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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Is there anyone out here who knows the answers for the following questions?

Who could move you?
Who could help you grow to do more in life?
Who could inspire you to make a difference in your life?

Congratulations to those who have the answers of YOURESLF for all the above questions. For those who have not, today you will find the answer.

What’s MATTERS most to your children as a parent? What matters most to you in bringing up your kids? I believe it is very much dependent on each individual. For me, it is their attitudes that count most to me.

It struck my mind when I saw my son’s post at FB a couple of days ago. Without being told, my eldest son posted his post of himself with the Mandarin characters he created, bearing the meaning "I love (heart) my Chung Hwa Independence High School." This poster reminds me of the very first day, when I took him to visit the school without having his commitment to enroll  in this school during the very last few days away from the closing date of its registration at Jalan Ipoh Road, Kuala Lumpur. It is situated quite a distance from my house.

Very fortunate of him to make a quick decision to enroll with the school after he saw a parent who immediately issued a cheque to the school after the school admitted his kid with exemption from taking their internal assessment. This exemption was given to those who have achieved excellent UPSR results at the primary school. However, I proceeded to take him to tour the school instead before I paid the registration fee to ensure that he wouldn’t regret his own decision.

As we toured around the school, I explained to him that he should grab the opportunity given to equip himself with a strong foundation in Mandarin, which I foresaw the importance of this language in view of the rapid development that have transformed China after the second World war. Due to the difficulties there to make a living, my grandfather took his wife and two sons to the Southern Asia to find a better fortune. They, in fact, took the risk of their lives to come to a country without any relatives here and began to eke out a living in a foreign land. Since then, China has taken tough measures to reform in building a strong nation by their first national leaders, Dr. Sun Yet Sen (Father of the Nation), followed by Mao Tze Tung (Father of Nation Building) and liberalized the Nation by Teng Zhoa Peng (Father of Liberation). Today’s result was the fruit of their more than fifty years’ efforts to rebuild and reshape their country to become an Economic Power.

I remembered vividly that initially he declined my offer and gave me thousand and one reasons not to enroll with the school. After much persuasion, he changed his mind and was willing to explore this option with open mind.

Thereafter the registration, I explained further to him that I only can give him an opportunity whenever it arises. What most important to me is that he takes the appropriate action he chose himself. In life, opportunity will come and go. He is the one who has to decide whether he want to walk the path he set for himself, no one else can walk for him. He nodded his head in agreement and I believe he understood what I meant here.

We then went for celebration for having the courage to make his own decision before I awarded him with a mobile phone for daring to grab this opportunity that came along. At the same time I shared with him my younger day where I was denied the opportunity to pursue my education after my M.C.E. results despite numerous appeals to both the Education Minister and Penang’s Chief Minister. I was very hurt at that time and refused to give up, tried many other means such as go under, above and go around these obstacles. Finally, I determined to make myself much stronger, tougher and better; not bitter.

You may read the article at the link below:-


To me, education is paramount important aspect in life. Without education, you can't access knowledge to grow yourself better and expand into other dimensions. Everyone has a liberty to education. No one has a right to decline such a right from anyone, even the government so to speak.  This is the way to ensure that everyone can make good use of his gift and talents to serve his community, country and the world as a whole. 

My wife then raised other practicable challenges which we are going to face such as transportation to and from the school, additional tuition fees to build strong foundation in these three languages such as Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia apart from preparation for local and the Chinese Chamber of Examinations. We, at the same time, briefed him that we can solve these challenges as when it arises, because every challenge has its own solution. 

Despite he had spent much of his efforts in taking up two different examinations at the level of PMR and SPM respectively.  He hardly complained about the syllabus despite so much difference especially in History, Science and Mathematics subjects.

Fortunately, he took his own initiative to study and equip him well and better to face much greater challenges by building a competitive edge in these subjects.

This have helped him a lot as he used much lesser time to adapt to new environment with more drastic change of weather and accommodation needs. I feel very happy for him despite his initial struggle to adapt himself there. From this post, I am glad that he appreciates what his school has done for him and he felt proud of being part of this renowned school.

Here, I share my experience with you to stress the importance of moulding our children with the right attitude should you want them to be a difference maker. I am equally glad to learn from some of you who might have different views. That's ok so long as they are happy with it. Perhaps you may share your experience via the comment column provided just below the post.

Through sharing and caring, we strive for excellence.

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