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Saturday, April 6, 2013



Brief introduction.

Zig Ziglar died at age 86. A World War II veteran, Zig Ziglar became the top sales person in several organizations before striking out on his own as a motivational author, speaker and trainer. With a Southern charm and lessons grounded in Christianity, Ziglar wrote over two dozen books and amassed a following of millions who were encouraged by his lessons for success.

As we have mentioned in our proceeding post that in order to acknowledge and recognise what he has done to us, we decided to run a series of 10 mini program to share out his 10 quotes that empower millions of people to completely change the direction of their lives. Please record down in your diary and follow up these posts accordingly. Thanks and hope that it too will empower you the way it did to us.

1“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”  which is crystal clear to us that none of us can survive in isolation. Similarly to Success.  

Look around those successful people you will realise the truth that they are surrounded by many like-minded people. You are what you believe, and will be influenced by the stuff you read and the people you associate with. To achieve success, you need these pillars to lean and support you especially when you are down. Bear in mind that life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes, there are sunny days, sometimes there will be rainy days. You will be able to see rainbow after the rain. That's the universal law. 

Therefore, it is safe to reaffirm the correctness of this statement. In my personal experience, lots of kind souls and people have touched my life and in return I also help others because I am also a believer that Giving is Receiving. Let us picture ourselves as weed in the field, if one is affected and we let it be. Naturally, it will spread to us as well. In short, we are somehow inter connected one way or another.

In today's borderless world, we are even more dependent on one another, so to speak. Let us assume that the person you help, did not repay your favour and he eventually invented something so great that help improve people's life. Then, indirectly you will benefit from his invention. Now, you can see its circulation that will eventually touch everyone.

Once when you help enough people to get what they want, you will be rewarded by discovering the appropriate way how each person overcome the issue. The more people you help, naturally will enhance your skill and knowledge. Hence it will add more value to yourself. By doing so, needless to say that you will achieve what you want ultimately.

I do admit that practice does not make perfect, but it makes permanent improvement. By having such good habits and attitudes, you will then be a better person. So will your value and wealth increase.

Hope you find it helpful. If it did, we greatly appreciate if you could share it with your contacts to show our care and love to our contacts. It is good to cultivate good habit of sharing and caring. Good habits and attitudes are the cornerstones to success.

Stay tuned, we are going to share with you another powerful quotation from him tomorrow.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Raising right question is awakening; 

getting its answer is stimulating;

But,nothing better than the best is finding 

the right answer to the right question.

Please give me your view on the above two book covers? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013





Wednesday, April 3, 2013





Tuesday, April 2, 2013



I write to express my sincere heartfelt thanks to those involved in cleaning up the mess created by the fire at the lamp pole a couple of weeks ago. Special thanks should be given to En. Hamdan, TNB for sending his staff to inspect and follow up with replacement of more suitable and higher voltage cables along BU 10/10. On behalf of the residents here, I also like to thank the BU 7 and 10 committee members, Mr. Chin and TNB's staff who have painstakingly replaced the cables under hot sun.

For more details, please click the link below:-
sparkling-fire-burning-at-electricity POLE

Adequate notice of shutting down the supply of electricity had been served to the residents at BU 10/10 much earlier. TNB had followed up with the rectification of the main cause of the frequent fire at that particular pole. I went to investigate further after my younger daughter triggered me during dinner that they had just restored the electricity after nearly a day’s work. I am very satisfied with their high quality work.

See the picture and notice below:-

Thanks must also be given to Toastmaster Club for not only making me more confident, but also able to connect better with people to get things fixed. Now, I must say that I am able to express myself using diplomatic, gentle and appreciative words more freely and naturally to get things done. As such, I can't deny lots of benefits I have gained from Toastmaster and feel proud to be part of this esteemed global organisation. I found that its program enable me to tap into my potential, which some of you may have noticed. 

Throughout my Toastmasters journey, I gained lots and lots from many experienced, knowledgeable and skillful mentors who have shared, coached and inspired me to follow their footsteps and go for the extra mile. One great thing they have done to me is that they always provide me with emotional and moral support. They also help me to set very precise objectives for me to accomplish. To communicate highly effectively, one needs to develop the ability to align and harmonise our thinking, language and gestures. 

So, please take up my challenge and come to join this renowned global club, where leaders are made.!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

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Monday, April 1, 2013


About the Author

Please click the link:-

Now, onto the interview.

James : When did you begin to write?

I’ve found the spiritual value of journaling as a teenager, though that didn’t tell me if I had any real flair as a writer. From 2003-2005 I wrote a monthly “wealth creation” ezine sharing what I was learning about real estate. I started writing a “success” book when we were doing so well we no longer required jobs. I’m glad I didn’t publish because we lost everything we had to a fraud. Then I began to research and write a book on fraud warning signals, so that what happened to us wouldn’t happen to anyone else. I began working for a Corporate investigator who taught me a lot about fraud and what makes people vulnerable. He asked me specifically to write my book for women, because by the time they called him, they had no money to pay him. Most often they were ripped off through romance.
At the same time I was facing prosecution for breaching the Corporations Act, so I held off publishing until I got a penalty. That penalty turned out to be 8 months in prison. The prison experience brought out the real writer in me.

James : When did you first discover that you were a writer?

When I started receiving letters in prison from strangers who’d had my prison letters forwarded to them. That’s when I really knew the Lord was doing something with my writing. I had no internet access so I would post a letter for our family and friends to my husband, Justin. He would type it out in an email and send it to them. The letters tracked my journey through prison, how I coped, funny stories and my relationship with God during that time. Those emails went viral and the feedback I received was very encouraging. I wanted to keep a record of my experiences. I also kept a journal of things I couldn’t put in letters and my intimate moments with God. I instinctively, knew what I was writing was important and the feedback showed the Lord was using my letters to touch people.

James : How much did you write before you were published? 

Not much. I’m easily distracted and prefer talking to writing. I’ve heard real writers just have to write, they can’t help it. I need a reason to write. I find it hard to sit still and write, so I’ve learned to do it in bite sized chunks. That’s probably why the prison letters worked so well.

James : What is your favorite part of writing? 

Seeing it in print! Writing is hard work, it takes a lot of thought, so I love it when I’m “moved” to write. I get on a roll and pour it out. Then I go back and slash it down to the best words.

James : Tell us about your latest release. 

My latest release is Weapons of Cash Destruction: Protect Your Fortune from Fraud. It’s the gender neutral version of my women’s fraud book. I’ve produced 3 books in 3 years and the one most people are interested in still, is my “Treasures of Darkness: A Prison Journey.” When I first came home I put all my papers in a box and shoved it under the couch. I couldn’t even look at it without feeling shaky and ill. I was told that was a symptom of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). A year later, the Lord impressed on me that I needed to collate the letters and journal entries as a book. It was difficult and I found myself having to forgive certain issues and people all over again. Fortunately the Lord gave me the grace to work through it. Now I see the hope and courage I didn’t realize I had at the time.

James : Wow! This book sounds really good. Are you planning on writing more in the years to come? 

Yes, on leadership. There has been a journey of healing and rebuilding that I believe the Lord will have me share from. I’ve had time to reflect back on what the Lord did and will include keys to healing, self-leadership and dealing with difficult people too.

James : So far what is your worst criticism/attacks, and how have you overcome it? 

The worst attack came from my own mind. I felt ashamed of my failure and didn’t think I had the right to offer anything. Some months after I got home, the Lord impressed on me to publish my first book, “Dangerous Wealth: What Every Successful Woman Needs to Know to Avoid Being Ripped Off!” I wondered, “How can I publish a book and people not find out I’ve been in prison?” I was deeply ashamed. I had to make the decision to go public and tell them myself.

How did I do that? I knew in my heart that the Lord expected me to. I believe the only thing worse than going through an adversity, is to waste it. I was afraid, but I did it afraid anyway. Then I was invited to speak to a business group. My story and it’s lessons were appreciated. From that engagement I received more and more invitations to speak. The Lord opened the doors.

A second criticism I received was at a Christian business conference designed to encourage and release us in our calling. I had recently published my prison book “Treasures of Darkness” and was looking for guidance and encouragement. Perhaps I was looking for “man’s” approval? One of the leaders said I should stop what I was doing and burn all my books. Fortunately I had travelled enough with God down that road to recognise there was something about my story that offended him. I realised I could let him rob me of my courage or defend it. I quietly and firmly told him his “word did not witness to my spirit, but thank you anyway.” Fortunately the other leaders disagreed with him as well. I was shaken but pleased I had defended the precious, hard won gift the Lord had given me.

James : What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of

My family. In particular, helping my children heal from the damage they suffered due to my imprisonment, the length of time I was absent and the PDST I suffered afterwards. My husband and I have been careful to guide them through the pain, teaching them to position themselves for the Lord to be able to “make all things work for good”. We parent carefully, prayerfully and with purpose.

James : What does your writing process look like

Undisciplined and eclectic. I keep a folder with topics that come to me. Every now and then I’ll look at one and pray. I start with brainstorming questions around that topic, putting them in a logical order and answering them.

James :  How did you get published? 
I researched self publishing companies. I wasn’t interested in being rejected by a traditional publisher. I didn’t know if my books were any good or if anyone would be interested. I only knew I had to do it. As it turns out, people are interested. My prison book sells just as well as my business books, even at secular events.

James : How do you come up with title of your books

I came up with Dangerous Wealth, because wealth is a double edged sword. It can do good and it can get you into trouble. The subtitle “What Every Successful Woman Needs to Know to Avoid Being Ripped Off!” was necessary to clarify what it is about.

“Treasures of Darkness” is from Isaiah 45:3, “I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, so that you may know that I, the Lord, which calls you by name, am the God of Israel.” The Lord had showed me many treasures in the darkness of prison.
“Weapons of Cash Destruction: Protect Your Fortune from Fraud!” is my third book and a “gender neutral” version of the women’s finance book. For that title I turned to the male members of a Face Book business group. I wanted to butch it up and make it appealing to men. It worked. It’s a combination of the best suggestions. I thanked them each with a PDF of the book.

James : Can you enlighten us a little more about your books? 

Not all things are good, but the Lord promises to make all things work for good when we love Him. My business books will show you how to find what makes you vulnerable and what to do about it as well as how to overcome financial setbacks. They bring out the Warrior Prince or Warrior Princess in you.

Treasures of Darkness is different. It’s not even a memoir based on a selective memory. It was written as it happened, real and raw, so you will go through it with me. The good new is, the Lord was there with me too, showing me how to overcome, challenging old assumptions, bringing fresh revelation. You will see how much He is with you, when you draw on Him.

James: Tell us your guiding principle that governs your life?  

Love God. Maintain an intimate relationship with Him. Love people. See Christ in them, but be discerning about them too. Ask the Lord for His perspective of any circumstance, blessing or person. That’s when you’ll find treasure and purpose.

James : How have you cultivated these values? 

Choosing to trust God in a circumstance, rather than blame Him for it. Practising forgiveness. Modelling and teaching these values to my children. Prison really defined and tested these values. It taught me to see past the exterior to Christ inside a person, to genuinely care about them. When people sense you genuinely care, you can reach them.

James : Do you have any advice for writers looking to get published? 

Yes. It’s not about YOU. Your writing is for His glory, to further His purposes, whether it be simply a heart-warming romance or a serious “How-To” book. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path (Proverbs 3) Walk humbly, don’t confuse your opinion with the gospel. “Passion without Compassion, is just Ambition.”

Write to be understood rather than to impress. Pray to be effective.

You can do things very, very cheaply if you are resourceful. Outsource using websites such as oDesk. I recommend CreateSpace as a print-on-demand service because it requires simple formatting and has excellent customer service.

Be humble and market your books. Literary snobbery against the business of books dishonours God. If He has given you a message to get out there, you don’t have the right to sit on it and wait to be discovered. Hire a professional editor so you don’t sound illiterate, yet still retain your own “voice” in the work.

Choose a title that will get the reader’s attention.

Make a book trailer. Make it attention getting from the start. Mine is here Watch Book Trailer "Treasures of Darkness - A Prison Journey"

If you have a how-to or helpful book, learn to be a speaker and sell your books at the back of the room. If you can’t speak in front of anyone, talk to your computer camera and record a video teaching what you know. Separate the audio and you suddenly have 3 products from one.

Meanwhile, I also keen to review your book, Treasure of Darkness, if you have no objection.

Thanks and look forward to co-operate with you.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Is there anyone out here who knows the answers for the following questions?

Who could move you?
Who could help you grow to do more in life?
Who could inspire you to make a difference in your life?

Congratulations to those who have the answers of YOURESLF for all the above questions. For those who have not, today you will find the answer.

What’s MATTERS most to your children as a parent? What matters most to you in bringing up your kids? I believe it is very much dependent on each individual. For me, it is their attitudes that count most to me.

It struck my mind when I saw my son’s post at FB a couple of days ago. Without being told, my eldest son posted his post of himself with the Mandarin characters he created, bearing the meaning "I love (heart) my Chung Hwa Independence High School." This poster reminds me of the very first day, when I took him to visit the school without having his commitment to enroll  in this school during the very last few days away from the closing date of its registration at Jalan Ipoh Road, Kuala Lumpur. It is situated quite a distance from my house.

Very fortunate of him to make a quick decision to enroll with the school after he saw a parent who immediately issued a cheque to the school after the school admitted his kid with exemption from taking their internal assessment. This exemption was given to those who have achieved excellent UPSR results at the primary school. However, I proceeded to take him to tour the school instead before I paid the registration fee to ensure that he wouldn’t regret his own decision.

As we toured around the school, I explained to him that he should grab the opportunity given to equip himself with a strong foundation in Mandarin, which I foresaw the importance of this language in view of the rapid development that have transformed China after the second World war. Due to the difficulties there to make a living, my grandfather took his wife and two sons to the Southern Asia to find a better fortune. They, in fact, took the risk of their lives to come to a country without any relatives here and began to eke out a living in a foreign land. Since then, China has taken tough measures to reform in building a strong nation by their first national leaders, Dr. Sun Yet Sen (Father of the Nation), followed by Mao Tze Tung (Father of Nation Building) and liberalized the Nation by Teng Zhoa Peng (Father of Liberation). Today’s result was the fruit of their more than fifty years’ efforts to rebuild and reshape their country to become an Economic Power.

I remembered vividly that initially he declined my offer and gave me thousand and one reasons not to enroll with the school. After much persuasion, he changed his mind and was willing to explore this option with open mind.

Thereafter the registration, I explained further to him that I only can give him an opportunity whenever it arises. What most important to me is that he takes the appropriate action he chose himself. In life, opportunity will come and go. He is the one who has to decide whether he want to walk the path he set for himself, no one else can walk for him. He nodded his head in agreement and I believe he understood what I meant here.

We then went for celebration for having the courage to make his own decision before I awarded him with a mobile phone for daring to grab this opportunity that came along. At the same time I shared with him my younger day where I was denied the opportunity to pursue my education after my M.C.E. results despite numerous appeals to both the Education Minister and Penang’s Chief Minister. I was very hurt at that time and refused to give up, tried many other means such as go under, above and go around these obstacles. Finally, I determined to make myself much stronger, tougher and better; not bitter.

You may read the article at the link below:-


To me, education is paramount important aspect in life. Without education, you can't access knowledge to grow yourself better and expand into other dimensions. Everyone has a liberty to education. No one has a right to decline such a right from anyone, even the government so to speak.  This is the way to ensure that everyone can make good use of his gift and talents to serve his community, country and the world as a whole. 

My wife then raised other practicable challenges which we are going to face such as transportation to and from the school, additional tuition fees to build strong foundation in these three languages such as Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia apart from preparation for local and the Chinese Chamber of Examinations. We, at the same time, briefed him that we can solve these challenges as when it arises, because every challenge has its own solution. 

Despite he had spent much of his efforts in taking up two different examinations at the level of PMR and SPM respectively.  He hardly complained about the syllabus despite so much difference especially in History, Science and Mathematics subjects.

Fortunately, he took his own initiative to study and equip him well and better to face much greater challenges by building a competitive edge in these subjects.

This have helped him a lot as he used much lesser time to adapt to new environment with more drastic change of weather and accommodation needs. I feel very happy for him despite his initial struggle to adapt himself there. From this post, I am glad that he appreciates what his school has done for him and he felt proud of being part of this renowned school.

Here, I share my experience with you to stress the importance of moulding our children with the right attitude should you want them to be a difference maker. I am equally glad to learn from some of you who might have different views. That's ok so long as they are happy with it. Perhaps you may share your experience via the comment column provided just below the post.

Through sharing and caring, we strive for excellence.

To read other of his work, please click the link below:-!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920

Skype me at james.oh18