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Saturday, March 19, 2011


LATELY I RECEIVED an email requesting for link exchange from a blogger, and without any hesitation, I agreed with her and then I visited her blog. This is because I am always more than happy to do so with the blogger who had taken the initiative to approach me and see the value of my blog.

As a result, I visit her blog and amazingly discover this invaluable article on Kava. As I have mentioned to you much earlier, there is no coincidence for us and it definitely serves our mutual purposes.

After reading this article, I then only get to know that Kava has been used for thousands of years in the South Pacific Islands to treat both anxiety and Insomnia. Kava has been found to thin the blood much like alcohol. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are not taking blood thinners, or blood clotting medication, because Kava may interfere with your health. Kava is still recognized as a great natural way to combat insomnia and anxiety.

Thank her for sharing with us such a useful article. You can also buy Kava tea, or make it yourselves from the leaves, where you can learn from YouTube on how to make it. Here, I must admit that this is the first time I hear about it and needless to say I will definitely share this with my tea blog readers as well.

Because of its medical properties, Kava in capsule form also have been made available everywhere such as at a wholesale foods store, and even Walgreens.

I have been eating Kava since my childhood and my family members also love taking Kava soup, which my wife made, about a month or two ago, from those Kava leaves I have plucked them from my back yard. See the photo taken at my back yard below and it is easy to grow.

Append below please find the recipe of Kava soup:-

a) Kava Leave
b) meat
c) fish ball; if you wish
d) egg
Try it out and let us know your experience, both good and bad. Thanks.

Before I pen off, I do encourage you to plant it at the space available to you. Remember that Health is wealth. Good things need to be shared. A dollar is saved, is A dollar earned. At the same time, you can also help to green the environment. You can kill two birds with one stone.

Trust you find this article is rewarding. Thanks for your continuous support.

James Oh

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Thursday, March 17, 2011



Hi, friend,

I believe that most of us, if not all, especially her fans like to express our heartfelt congratulations to the Malaysian-born international celebrity, Lee Sinje, for taking the quantum leap to enter into her next phase of life - MARRIAGE. She is another Malaysian who has joined Datuk Michelle Yeoh and many other great celebrities club, for making the country shine through them. We, Malaysians, of course feel very proud of them.

In this connection, I am deeply delighted that she finally found her life partner, who has matched her criteria. Known for her love of freedom and an adventurous life, she has taken the courage to embark on a soul-searching journey in the mystical land of India before she committed to tie her knot with the Lucky Guy, as reported in the Star, Mar 18, 2011.

During her interview, she confessed her fear to this finishing line, afraid that she would never be able to return to where she started. Through her painstaking process, this fearful thought eventually imprinted in her book, before she say "YES, I DO" where she share her experience with other so as to inspire them. This book deeply reflected the Golden Horse Award winner's doubt on the lifelong commitment of marriage - new/unknown zone one may have to face. In her book, she chronicled her journey in India, her real experience in facing her fears (arising from the new/ unknown zone) and finding light in the midst of darkness. The most invaluable, interesting and inspiring part was how she copes and learns to understand what it means to be committed and how she gained the courage to be in a life-long committed relationship. It is another REAL case in point to illustrate how important is to view things in a right perspective which leads us to a more meaningful life.

No surprise that this amazing Kedah-born beauty talent was spotted by director Sylvia Chang during the latter's talent search competition and subsequently recruited her under Taiwan's Rolling Stones Record label, which resulted in her appearance in various commercials and ultimately led her to win numerous awards, such as Taiwan's prestigious 39th Golden Horse Award where she clinched a trophy in the Best Actress category. Hope this short and inspiring introduction of her GREAT SUCCESS will inspire you further to follow her footsteps if applicable to you. Here, I like to reiterate that dream is the very first step that will lead you towards your destiny. Although there is no guarantee that you will achieve success with a dream. However, it is equally true that you will not achieve success without a dream, in the first place.

As the Chinese proverbs say " To know the road ahead, ask those coming back." As such you are strongly encourage to read her book, with is rich in content, so as to drive you to take the courage to enter into the Marriage, especially those who had held back due to whatsoever reason you have. This is also one of my main reason to blog this article on this book, which I strongly believe can shed some light to YOU, as the main pillar of this blog, so as to make you a better people.

Before I end here, there is another BIG announcement which you could not afford to miss out -- the above talented beautiful author will make her presence at one of flagship outlets at IKANO Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara on March 19 at 3pm.  So, come and hear yourself through her book sharing session. In addition, you will be given 20 % instant rebate upon purchase this book, YES I DO, and she will also autograph the book for you. Hope you grab hold of this double bonus opportunity and make this event more colorful and enlightening.

Please remember to revert back your feedback after you have read the above book. Other feedback is also welcome here.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon,

James Oh

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Hello, my dear friend,

Why tough times never last, tough people do? The truth is that everyone has the inner-power to achieve. Question is up to your choice. Life is choice, so is Success. You don't have to travel far, but can access to my blog to read abundant evidence that proves well, the point in case.

I know what you are thinking... I hear it all the time as I have done it in the past.
You might think it will take a MIRACLE to put your life back on track.

You might think it will take a MIRACLE to achieve all your dreams and goals.

The plain truth is, it doesn't take a MIRACLE.

All it takes is a commitment, your time and serious effort working toward it.

If you want to quickly reinvent yourself...

If you want a new lease of life...

If you want to learn the simple truth about success...

So, accept my challenge to you!

Make the REST of your life the BEST of your life.
Stay tune to this blog so as to enrich yourself, mentally and spiritually.

Read and review the articles constantly, in this blog and other healthy inspiring blogs, so long as it can strengthen you.

You will surely feel much better and be able to see every adversity as wonderful opportunity .

You need to change and tap into your unused potential so as to maximize  what you could never thought possible.

This is the recipe prescribed by many successors since Day one when human being is in existence.

Wake up the giant inside you,

Good news is that only you can do it,

No one can crawl into your mindset and change it for you.

Even the best coach in the world cannot help you.

Choice is in your hand,
Life is your choice, so is Success
Take personal responsibility and working towards it, if you desire so.

Take the courage to do it,
You will not lose anything even if you fail
At least you have given yourself a try.

Let me warn you that closing your mindset,
You will never learn.

Let's not submit to worry or fear which will hold you back
Accept the change and you will only reap the fruit of change,

Never be naive of the above false claim
as it will never set you free.
Take up the courage and face it with determination
You can surely conquer it one day.
Because you are built to last

Life is just like a ship
Although it is safer to park at harbour,
that's not its intended purpose
That's why a better, stronger and bigger ship being built from time to time.

At last, I hope you can now relate the above to your life effectively.

Enjoy your journey of success,


James Oh
Founder -

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi! Everyone,

Lately, as usual, while I was having our regular chat with one of my former classmates to catch up with each other, all of a sudden the new concept of Adversity Quotient “AQ” was brought up into our discussion. The rest is history, what is most important is that it immediately sparks my interest and desire, which I told my heart to find out more at the later stage. 

Consequently, I carried out a research and discovered that this concept was developed by Paul Stoltz  of  PEAK Learning, Inc. alongside the concept of Emotional Intelligence.  

Basically, the concept is dealing with how we respond to life’s events, or our capacity to respond productively in times of stress. To me, it is useful to have a good understanding of it as it will help you not only  address the adversity, but conquer it. For those who have been following my blog and have read of those success stories from time to time will know what I mean here.

As such, I decided to share with you my finding on the four dimensions of AQ that
Paul Stoltz  of  PEAK Learning, Inc. has laid down:-

• Control aspect

 – the extent on how you feel to respond to a situation or event positively, and the extent on how you guide your own response to such a situation or event; 

• Ownership Aspect

– the extent to which you take personal responsibility to improve such a given situation, regardless of its cause; 

• Reach Out Aspect

– how extensively you allow such a particular kind of adversity to affect your surrounding such as your work and life;  

• Endurance Aspect

– your perception/belief of how long such an adverse situation/event will last. 

Once you grasp its implications of all these possible dimensions (CORE), I am very sure that you will not be caught off guard. More over, the chances that you are able to address adversity are naturally higher and easier. That's my main intention to blog this article so as to make YOU better as I made better too.

It is also benefiting to know that people with low AQs, the typical response to adversity is a feeling of powerlessness and despair, regardless whether they know or not.

On the other hand, if you have a high AQ, you might remain optimistic and resilient in times of difficulties, you will stay focus on what you can control and how you might influence this and future situations.
Stolz named the latter as high-AQ types or “Climbers”, whereas he classifies the former as “Quitters”. Those in the middle – some 80% of the workforce, according to his research – are referred to as “Campers”. These people handle most adversities relatively well, but they also have a fair amount of untapped potential. Moreover, difficulties wear them down more than they should.
To improve your AQ, Paul Stolz suggests that you simply begin by listening to your response to a difficult situation. The very act of noticing your response affects your CORE style of reacting. He also suggests that you then conduct a searching analysis of the situation, and your ability to control or influence its reach or duration.

Always remember that by arming yourselves with adequate and appropriate knowledge, you are surely able to respond to it more effectively.

So, next time when you face adversity, you must tell yourself to have the courage to tackle and conquer it without any fear and worry. Trust me, you too are able to do so just like the true stories that you have read from this blog.

Please do not stop here, but you have an obligation to direct others to this blog so as to nourish them as well. The larger the number, the better it will be because we need to lean and learn from each other so as to strengthen ourselves even more with our brilliant ideas by sharing our knowledge and add on our experiences.

Before you leave this blog, please click at some of the useful advertisements, appended around this blog so as to raise fund for this blog's outreach initiatives. Big thanks and hugs.

Thanks for your precious time used to read this rewarding article.
Look forward to hearing and seeing you again.

James Oh

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hi! Everyone,

Further to my preceding article on the above message, I am deeply delighted to update you that this message has been very well received based on the report published in the Star, dated Mar  13, 2011. READ MORE ON MY PRECEDING ARTICLE AT

On the same day, it was reported that the Women's groups urged the Government to amend the coverage of the Article 8,(2) of the Federal Constitution to include all women's rights instead of confining to those in the public sector only currently. This bold call is implemented will also bring the mission of One Malaysia mission one step nearer to reality.

Another interesting action worthy to note is in regard to the Malaysian Bar Council of Legal Profession's recent call to its members to vote for the motion of taking action against judges, magistrates and judicial officers who were guilty of "judicial misbehaviour", These include striking out cases before the end of the sitting or actual date of hearing, fixing hearing dates without regard to the availability of the counsel, refusing to grant adjournments when counsel had a valid reason, making a decision without reading the court papers and submissions or without adequate deliberation, and delivering decisions without grounds of judgment. As a result, the bar has passed a no confidence against key performance indicators (KPIs) for the judiciary and wanted it to be withdrawn. 

Therefore, it is critically important to apprehend the big picture of the judiciary system so as to reflect the government's intention of restoring the judiciary system after the compensation to a few well respected Senior Judges, especially the Lord President, Tun Abas, who was wrongly dismissed despite protected by several provisions in the Constitution.

Hence, this matter should be properly addressed so it will not deviate from its intended purpose again. Bear in mind that its implications will widely affect every citizen - the judiciary, lawyers , public and foreign investors.

To add more wave to this call is The Star's chief editor, Datuk Wong Chun Wai, also published his article, A Handicap We Must Overcome. Here, he stressed again the importance of English, in line with the Higher Education Ministry's call for university to enhance their graduates' employment prospects.

He deliberated that this move should be viewed in a positive perspective and not to sideline Bahasa Malaysia, the National Language of Malaysia. 

His loud and clear message reminds us that to make a good decision, it is not necessary for it be a popular one. In reality, most and more often than not, good decisions are not popular. One excellent example is the decision made by President, Abraham Lincoln, that released the blacks, caused his noble life that save America. No surprise that he is still voted as the un-disputed best president in America's history.

In Dato Wong's article, he also highlighted that it is a wrong presumption to say that the poor standard of English is confined to Malay students only. It is also a problem among the Chinese and Indians too due to our education policy, which has clearly abandoned English, which is the handicap that we must overcome.    
He went further to say that most of our politicians are not brave enough to grab the bull by the horns to tackle the problem. He highlighted that many of them, of course, would have sent their children to schools overseas to ensure they have a strong grounding in English.

Here, we have sufficient evidence for us not to live in denial stage, but brave enough to take the courage to take Malaysia to the right path, as well reflected and followed by the above respective bodies and individuals.

Please share your thought/view/idea to make the wave much stronger and not to give up hope that can restore Malaysia's former glory, which I believe majority are at the right side. Let us stand up and give our heartfelt support and cooperation to Dato Seri Jala's recent  wise and bold call, AIM FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE.

Before I pen off, I like to dedicate the song, Nothing is impossible, to Malaysia in line with Malaysian BOLEH spirit.

Thank you.

James Oh

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Dear everyone,

Further to my preceding article on the super quake struck Japan, I like to update you the great news that I had read regarding the Lady Gaga's bold move to launch Japan relief bid, with great delight. This initiative is apart from more than 40 countries pouring in "the necessary help" it needs.

I strongly believe that the rescue team, in red, from China arrived in Japan on Mar 13 will bring their relationships a step closer and its action needs a praise because it shown an excellent example of putting aside their bad experience where millions of its citizens were tortured and killed during the world War II (WWII). Hope this grateful act will help them to build more bridges, rather than walls in line with their common culture virtue of returning good favour. Now, I heard from the media that they are also seeking ways to extend their cooperation in disaster research, prevention and post disaster recovery exercise. This sort of healthy exercise will not only benefit both of them in terms of knowledge and technology, but also help the world to overcome these challenges which may be of a greater magnitude in the future.

Another good news which I like to share is that the Lady Gaga, the top world singer and Canadian teens' idol who needs no introduction, also chip in to launch a bracelet sale to support relief in Japan as top names offered condolences after the mega-quake and tsunami. In this initiative, she asked her legions of fans- whom she calls "Litter Monster" - to buy a bracelet on her website saying, "We Pray For Japan," for donations of US$5 or more. All proceeds from this sale will be channeled to relief efforts, as reported in AFP.  You may click at the title of the post to log into her website and your support is greatly appreciated. 

Should we be seeing more celebrities using their influence in a positive and beneficial way?

As the death toll of this affected area has been increasing since the first day of this mega disaster, we continuously pray that the help and other initiatives will overwhelm the sadness and pains suffered by its victims. In this, we urge that everyone here to observe "one minute silence" to pay our last respects to those dead ones arising from this disaster. Thank you.

James Oh

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Greetings from Penang,
 Today I like to bring you another good news on the Asean-based aerospace company, which is making a substantial investment in a manufacturing plant in Seberang Prai, Penang this year. This is another milestone for this Northern State of Malaysia.

According to the report, published in the Star dated on Mar 11, 2001, this investments could run into "hundreds of millions of ringgit" and create hundreds of value-added jobs. Thanks to David Tan who has written it. This news should be received with a great warm welcome by Penang in particular AND Malaysia as a whole, as a part of its effort to restoring its former glory.

As such, we should be grateful that Penang  is still competitive and turn this uncertain time to a great wonderful opportunity and all parties, including Federal government, to give it whatsoever necessary support required and put aside their political differences, if applicable. This is the time to unite under One Malaysia's spirit, by building bridges and not walls.

Now this is the time for us to deliver and earn much more confidence from its investors. Penang needs not only to be tough to last and stay relevant and competitive to make it enable to attract more investment from foreign investors. 

Public facilities such as transportation, utilities, educational system need to be upgraded and improved so as facilitate and support its economical growth needs. Then, I believe that it will bring success in restoring Penang's glory a step nearer.

In this connection, I hope this news will inspire us to be better than what we can, in line with our 'Malaysian Boleh", can do, spirit.

James Oh

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Very happy day to you,

Thanks for your continuous support of this blog and hope You too enjoy and obtain the benefits as I have been enjoying through blogging.

Today, I am very excited to share with you some wise thoughts from one of the Malaysian hero, Chai Fong Ying, 25, two-time World Wushu Championships gold-medalist. And it was published in the Star, Female fighter, on Mar 9, 2011. I find this article worthy to be commended. 

First, she not only proves the point that female is equally capable, in term of physical and mental strength, as their opposite sex. Although she was not mentioned in the Top 100 Malaysian Women lists in conjunction with the celebration of The 100th International Women’s Day, the fact is that she is a real silent fighter and hope she will continue to give her best contribution.

Secondly, she has demonstrated that she is not only physically and mentally fit, but also wise at the age of 25. Another case in point is that there is a misconception of correlation between age and wisdom.

Thirdly, she chooses to use her talents and wisdom for the betterment of the world by preserving this healthy activity. Her spirit earned my respect voluntarily and there are lots to learn from her.

In the above article, she deliberated that the martial art is not only about physical activity, as most people believe, but also about the inculcation of moral values. She explained that she learned “wu de” (the moral values to martial arts) when she is in training. This is part of the spirit of sports that includes values like respect, perseverance and helping others.

It is interesting to know that there are two main disciplines within wushu, called "sanda" and "taolu". The former is prone to dealing with actual sparring, while the latter is more inclined to be performance based, such as ryhthmic gymnastics.

No wonder that this young world champion, not only brings world gold medals to Malaysia, but is also able to shine with wise thoughts at such a young age. Well done, Fong Ying. Your behaviour is an excellent model for us to follow. Your great contribution will not be forgotten, but a truly memorable one. 

Before you leave this blog, please click at some of the useful advertisements, appended around this blog so as to raise fund for this blog's  outreach initiatives. Big thanks and hugs.

Thanks for sharing your wise thoughts.

Wish you a greater success,

James Oh

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Wu Shu = Techniiques of Martial Arts. The essence of Chinese Wushu begins from self-cultivation, self-control and self-defense. Sifu Lan Shu Rou taught me - one must first learn and open mind to sense the energy flow; one must first how to be hit before thinking of fighting. Wu Shu is not a fixed style but a general term of combining Qigong, Daoyin and technique of martial arts; it is not limited to physical movements but more importantly but deepened learning in inner peace and strength.