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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dear Readers,

The author, Chew Hoong Ling of is one of our WELL RESPECTED AND HONORABLE blog buddies for some time. Lately, we understand that she is going to launch her book in the near future.

As such, we went to interview her. We felt such a great honour to have a meaningful dialogue with this great author and we are so excited to share with you as Our Readers.

Lift You Up Q1. What drive you to risk yourself to make such a bold move to save another life especially someone who is not even your relative?

Hoong Ling  A1: Well, organ donation is in my blood. I first read a booklet on organ donation and was inspired by a news story of a 12 year old girl pledging her eyes, I signed the pledge immediately. Once I discovered that not many people know about this noble cause, I decided to champion and spread its awareness. I remember telling myself at that time (I was 13 at that time), that I will donate an organ to someone even when I am alive. And this, I did - 16 years after that! I said organ donation is in my blood - so if I cut myself I think I see green - green ribbon is the symbol of organ donation. :) 

Lift You Up Q 2. Tell us how you overcome  fears, criticisms and attacks especially from your loved ones?

Hoong Ling A 2. This  is very much related to life. In fact in this process I learn one very important lesson in life. Much energies were wasted was not because of criticisms and attacks but very surprisingly my own thoughts. It was a battle within myself - whether to donate my liver or not. That dragged on for almost a month before I finally met a friend who advised me. To cut the story short, he said that I should make a decision and then just stick to it. Which is true, once I decided that I will donate my liver, all criticisms, attacks or fears just disappeared. When loved ones opposed the idea, all I did was to nod because they advised me based on their concerns and some due to ignorance of technologies in the medical field. No point arguing when you know they will stick to their point and I will hold my own opinion.  

 Lift You Up Q3. What make you to think of publishing a book to share with others and at the same time encourage others to do such a noble action? So far what is your worst criticism / attacks, and how you overcome it?

Hoong Ling A3. I have always wanted to write a book but lack a compelling story to tell. Even if I were to write a book on organ donation after championing the cause for 16 years, it was still not strong enough. People will ask who am I to publish a book on organ donation. This time, after going through this life saving act, I think it released the courage in me to pen down a book on organ donation.  I address doubts of people who never shared my dream of selling million copies of this book, or laughter and cynicism of people thinking I am crazy or calling me a dreamer, by strengthening my dream and make it come true.

Lift You Up Q 4. Tell us your schedule/program for launching such a great book, which I believe will receive an overwhelming response. When is your official date to launch this noble book?

Hoong Ling A 4.The soft launch of the book will be on 25th June 2010 at the Napoleon Hill International Convention held at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Welcome to Borneo! We are planning for a launch of the Chinese version and with it, we will launch a mascot for organ donation - a brainchild of mine - and its website/portal on organ donation. This will be somewhere in July 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.

 Lift You Up Q5. Let us know what is the title of your book. How you come up with such title? Would the scar remind you of the pain you have suffered?

Hoong Ling A5. Shall I keep this a secret? Haha... Alright the title is "I Don't Know You but Let Me Save You". This title was the header for the feature news that came out in Sin Chew Daily, a local Chinese daily and after a discussion and brainstorming, we think this is really a good title and it tells straight away about a story of someone saving a stranger. I must thank Sin Chew editors for such great titles. The scar is a reminder of my happiness and how life has been prolonged by a simple act of organ donation (even if it is just a pledge). I never suffered though of course, I have pains. So the question ended with "pain you have suffered" - no, no suffering! :)

Lift You Up Q6. Tell us your guided principle that governs your life? How you cultivate these values?

Hoong Ling A6. I always believe in working for free and going the extra mile. In fact, I thought that if I work enough for free and not being compensated, one day the compensation will be big - with compounded interests! This is also taught by Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich. In fact although I am not cash-rich or being compensated by cash when I work for free, I feel that I am very rich with knowledge, skills and a heart of gold - this is something very valuable.

Lift You Up 7. Any other advice which you like to share with our readers?

Hoong Ling A 7.Have you pledge your organs? If not, what are you waiting for?

Thank you, Hoong Ling. You are really our Well Respected Heroine. We are really proud of YOU.

Our Valued readers and Visitors, now is your turn to raise question via comments should you have any. We believe Hoong Ling would be more than happy to answer every of your question.

Do not forget to get her book and help us to spread this good news to your circle of friends.

Below you leave, please come back to read the readers' questions and our honorable guest's answers.

Please copy and save the link for safe keeping and click at the link when you are want to reread our dialog or the Readers' question and answer from Hoong Ling.

Thanks for your precious time and do look forward to more exciting news from us....

About Chew Hoong Ling

Former TV Presenter on Selamat Pagi Malaysia, Hoong Ling is a professional emcee, speaker and trainer. She is the Chief Operations Officer of and also the Executive Assistant at XeerSoft Sdn. Bhd.

Graduate in Business Information System with honours from Thames Valley University, London, Hoong Ling has experience in diversified fields including Information Technology, specialized in web-based Retail Management consultation; sales and marketing as well as a genuine passion for community services. A widely sought after master of ceremony, she also speaks on television talk shows and international conferences.

Hoong Ling has made media appearances on RTM, TV3, NTV7, ASTRO, Bernama TV, BFM 89.9, Sin Chew Jit Poh, The Star, The Sun and magazines like Malaysian Women’s Weekly, Feminine, Money Compass, Singapore Women’s Weekly and ICON.

An avid writer, her articles have been published in The Star, The Sun, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Money Compass and The Entrepreneur. She is also co-author for “Remarkable Centenary of Service”, a coffee table book to commemorate St. John Ambulance Malaysia 100th year anniversary and another book in the lineup – on her journey in donating part of her liver to save a 13-year old girl.

Featured as Personality of Akhbar Mahasiswa while still in college, Hoong Ling was also hand-picked by the Malaysia government to be among Youth Ambassadors on board the Ship for Southeast Asian Youths in year 2003. She is also recipient of Selangor Youth Award 2006, Great Women of Our Time Award 2008 and recently received the Lions Clubs International District 308-B1 District Governor’s Distinguished Service Award.

Apart from business, she is actively involved in promoting organ donation awareness and serves as Vice President of National Youth Association and Director of CyberCare. Only recently, she was also appointed as the committee member of the Organ Donation Public Awareness Action Committee under the Ministry of Health. 

        Your Chief Servant

        James Oh
        Skype: james.oh18

        Founder and Group CEO


Friday, May 14, 2010


Dear Residents,

Further to our preceding article on my place of residence, we took an initiative to circulate to our honorable committee members for BU 7/10 and developer for comments. However, they are either too busy with their daily schedule or chose to express their concerns in their hearts, our typical Asian way of doing things. The so called "polite" response according to our oriental values is totally different from the Western values.

For those who have missed our preceding article, please click the link below:-

Alternatively, you may click at the title of the article to make access to it.

Having said the above, our Security and Safety scheme embarked by some of our good foresight leaders have proven to be fruitful and this has been spread out to all phases at Bandar Utama. BIG Thanks to those who have been involved voluntarily despite having lots of obstacles. As such, we are certain that all residents will agree with us that we should not stop from here, but to expand this noble scheme to a next level of success.

In this connection, we welcome suggestions and thoughts, via comments so that the respective committee members could consider and evaluate with due consideration. 

By doing so, we believe that lots more residents will come forward to make it a BIGGER SUCCESS despite the fact that there is a high percentage of residents joining this safety and Security scheme to protect their loved ones. 

Here, we are more than happy to offer a blog of ours to use as the communication channel for the residents  so that as we can pool all our resources to improve this area further despite the fact that the crime rate has been reduced tremendously. Well done and we need to sustain and improve it further.

By improving the security and environment of this area which we are living in, we strongly feel that the value of our properties will enhance further and more speedily, be it for our own occupation or as investment purposes. 

At the same time, we will also channel our invaluable feedback to the developer, SEE HOY CHAN which we believe will shape this township further and bring this township to the next level of success for our mutual benefits.

Needless to say, this article will also be forwarded to the developer once it is published and we strongly believe that they will give full support, because we don't see any reason for them not to participate in the scheme with the residents here.

This is our way of passing back our skills, knowledge and experience to the society we belong as we preach from day one. However, we also believe that success cannot be achieved alone, but through team work with full dedication, commitment, energy and innovation. 

Last but not least we urge all parties to come forward and work together to make our dreams come true. Tell us who will care if not ourselves.

Please feel free to put forward your thoughts via comments as to how we can make this township ideal for all of us to live and we can even set the bench mark for the world to follow. Nothing is impossible. It has been proven in mankind's history which no further elaboration is required.

Please voice out your thoughts as we can't read your mind. Sorry for us to say so.

Thank you for your precious time to read this article and we look forward to hearing from you,

Your chief servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18


Hi! Friend,

We are pleased to share with you some good news on Green Issues, we have received feedbacks that internet sales have been increasing to Record High, breaking its own record from time to time. That's a real good sign and wise move made by lots of people to cut down carbon emission. It affirms that lots of people seriously care and they choose to do it quietly.

BIG thanks again to internet which make E-shopping viable and easily accessible at your finger click, at your own convenience and even at home. 

Please don't get us wrong. We are not stopping you from shopping the conventional ways. We respect every of your decision and we just want to share with you that the GREEN ISSUE IS SO CRITICAL THAT WE CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE IT. 

To read other means such as 3R( REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE), Minimise waste, Generate your own energy and Public transport/car pooling , please click the link below:-

Alternatively, you may click at the title of this article to read our articles on Green Issues.

Some of you may be aware that we have car pool with other parents in BU to ferry our two elder children who are studying in Chung Hwa Independent (Chinese) High School in Kuala Lumpur, about 20 km away from my house. 

In LINE WITH THIS noble objective, we have lined up E Shopping facilities, just at THE LEFT SIDE OF THIS BLOG. Please take this opportunity to shop there as much as possible. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US TO HELP YOU.

We know that we may not have done enough to save the environment because scientific evidence is now overwhelming and demands an urgent global response. As such, the response must be international. From the report we read that it is no longer possible to prevent the climate change that will take place over the next two to three decades, but it is still possible to protect our societies and economies from its impacts to some extent. 

To show your care, please help me to spread this blog to your loved one, relatives, friends, and other contacts, either online and offline. Please continue to send this article to them even if you have informm them earlier of this blog. Because the chances are high that they either don't open their mail or they have forgotten after a while. To refresh their memories, please ..please keep on reminding them. You may think that we are rude, but the ISSUE IS SO CRITICAL THAT WE CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE IT. Becuase of the world welfare, we hope you don't give up easily but Continue caring and be concern for this planet.BIG THANK TO YOU FOR YOUR KIND PARTICIPATION.

Having said that, we should not give up, but think harder as what more we can do, via comment or email to so that we can continue to broadcast to the world at large. LET US REPEAT, WE ARE SMALL IN SIZE, BUT NOT IN OUR VOICES.

So, please continue to E-shop with us and we can assure you that we will use part of the revenue collected to acquire more resources to expand so as to reach the masses.

Thank you for your kind support,

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi! Readers,

As we have promised you much earlier that we, Lift You UP, will share with you everything we know of, which is invaluable and useful to you.

In this article, I am going to tell more about my place of residence. Some of you may be puzzle why I do so. Couple of reasons that warrant me to do so because you may use it as your guideline to govern your first house purchase. Alternatively, you may even use it as your guide for your real property investment for a reasonable good return in term of appreciation value and rental.

Read more on money TALKS at OUR BLOG by clicking the link below:-

To me, one of the key deciding factors is its appreciation in value over time apart from being able to give me peace of mind to rest my tired body and soul after day long work, so to speak. Once you obtained that peace, you tend to excel in whatever endeavour you are in, be it business/ profession because you can then stay focus on your objective without much distraction. This is an invaluable lesson I have learn after staying here for more than a decade.

Moreover, its appreciation in value over time also serves as another hedging tool for inflation. Thanks to SEE HOY CHAN DEVELOPER for its good FAR foresight. So, my advice is tap along with those good far foresight developers.  The chance of going wrong is slim.

I have seen its growth into a full fledge township with almost all, if not all facilities you can find in any town. No doubt there is still room for improvement. In this connection, I appreciate if the readers do forward their thoughts, via comment so that we can improve further. Thank you in advance for your kind participation.

To me, we can only make the world better through sharing. That's the main reason that drives me to broadcast this article to the world at large. We have nothing to hide from you, we want to pass back everything we know to the world which we have been benefiting from. The world we truly love so as to leave a good legacy for the future generations.

My youngest daughter is studying in Puay Chai II Primary School, less than 5 minutes drive to the school. My two elder sons completed their primary school education there Just imagine how much time and money we have saved through their 6 years of study there. This school was established after lots of hard work from all quarters who wanted a Chinese school here. This request arises as lots of parents foresaw China is going to dominate the world for this century. However, this was always misunderstood by certain quarters of people. We do respect their contrary views.

No surprise this school is gaining tremendous momentum throughout those years till todate. Just imagine a class consists of 40-50 primary school students. Discipline may be a great concern. As such, caning is even allowed in the school, contrary to Western belief. Yet, you find increasing numbers of English speaking parents sending their children here too.

Here, may I be allowed to put forward my thoughts. Firstly, tell me how the teacher is going to control the class. Secondly, suppression by force, is of course, not healthy in any place which seek progress. However, if it is used to bring order so that every student can learn and progress, then it is a totally different story all together. In fact, it is healthy and fair especially those who are serious to seek the knowledge. As such, we need to punish those bad apples to keep the class in order. Needless to say, we can't please everyone. To me, what is the most important is to let good spirit rule.

Now, my two elder children are  in Chung Hwa Independent (Chinese) High School in Kuala Lumpur, about 20 km away from my house. To overcome this issue, we have car pool with other parents in BU so as not only to reduce carbon emission, but also save money and time. In this connection, we, at Lift You Up, also like to take this opportunity to appeal the developer and government to allow us to have such a school in BU. No doubt, it may seem contrary to the National Policy. Do not forget that some of my friends and I have worked abroad to bring in foreign currency back to the Nation, just because we have advantage of being able to speak Mandarin. To encourage more foreign investment here, it makes more sense for more foreign languages to be allowed in the school. 

By having students equip themselves with Mandarin our Nation will have an edge in attracting more Chinese Companies to invest in this country. We hope we have made our point clear and loud. Now, we throw the ball to your courts. So, exercise your wisdom and not your emotions, that is our appeal to all parties. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

Stay tuned and more exciting news to come...

Cheers and have a great fulfilling day,

Your Chief Servant

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi! Everyone,

In my previous article, I told you that I quit my job as Financial Controller from Singapore and came back to work in my own country as I am very keen to make my presence felt in the internet sphere, called Own Home Business. I thought I needed a gestation period to turn this enterprise into fruition until after I have listened to MISS LORAL LANGEMEIER, my honorable mentor. My coaching course with her has commenced, she taught me her proven and tested recipe which I have applied almost instantly. I reap instant results almost immediately, though small at the moment. 

Some of you may have received our email on our online tailor made coaching courses. For those who are interested, you can email to or skype me at james.oh18. We also conducted road shows, embark coaching courses, affiliate programmes and read and get paid scheme. All these are the results of the coaching course from the above author. As such, we would give this credit to her who has a real Magic touch, which is far beyond words can describe.

Here, may I be allowed to draw the analogy of coaching with playing golf. No doubt, you can learn by yourself or engage a coach. The great difference is that your coach will show you the shortest way to swing the golf stick appropriately and direct the ball to your destiny with accuracy and precision. Whereas if you play on your own, you are going to spend lots of time to get it right. So, for those who do not have patience they may give up before they master it. Even if you have the patience, you may take much longer time than through coaching to master it. Time is the essence in any business. So, you get what I mean. 

One thing I was so fascinated about is the book, Put More Cash in Your Pocket, by this great author -Miss Loral Langemeier which I have read substantially despite reading it slowly so as to absorb and apply it simultaneously.  I have told you earlier that I will journalise the progress on this blog so as to share with you as much as possible.

Append below are some of the photos of my new mentor and me that have been taken by my new friend's camera whom I had met at the National Achiever Congress recently. I could not have all these photos if not for my new found friend who did me a great favour. 

My new friend, Joey Lee, was so kind to take the trouble to forward me these photos which add colour to this article. Big Thanks, Joey. I was also so fortunate to have a photo with her. (See photo below)

I was subsequently introduced to her friend, Miss Corra Liew, who is involve in Fine Art Jewelry, Wired Chinese Knot. To know more about these unique and beautiful creations, please click at "de Cor's Handmades" at the left side of this blog. Just scroll down the screen until you find it. I can assure you that it is worth your effort to discover this unique site, that was why NTV7 took the trouble to interview her live, but in Mandarin.

For those who love this tiny little handmade jewel, you may log in and order online. You see the world is getting smaller and nearer, everything is just a finger click distance. Thanks to internet sphere, which makes thing move not only speedily, but also enhanced quality of our lifestyle for being more effective and efficient. Here, we like to add our two cents thought here. Internet sphere is unavoidable, please jump in to join us soonest possible. We encourage you to do so because we are sorry to say that you may be obsolete if you are out of the technological change. This is the future trend and we will not get it wrong. We do not want to see you become victim of this circumstance. 

Happy reading and look forward to seeing you,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi! Valued Readers,

Lately we discovered an interesting, and it is about natural health, by Miss Andrea Guntensperger. 

Profile as follow:-

she is a 40 years old woman, I work as a Kinesiologist, Reiki Healer and as a Nutritionist. I live with my family in a nice small city in Switzerland. For over 10 years I studied other ways to treat illnesses than just taking drugs. 

You may log in her blog and read it. Use your own discretion to evaluate the author's view on these Alternative Medicine, which she is advocating. 

Thereafter, we went to interview her and below please find the dialogue between the author and us for your reference.

Lift You Up Q1. What drive you to look into alternative Medicine?
Andrea A1-   I just never took much drugs at all. I always felt, that it is important to strengthen my body and when I am sick to heal the cause and not only the symptoms. I also believe that behind every illness there is something our body wants to tell us and if we are not listening it will shout louder.

Lift You Up Q2. Any real cases which you have heard / seen before?
Andrea A2 - You mean where alternative medicine worked? For example: after several really bad coughs my daughter was diagnose for asthma. She should inhale cortisone 3 or more times a day. I did it for a month and then I decided not to continue. I went to a good homeopath and she is cured now without any drugs. I could have just given her the inhaler for the next few years but I don’t know how much damage that would have made to her body. My kids are now 5 and 7 years old and they each only had taken antibiotics once in their lives. They are hardly ever sick. I think,  most important is to give them good food, not artificial vitamins, but fresh healthy food.

Lift You Up Q3. What drive you to blog it knowing the fact you will receive lots of criticisms and attacks?
Andrea A3- I think people should learn more about what they can do by themselves to stay healthy or get healthy again. I am not against going to a doctor but I am against believing everything they say. People should listen more to their inner voice again. I think the whole pharmaceutical industry is just about making money. I am not afraid of criticisms and attacks. I would like to discuss things with people.

Lift You Up Q4. What help you to take the bold steps which you would like to share with us? So far what is your worst criticism / attack, how you overcome it?
Andrea A4 :-I didn’t get much criticism yet. Some people don’t understand why I didn’t vaccinate my kids like everybody else. I just think it is irresponsible to give a 2 months old child a shot with 6 different illnesses. I know somebody personally who is mentally handicapped because of a vaccine. That should make you think.
Note:- the answer in blue are her written answers.

Here, we are going to throw it to your courts and appreciate if you put forward your thoughts on Alternative Medicine.

You may choose to read our blog at especially for those believe that tea has lots of medical values.  

Thank you for your precious time and look forward to hearing from you,

 James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Monday, May 10, 2010




(Please forward via comment AND the Winner will be broadcasted here ) 

Hi! Friend,

Further to my preceding article of a typical case of not focusing on the BIG Picture, it is a known fact that there is a great shortage of people who have such skills to turn around a company. They are also commonly called "Turnaround Managers" who have all the necessary knowledge, experience and skill to do the job as expected from them. No wonder that the turn around manager is highly in demand especially in the current global financial tumults.

As a result, many companies could not be turned around due to lack of skill or expertise in this area. This skill is totally different from the skill of the ordinary Manager who manages the daily operational matters of the company. They can't be put there to do the turn around jobs, as it is not routine workdo. Consequently, even company which have a niche market and sound business model could not be turned around even after a couple of years. Worst still, at times you may not be able to see the light.

1. Evaluate and Assess your current situation

Before you embark on any turnaround plan, you need to get a firm grasp and understanding of your company's financial, operational costs, business model and competitive positions. You need to work closely with your key financial personnel to identify the inefficient areas and figure out, why your customers are shying away from you especially those from your core business

2. Develop a comprehensive turnaround plan

From the above assessment, you should be able to see clearly on what it takes to fix your problem. Rebuild your core business so that it can bring in the revenue to the company speedily. Time is the essence of the business. You cannot afford to delay because the longer you delay, the company will bleed more may lead to natural death if no rectification is taking place at the end of the day. The length of period required for turnaround is very much dependent on its nature; complexity of the case and the attitude of its senior management. Usually you tend to find that most of the turnaround managers are decisive and firm in their decisions. This is because they know what they are doing and they need to response speedily. They are normally no nonsense people who hold themselves accountable for their own action, and don't blame others.



Stay tuned and read more exciting articles...............

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO




(Please forward via comment AND the Winner will be broadcasted here ) 

Hi! Friend,

With today’s rapidly economic changes, volatility and change have become the norm and not exception, thus making dynamic planning  imperative for organizations. Hence, a more reliable and versatile framework is needed to cope with these changes, now and in the future, where competitive pressures emerge from multiple regions and sources. As a result, organizations need dynamic planning to help them to stay focused on key areas to compete.

Below are the five key factors that guide dynamic planning:-


These are the main factors that drives success or failure in an organization. Input across the organization is needed. Agreement on key value drivers is crucial in a way that they will help to demonstrate a clear focus on business strategy. Thereafter,  execution and alignment of plan with strategy can follow suit before the “acceptable” tolerance range for these key value drivers can be established. Consequently, corrective actions if there is a need, will then be taken.


Depending on the complexity of the organization's model,  software with multiple applications in the market may more likely facilitate the planning process to certain extent.  The choice of technology is not as important as the thinking behind value drivers and model construction. As such, it is clear that dynamic modeling with the right set of value drivers will lead to faster and more accurate resource allocation, portfolio analysis and target setting. 

Please click the link below to read other points............

The above solutions are provided TO guide for your betterment.

Hope the above discussion has given you a good insight of having dynamic planning. 

Stay tuned for more exciting programs that are in store for your reading.

James Oh

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi! Friend,

Append below please find my first composed song for the above Great Author whom have great impact on my life.


America in Deep shit;
We heard your voice even you don't cry out;
We wanted to let you know you are not alone;
The rests of the world is trying hard to reach you

America, you are not fighting alone;
We want you to continuously lead;
This set back is not the edge;
But it is a turning point;
And it meant to make you stronger;

The rest of the world will never abandon you
America, America, America
We heard your voice
That's why we are trying to reach you

We know that you are hiding away from us
Nevertheless we keep on trying all feasible means to reach you
We just want to let you know that we will never give up hope to reach you
We know you will keep on trying to hide away from us

We know how you react, and the pains you are suffering
Even though you hide from us
We never blame you
But don't belittle us although we are not so big as you think
But our heart and voice is overwhelmingly BIG

Even you reject us thousands times
We wouldn't feel the pains contrary to your view
That's why we still have the energy to keep on reaching you
Even when you keep on running away from us

What we need from you is
You extend your hands to us
We are willing to hold your hands to walk through the journey with you

That is our commitment and we will do it wholeheartedly
We will gather those liked minded people
To sing this song and continue to sing this song over and over
Until and unless you extend your hands to us

We know how you think
We are not irritating you, as you perceived;
We know that is not your fault
But we can't leave you;
Ignore or abandon you

This is because we care and are concern for you
That's why we ask you to extend your hands to us
So that we can reach you

We will not give up and will continue to sing this song
Until and unless you extend your hand to us.

Before you leave this blog, please click at the title of this article to view the first draft of the song being blogged at her website.

Thank you for your precious time and wish you a fulfilling weekend.

James OH

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