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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My dearest Readers and Visitors,

This blog is designed to spur up our spirits collectively to the highest level possible. If you wish to achieve such a result, you are heartily welcome to this Highly Inspirational and Motivational World.

To stay highly spirited and motivated, I am sure you will agree with me that we need to constantly read humorous short inspirational funny stories, motivational quotes and inspirational poems.

However, in reality we cannot escape from the real world which had reported more negative news than positive ones, everywhere either from the daily newspapers, media and internet sphere. As such, it is very easy to be affected from it, if left unchecked.

Hence, it is very important to broaden our perspectives. This is the first step before we can align our mind sets to the positive zone. By then, we are only able to see things from the positive perspective, even bad things which we habitually encounter. Through constant practice, you will make this as your normal habit. Eventually, you shall be able to sustain this spirit most of the time, if not at all times.

Therefore, everyone at certain times needs to read touching words such as a motivational story, funny quotes, or an inspirational poem especially when you are hit by series of unpleasant things.

If you don’t make some effort to feed your mind with healthy reading materials that inspire you, you can easily be drag into the negativity that is created in the world by many people in different ways. Your mind just like your body needs healthy food to nourish. To feed your minds and souls, touching and inspirational sayings and words that comes in a form of a story, a quote or poem that lift you up will makes you feel better.

In this site you will find a collection of short and famous inspirational stories and motivational quotes, touching words, poems, together with a good selection of the best inspiring pictures, and motivating posters to lift every one of us up.

You can also read some humorous short and long funny stories besides these inspirational stories. You can also search for inspirational books or motivational posters or inspirational tools that will help you become inspired all day and every day.

Feel free to share this collection of motivating, inspiring stories and quotes with your circle of friends so that they too will receive such benefits as you and I do.

If you wish to stay inspired continuously and read more inspiring stories, funny stories motivating power quotes and inspirational poems, I suggest that you subscribe to my blog so that you can receive from me from time to time.

I am going to inspire hearts to make dreams come true.
I am going to reach out to more hearts and melt hearts.
I am going to be the one who change my future by walking into open hearts to inspire them to do more for their life.

Cheers and thanks for your kind support,

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

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Monday, July 12, 2010


Dear Folks,

Wow! What was just a wonderful moment as another record was made.

Spain for the very first time claims its historical win in regaining the World Cup title. Big congratulation to them and many of us agree that they really deserved it. Their hard work at last paid off handsomely.

This affirms any country can also achieve it so long as they never quit or give up. Learn from the Champ. They have sweet and sad stories to share. No surprise that they have a big celebration on the streets with hundred thousand of their supporters full of deafening sounds. They are so happy and full of emotions reflecting their happiness and joys.

To the losing team, Holland, they should celebrate too as they have tried their best despite not winning the game. It is a known fact that the second place will not be remembered but gaining the second place wasn't easy at all. Win or lose is part of the game. So failure too is part of the success. There will not be any success without failure. Accept the result and keep on improving, and I am sure success is on its way. Holland, work harder and see you in next world cup 2014. I am sure lots of people do enjoy watching your spectacular performances during this cup tournament. Thank you very much for contributing to the quality of this sport.

To all supporters, we are virtually certain that you all were enjoying the game very well. We hope that you too learn some valuable lessons from this cup performance. What is more important is that it helps you to cope with your life better.

Please share your experience you have learned from this world cup and how could this sport be improved further. Thank you in advance.

In this connection, we wish everyone to live their life to its fullest and stay connected to be lifted up at all times, as the name of this blog suggested.

Seeing you again.

By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 7/11/2010

Spain's first World Cup sparks nationwide fiesta

A thunderous roar erupted across the Spanish capital and fans danced in the streets chanting "Viva Espana!" as the country's first ever World Cup trophy sparked a nationwide fiesta.

Spain's first World Cup sparks nationwide fiesta

The centre of Madrid was a sea of the red and gold national colours as Spain celebrated its nailbiting 1-0 extra-time win over Holland Sunday.

The deafening sounds of cheering, klaxons, firecrackers and cars horns rang out as the World Cup's perennial underachievers won the trophy in their first appearance in the final thanks to a late goal from Andres Iniesta.

In temperatures of 37 C (99 F), more than 150,000 supporters watched the match on massive screens in a giant "fan park" in a one-kilometre (half-mile) stretch of the city's main thoroughfare.

At the final whistle, the crowd chanted "Spanish, Spanish, We are Spanish" and "Viva Espana", at the start of a fiesta that was set to last throughout the night.

"We are very proud and very happy, I thought it would go to penalties, Iniesta saved us," said Raul, 18. "We deserved it after winning the European championship in 2008."

Said Adolfo, 25, "It's an extraordinary feeling, of happiness and nerves."

Others crammed into bars or stayed home for the match, which left the country paralysed Sunday evening.

Many were wrapped in the Spanish flag, wore the red team shirts or red wigs, or had their faces painted red and gold.

One young woman was disguised as an octopus, in tribute to Paul, the now famous clairvoyant cephalopod in Germany who predicted Spain's victory.

Thousands of fans had earlier poured into the capital from other parts of the country to soak up the atmosphere, many travelling all night and planning to leave the next morning after a night of revelry.

More than 2,000 police officers were on duty in the capital in case of incidents, along with medical teams.

Almost all towns and cities throughout the country installed giant screens for people to watch the match.

Even in Catalonia, a region with its own distinct culture and language and which has traditionally been disdainful of the Spanish national team, there was excitement.

Authorities in the Catalan capital of Barcelona set up a giant outdoor fan park for the final for the first time during the tournament, where authorities said around 75,000 people watched the match.

The crowd erupted with joy and waved Spanish flags, with many in tears at the historic victory.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18