

My oncologist reckoned that it was a good way of losing some of the toxics that have accumulated in my body. He now insists that I take 6 tablets a day for a fortnight unless there is a valid reason until my next chemotherapy after the Chinese New Year.

As usual, my youngest brother gave me a lift to the hospital on his way to work.

After registration, they conducted the mandatory blood test and other routine tests. Fortunately, my blood test was good enough for me to proceed with the treatment.

Before I checked in to my room, I had a consultation with my oncologist. Like the previous treatment, I was allocated a 4 bedded room(701/4) Orchid Ward but at a different building.
I know that this treatment would be very challenging, unexpected and uncertain. I have to endure a lot of side effects. I believe I can tolerate and conquer them with God's compassion and mercies. Please remember me in your prayers. Thank everyone.

With unconditional love,

James Oh

Thursday, February 1, 2018


back to work

Grace to everyone,

Time flies and now we are into the second month of 2018.

January has been a blessed month for me. I had 2 chemotherapy treatments done and it has been very fruitful for me. I have been sleeping and resting most of the time. It must have been because a lot of toxic have accumulated in my body since to date I have completed 8 out of 12 treatments.

I will be undergoing another treatment before CNY. I hope I will enjoy CNY with my family’s Members.

I have one talk on Financial Literacy scheduled on March 8. By then I would have completed all but less one or two of my total treatments. PTL.

Hope God will be given me guidance and strength so that I can deliver an inspiring and knowledge - filled talk.

Added to this, my Triple Bottom lines in Blue Ocean Preview will be held in the third week of March.

Barring any unforseen circumstances my full course of chemotherapy will be completed by the end of March. I have been out 9th action since I was diagnosed with C... in July 2017.

I hope to hear from you all. Your support is much needed and appreciated.

Cheers and looking to see you then,

James Oh

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


aspiring team needed

Dear everyone,

I (author, trainer cum socialpreneur, specialising in wealth creation, financial and thinking skills) currently looking for a group of dynamic, dedicated and innovative personnel to form a team who aspires to achieve our mutual dreams.

If you are keen to join this innovative group, please email me your resume at and state how you can contribute to the group for our mutual benefits.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,

James Oh

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Letting Go and Moving On

Grace to everyone,

Time flies. 1 /12 months of 2018 is almost gone. Now is time to review the resolutions we have made. For me, I don’t like to make resolutions as they do not require any commitment to fulfill. I prefer to do list.

I am pleased to announce that my book, Letting Go and Moving On, the second edition is finally edited. Soon it is going to be sent for conversion to ePub format before it can be uploaded for sales.

I will keep you all posted together with the link once I have successfully uploaded to the respective site for distribution.

Please be on the lookout and hoping to get your support. Your support is much much appreciated.

This is my livelihood as I have now battled with treatments for Cancer.

Thank you and stay tuned,

With unconditional love,

James Oh

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Seeking IT freelancer,

Dear Everyone,

I, author, trainer and socialtrepreneur, write to invite those dedicated, innovative and creative website and social media freelancers who are keen to work with me to scale up our existing business specialising in financial, wealth creation and thinking skills, exponentially.

Please write to me directly at and quote me your hourly rate, your area of expertise and experience.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully,

James Oh

Friday, January 26, 2018


my eighth chemo update

Grace to everyone,

Today marked my eighth chemotherapy and the second for this year. I am so glad that I have only 4 more to go. I am looking forward to the end of March, by then I would have completed the whole course of my treatment. Please continue to pray for me and may God continue to shower blessings on me.

I experienced some side effects after the 7th treatment. I had blisters on the soles of my feet as well as my lips. I am so glad that the side effects were not too intense and I can tolerate them with God's mercies. However, I managed to gain some weight. It was only a 100g gain. Nevertheless, I am happy even though the gain was minimal.

My oncologist was happy and satisfied that my intake of 70 tablets of Xeloda did not cause any serious side effects. He reckoned that this was the correct dosage for me. I guess he will maintain this dosage.

As usual, my youngest brother gave me a lift to the hospital on his way to work.

After registration, they conducted the mandatory blood test and other routine tests. Fortunately, my blood test was good enough for me to proceed with the treatment.

Thereafter, I had a consultation with my oncologist before I checked in into my room. This time I was given a 4 bedded room, 701/1 Orchid Ward but at a different building.

This is a newer building equipped with better facilities as seen in the attached photos.

At the moment, I have temporarily stopped Baqua Qigong as the soles of my feet are swollen and it is painful for me to walk.

Please God give the strength to be able to tolerate any discomforts from my treatment. Thank Lord.

With unconditional love,

James Oh

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


James Oh, Chinese, Age 56, Stomach cancer – diagnosed in with Stage 3 on 1 August 2017.

I am James Oh, happily married with 3 loving children. I work in an organisation named 'Lift you up' which aims to help people to be the master of their mind.

Since June 2017, I constantly had episodes of stomach discomforts and bloatedness. It felt like there are lots of wind in the stomach which caused me to burp. I consulted my family doctor but he assured me that it was nothing serious. He then prescribed gastric reflux medication and I took it for nearly one month. However, the symptoms worsened and I was losing my appetite and was feeling lethargic all the time. My daughter urged me to go for an endoscopy which I finally did on July 24. A week later the gastroenterologist confirmed that I have stomach cancer.

The endoscopy showed that I had a 6cm tumour located at the bottom of my stomach and covered part of the colon making it difficult for food to pass through. This explained the bloatedness that I felt for months. A CT Scan and MRI was done. It was now very urgent for me to find a surgeon to remove the tumour. I had to 'shop' for a surgeon. After consulting two surgeons, I decided to have the operation done at Gleneagles KL where the surgeon removed 60% of my stomach, part of the pancreas and 14 lymph nodes out of which 3 were cancerous.

After the surgery, I then have to 'shop" for an oncologist. After looking and asking around, I decided to have my chemotherapy done at UMSC private wing. He recommended 6 to 8 rounds of chemotherapy at 3 weeks intervals.

My first chemotherapy started on Sept 19. The drip caused numbness in my arm. I had nausea and vomiting as well as lost 3kg of weight. I felt so terrible and felt like giving up. I then seek help from Hospice. They came and gave me some steroid injections which brought immediate relief and lessen my sufferings. My next 2 treatments went smoothly. However, for my 4th treatment, my oncologist decided to increase my dosage since I was coping well. I also experienced heavy bleeding when I passed motion (black stools). This is due to a reduction in the platelet count as a result of chemotherapy. To counteract this, my surgeon put me on supplement (Fybogel).

To me, everything happened for a reason. I accepted it as God's will for me. I know that God will give me the strength and blessings to see me get through this ordeal. My faith in God has not wavered but has strengthened in this adversary. PTL

Do not fear Cancer. Overcome it with God's mercy. It also affirms that cancer cannot cripple love, cannot shatter hope, cannot corrode faith, if you decide to choose it as an inspiration as I did.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Update of my Additional FB account

Hi everyone,

Awesome!!! My additional FB account has received tremendous support. It has almost hit its threshold of 5k followers.

This overwhelming support has driven me to keep on sharing my personal and professional life experiences to inspire as well as to be inspired. I hope that you will find my experiences interesting and helpful.

Life is just like a rollercoaster, full of twists and turns. Just treat them like opportunities and challenges. What is important is to grab the opportunities and turn them to our advantages. On the other hand, accept the challenges and overcome them to make our lives more interesting.

Life is short and full of uncertainties. Therefore we should try to make the best out of it. Live happily with each other and make our moments together memorable. Do not leave any grudges and learn to forgive our perpetrators. Life would be happier and the world will be a much better and happier place. Leave our mark in society.

Just a friendly reminder. I can be seen and contacted at other fan pages namely James Oh, Lift You Up, Money Tells Stories which were created some time ago. A fan page, Better Than The Best, was created after my first book especially for my fans and followers.

Drop me an email at if you are interested to do so.

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you,

Unconditional love,

James Oh

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Seeking perfection

Hi everyone,

To seek perfection may sound like a myth to most of all. It is common to hear that there is nothing perfect in this world. To me what counts is the finishing line but not the race. This is what makes life colourful and meaningful as there is always something to complete and look forward to.

However, I have decided to press on and seek perfection in every aspect of my life, be it physically, mentally or spiritually. I like to reflect on my past n be proactive in sharing my personal and professional experiences. To learn from the past and to craft new personalised path to move forward. Sharing these experiences to help others see from the different perspective. Henceforth, I am going to focus and specialise on financial, wealth creation and thinking skills and to create articles based on this chosen expertise. I hope to share these skills and knowledge to anyone who is interested and to keep myself active and energetic.

Moving beyond the horizon is my trademark. Learning is lifelong. As long as we live, we will keep on learning and growing. I like to tread on unknown paths and to use my intelligence to discover new routes. It is like a maze and we need to put on our thinking hats to get out of it. Be creative and imaginative. Always look for ways to transform ourselves. I have done it. I have transformed myself from an introvert to an extrovert. Remind ourselves to live a contented and happy life. Be grateful for what we have.

Now I am throwing the ball to you. Do tell us how you are going to catch the ball. We love to hear from you. Sharing is caring.

With unconditional love,
James Oh

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Moving beyond the horizon
Greetings from Malaysia,
"Don't expect anyone to give you anything. If you really believe in something, then fight for it..." – Damon Dash

People always wonder why I am so flexible and can easily adapt to any situation. This I must attribute to my childhood hero, Bruce Lee who said ‘pray for a tougher life and not an easy life.’

Since young I have always been a practical and logical person. I believe that i can achieve better results by doing things differently and not lowering the standards. Since I was born poor I have to use my limited resources efficiently to maximise its results.

Apart from resources, I also need to allocate my time wisely between my part time jobs and studies. To me to be able to do well in my chosen career will allow me to break away from the poverty cycle. I am glad that my perseverance and hard work has paid off and I can enjoy a comfortable though not a luxurious life.
Since young I have always been curious and willing to try new things. I even invested in commemorative coins, stamps and first day covers whenever I have money to spare in the hope that one day I can sell them and made a lot of money. What wistful thinking!!

I managed to secure a grant while i was in varsity. I was very thrifty with my money and with whatevet extras i have, I invested in stocks.

To this day I am still interested in this investment but have fine tuned myself to be more alert and knowledgeable. Now I am venturing into entrepreneurship and book publishing.

Like many people I have been chasing success in my career and wealth and seldom slow down to focus on the things that really matter health both physically and spiritually.
I must say I am very fortunate to know God when I was in my forties. Now I can leave my life to God who will guide and bless me. My faith and my belief in my Creator has been growing steadfastly. PTL.

I hope you will find this post interesting. Do share and thank in advance.
With conditional love,
James Oh

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


be grateful
Very happy day to everyone,

I am in full agreement with Jack Ma that we should work harder and learn during our younger days in order to progress. The world is getting more demanding and more advanced technologically. In order to keep up with this trend, we should always upgrade our skills and know how.

In line with this, I am very fortunate that I was able to build my foundation based on my personal and professional experience since young.

I was fortunate enough to be sent by the company to attend seminars overseas to enhance my knowledge and skills to be more productive. From there I was given the opportunity to learn how to see the global market trends so that hopefully I can predict to a certain extent the movements of the futures, currency, and commodities. With this knowledge and skill, I can apply the technology to make some positive impact on our business.

I have always been proactive and throughout the years have been fine tuning my skills to enhance my contribution to the co.

Hope you can provide some feedback.

With unconditional love,
James Oh

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Visit from My Penang Buddy
Greetings from Malaysia,

Recently I received another visit from my secondary school buddy. His son has got a job in KL and he took this opportunity to bring his wife for a holiday here. At the same time, he paid me a visit. We had a great time chatting and recalling our younger days.

I was very happy to see him. It was this friend and his mum who I am forever indebted to and without their help I would not be who I am today. I failed to get a place in form 6 because I didn’t get a credit in BM although I met the other criteria. My family was too poor and could not afford to send me to a private school. I have no choice but to work as a research assistant. Though I love the job and the professor I was working with was very impressed with my hardworkingness and passion for the job. Nevertheless, I was not satisfied as I wanted to further my education and achieved my dream to be an accountant. This was my temporary job to help me to save money to pay my tuition fees in a private school. My professor also very supportive and always encouraged me to continue my studies.

With his encouragement and motivation, I resigned from my job and registered at the private school. I recalled vividly how this good friend of mine introduced me 3 students to start my tuition class to help cover my tuition fees.

With his help, I started my high school education. Of course, it was not smooth sailing and I faced some hiccups. There were times when I had not enough money to pay for my school fees. As a result, I was threatened with expulsion. I was determined to complete my education and I tried my best to look for part-time jobs. It was not easy as I had to juggle with my studies as well as to a source for money to cover my tuition fees. Sometimes my late grandmother would give me some money and I would be so happy. She was old but was still working though earning a meagre salary. Until today I remember her generosity and kindness! Bless her soul.

Life was difficult and full of hiccups. It is these challenges that made me stronger and learnt to accept things as it is.

My worse nightmare came when the school authorities refused to release my STPM results unless I settled my 3 months overdue tuition fees. I was at a loss as to what to do. Fortunately, this friend went back and told his mum about my situation. Her mum immediately rendered help and lent me the money. Finally, I got my results and was exhilarated as my result was good enough for me to enter one of the public universities. PTL.

Life has been tough for me but along the way, I met so many good samaritans who have helped smoothen the journey. I am indeed blessed!!

My aim of sharing this story is to give hope to those who are in the same predicament as me. Do not give up. Persevere and you will see the rainbow at the end of the tunnel. We can determine our destiny with God’s help if we do our part.
Please share your stories. Thank you in advance,
With unconditional love,
James Oh

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Monday, January 15, 2018


My heartfelt thanks to Transmile
Hi everyone,

Heartfelt thanks to Transmile for giving me an opportunity to attend the IATA courses as a reward for my sterling performance in the co where I managed to deliver several milestones. Attached below are the certs I have collected from my overseas courses.

The overseas exposure was awesome as I was not only able to enhance my knowledge and know how, but also gain confidence especially when different viewpoints on a given case study surfaced and we could discuss and deal with it very professionally and amicably.

On one occasion I was given a chance to deliver my viewpoints which contradicted with the viewpoints of another senior finance executive from another overseas airline. Surprisingly my group members gave me a wholehearted support and agreed with my viewpoints. .Hmm!! I may have some hidden potential and talents after all. I began to gain more and more confidence and was not afraid to accept more and more challenges. I was able to tackle any tasks albeit those with differing or controversial ideas. My outlook and perspectives broadened correspondingly.

I believe this is one of the best and healthy practices if one wants to progress. Perhaps our education system should be more holistic and the students should be taught to think out of the box. They should not be spoon fed. This is now reflected in our examinations which focus on high order thinking skills (HOTS) questions. In this way, our society and country can progress further.

My hope and vision for the future are that no one should be denied an education because of poverty or other irrelevant reasons. Education should be accessible to all. This is practised by some overseas universities.

Secondly, I hope as our nation progresses the people’s mind would as be opened to accept views which are different and access things from different perspectives.

Please share your views. I would love to hear them.
With unconditional love,
James Oh

Sunday, January 14, 2018


live a meaningful life
Greetings from Malaysia,

I hope that my life experiences that I posted from time to time will be helpful to you.

Life is just like a rollercoaster, full of twists and turns. What matters most is what you truly want with your life. Since life is short and uncertain, we should try our best to create a life that is both meaningful and worthwhile.

Make our life memorable so that we will not have any regrets when we leave this world.
My new FB account has garnered an overwhelming response. At the time of writing it has surpassed 4k followers in a short span of time. Thank you all for the great support. I hope it will soon achieve the threshold of 5k followers. Once again my heartfelt thanks.

For your information, I have other fan pages.

Cheers and trust you have learnt something cool today,

With unconditional love,
James Oh

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Transmile was making the wrong shift that led to its demise.

Happy day, everyone.
Transmile is the company that I served the longest. It offered me a platform where I was initially given a free hand to put into practice the concept of lean finance which I have learnt from one of the previous companies which I have served and had implemented the 3S successfully.
My past experience with the other companies I served helped me to navigate the lean finance indicators to constantly improve the company performance. I was very fortunate to be able to master these skills through fine tuning my approach and know how from time to time.

However, this approach was set aside after I was removed from the financial division. I was tasked by the top management to focus and lead the internal audit and risk management unit. I was able to craft the charter for the unit which was approved by them but was never utilised for reasons best known to themselves. As a result, this unit was unable to function as it lacked support from the management.

Prior to my removal from the finance unit, I had achieved many amazing milestones. When I joined the company, it was given a debenture holder to a bank. I also managed to get another bank not only to take over the loan but also to offer it on clean facilities (without collateral securities) with much better rates and conditions.

To achieve this I have to think outside the box to create feasible term loans from the bankers' perspectives in order that they are comfortable enough to grant us facilities on a clean basis.

On top of that, I also took the initiatives to explore cross-border leasing but it could not proceed further as the loan sum was too small.

Other initiatives I adopted was natural hedging where we matched our foreign income with our payments to minimise our forex exposure risk.

Since we are an aviation company, fuel costs can be quite daunting and measures should be taken to ensure its consumption was used efficiently. Naturally, it will be wiser for us to embark on fuel hedging to lock in our profit especially for our fixed term contracts.

I hope I have provided you some insights into the tasks of a financial controller and certain financial tools. I hope that all these will be useful to you all. At the height of my career we also managed to access the Llyold market directly to obtain unbelievable rates for our fleet. I was initially proud to be one of the pioneers of the company. I had put my heart and soul into turning many adversaries into blessings.

On the operations side, my ongoing implementation of certain practices has helped to improve our efficiency by close monitoring and attention to details. The daily collection, cash flow, daily fuel consumption and loading report were always on my radar system.

I have also introduced and implemented short-term strategies, apart from profit rationale exercise, to address the ASEAN financial crisis and reposition our aircraft globally to achieve sustainable business growth and profitability during my term as financial controller cum internal audit head.

I was ever ready to learn and implement anything that was worthwhile and benefited the company. It was also for my own pride, fulfillment as well as my satisfaction. This was the company I prided myself to be in and I was willing to put in all my foresight and business acumen to make it a reputable and well-established venture.

However, it was not meant to be like that. The top management has a different vision from mine. They were unscrupulous and mismanaged the company which led them to go against the law and some of them are now battling criminal charges.

I am so thankful that I am not one of them who were blinded by greed. Thank God for leading me to the right path.

Hope you find this post interesting and useful. Stay tuned for more stories about my experience.

With unconditional love,
James Oh

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Friday, January 12, 2018


My seventh Chemo
Hi! Gals and Guys,

Thank the Lord for giving me the strength to complete the first part of my chemotherapy. I have another 6 more treatments which will be completed by end of March. Today marked my 7th chemotherapy and also the first for the year 2018.

After the 6th treatment, I had some minor side effects of vomiting and loss of appetite. Hence I lost 100g compared to the last reading of my weight at the end of Dec 2017.

I took the initiative to reduce the intake of Xeloda from 6 tablets to 3 per day. As a result, my oncologist was not too happy at my action and it was made known to me today that I have to take at least 4 tablets a day for my treatment to be effective. Hai...Why didn't he inform me earlier?

As usual, my youngest brother gives me a lift to the hospital on his way to the office. Actually, another new friend which is from the same industry as I offered to send but I politely declined. I had already made arrangements with my brother.

He was kind enough to extend me an invitation to visit his cell group which has a few C... survivors. Hope we can share our experiences.

As usual, after registration, they conducted the mandatory blood test to see if I am fit to proceed with the treatment, followed by other routine tests.

After my consultation with the oncologist, I checked into a single room, room no 707, Orchid Ward, but at a different building. This is a newer building equipped with better facilities as seen in the attached photos.

After several complaints, my insurance company are now more efficient and managed to reimburse my claims within 30 days. It seems that things are moving to my favour now. PTL .

Though my weight has decreased slightly my blood test result was good enough for me to proceed with the treatment.

Everything went smoothly. A good kick start for 2018.

Please continue to pray for me. Hope there won't be any adverse side effects and my organs will not be affected.

I am still continuing with Baqua Qigong, detoxification treatments, taking Chinese medicine, foot bath therapy, and spiritual readings regularly. I believed that these practices have either helped to eliminate or reduce the side effects.

2018 will set me with a new limit for my insurance coverage to cover the remaining treatments. At least I do not have to worry about the financial aspect. PTL.

Stay tuned.
With unconditional love,
James Oh

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


God revelation
Grace to everyone,

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to the Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”

The task asked of Moses was enormous. From a human perspective, it was crazy and impossible. It was completely natural for Moses to shirk away and try to squirm out of it. He was comfortable now in the desert with his wife and family.

But God already knew beforehand the magnificent, grand plans He had for Moses. He had already planned this fantastic destiny for Moses.

Moses just had to trust that God would be with him. And the culmination of God's promise would be fulfilled when he returned to the same mountain to worship God symbolizing that he had rescued his people with the power of God.

For us too, we may face a difficult, arduous and impossible challenge which we alone cannot handle without the Lord's strength. However, we must remember with God nothing is impossible. Miracles can happen.

The above story was revealed to me when I had to stand firm with my decision not to be involved with any hanky panky the Company, Transmile, was involved. This was the company which I served the longest.

Remember that God is with us and focus on worshipping Him even in the midst of our challenges.

May the Lord's presence be with us ever so strongly even as we face life's challenges as we continue in the deep worship of the Lord. In Jesus name Amen.
Trust you find it useful,
With unconditional love,
James Oh