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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


My dearest friends, 

Sunglasses served many purposes with and without users’ knowledge. Some consider them solely for fashion and do not care about its usefulness. As a result, it prompts me to write this article on sunglasses, although I have never worked in any sunglasses shop before.
To some people, sunglasses are just accessories, made up of plastic or glass. They are fundamentally designed to protect your eyes from UV rays. In the eighteenth century, James Ayscought began experimenting with tinted lenses in spectacles. These were not sunglasses when compare to now, and their protection from sunslight was very much shadowed. 

The use of sunglasses then began to be widespread in the early 1900, especially among movie stars. Stars wear sunglasses to be recognized and not to use it for its initial intent as protection to their eyes from sun light. The first polarised sunglass was created in America, in 1936. The most popular sunglass, at that time was called the “Aviator”.

They come in many different types of colour lenses such as green, grey, brown, red, yellow, orange, purple, blue etc...Grey is a neutral colour that does not caused distorted light. Whereas brown and green lenses are very good: they cause minimal distortion but they have contrasting – enhancing properties. Red and orange lenses are ideal for lower and medium light because they are able to enhance contrast; their defect is that they cause colour distortion. Yellow lenses enhance contrast and they are commonly used by golfers and shooters. Try to avoid the use of blue and purple lenses because they are colours that do not offer real benefits. There are clear lenses which are used to protect eyes from impact, debris, dust, or chemicals. 

However, some sunglasses allow users to interchange lenses, with optional clear lenses to protect eyes during low light or night time activities. Interchangeable lenses are very useful especially in many sports: these lenses can be easily removed when the weather or light has changed. This is very cost effective because the cost of a set of lenses is cheaper than the price of multiple pairs of glasses. Other types of lenses, called photo-chromic lenses: they become dark with bright light and they become light with darkness. 

Sunglass lenses are made of plastic or glass: plastic lenses are typically made from acrylic, polycarbonate or CR-39 (the most common ). The advantage of using plastic lenses is that it is very much lighter in comparison with glass lenses. However, the disadvantage of plastic lenses is more prone to scratch when compare to glass lenses. 
There are many other activities such as riding, skiing apart from reading where our eyes are subject to bright exposition of the sun. If left unchecked, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation ( UV) can cause many problems such as photokeratitis, cataracts, snow blindness, pterygium, eye cancer, etc...In fact, many medical experts often advise us on the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses are also very important for children. There are also people who wear sunglasses to hide defects (which are caused by drug use but also from birth, for example for people who are blind ). 

Sad to see lots of people wear sunglasses for fashion rather than for their eyes protection from the sun because they don’t use appropriately good lenses. Moreover, people should be cautious when acquiring sunglasses which are available in the market because there are many types of sunglasses which are made of inferior materials, which are dangerous for your sight. 

The above illustrations are generally known benefits of using the sunglasses. However, lately I have read about other uses which are rarely known to the public. One great benefit is the usefulness of sunglasses in heavy down pour  which caused the car windscreen to become blur and very difficult to see. I have put this to the test when I drove my MPV back to my hometown, after Ipoh when there was a terrible heavy rain during the stretch from Ipoh to Penang. Thank God, it works very well for me and I drove the vehicle very comfortably. 

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Friday, June 18, 2010


Dear friends,

Lately I read about the new ironing system which claimed to save huge amount of time, energy and money. This system called Polti-Vaporella Advance System makes lots of iron obsolete, of course inclusive of my charcoal iron which my mother had retired long ago and many other new types of steam irons. 

This system really makes a turning point in the history of traditional integrated ironing system.  It created a new concept which has an unlimited super dry steam at constant pressure together with the compact Polti ironing board. This super intelligent board combines state-of-the-art Vaporella boiler iron with not only heated, but also breathable ironing board surface, which distributes heat evenly to prevent formation of condensation. 

Other characteristics are as follows:-
a) Its unique cork handle, the hallmark of its line of professional irons.

b) Its special grooves keep the stream flowing evenly at a constant temperature - the only intelligent iron in town.

c) Its iron board not only would reach the desired temperature quickly to dry fabric easily because of its inbuilt "breathes in" system which can remove excess steam and heat, leaving garment cool and dry. Sounds amazing.

d) The "breathes in" system also holds the garment in place and avoid formation of wrinkles because the steam penetrates deep into the fabric

e) With the above features, it makes ironing easy and fun. With the lightest steam only iron, the most delicate fabrics can be raised from the board. Without pressing the garments with the iron, They could create a sheen on their surface. 

As a result, shiny or pocket marks on clothes will be things of the past. Simple to use - one temperature setting for all type of fabrics. Everyone can do the job now. Thanks to the new technology that make lifes easy and colourful. 

Another beauty of this ironing board is that it can stand alone when folded up and do not need to rest against a wall - unlike the conventional ones. To know more about this product,

Hope you find the above discussion of assistance to you. We are look forward to seeing you again.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Below are additional facts extracted from the above website for your references and reading.

Polti has built on its experience and technology in ironing to create new integrated boards with heating, suctioning and airing functions equipped with a vaporella iron.

Suctioning surface
Fixes fabric onto the board to prevent crease format
Allows steam to deep penetrate fabrics.
Extra steam is suctioned up to eliminate excess moisture

Heated surface
Rapidly dries fabrics.
More professional ironing, easier, faster and better.

Airing surface
Lifts fabrics above the surface to iron them gently with steam only, without the pressure of the iron


With a heated, suctioning and airing surface and a Vaporella ironing station with a thermal device for unlimited autonomy.
8 height setting .
Removable ironing station for easy maintenance
Stand alone when closed.

Holes are concentrated at the tip to optimise steam distribution while leaving a large surface free for drying fabric
Maximum temparature of 160 degress celcius (in most iros it is 220 degree celcius) to prevent shine on fabric.


Holes are concentrated at the tip to optimise steam distribution while leaving a large surface free for drying fabric
Maximum temparature of 160 degress celcius (in most iros it is 220 degree celcius) to prevent shine on fabric.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


To all my dearest readers and visitors,

Today, we write to share with you the bamboo slip, as shown below, which was hanging on my wall for many years.

This bamboo slip had been hanging at a junction between my living and dining hall since many years ago. If I am not mistaken, I bought it from one of the shops in Malacca for my younger sibling who faced several blows in his studies. However, he passed it back to me when he moved out from my previous house. I find the poem reflected in it is so meaningful and have a great impact to my life. I use it as my guiding principle in my walk toward my destiny literally means "The destination of human being". However, you can also prescribe to it as a success formula.

The stain in this banner is very old and the stain suggests that it had been hanging for too long. However, due to its rich content, I find it difficult to cast it away. 

Perhaps it is good for me to brief you in detail as what is its meaning so that you may appreciate it as I do. It tells us not to talk about the past failure, and don't be fascinated about our dreams. Instead grab hold of present opportunities and move towards our pre-set goals. Then you shall reward with Success, or so called SUCCESS FORMULA.

Do you agree with it? If not, please voice out your view.

As far as I am concerns, four important points were being raised here:-

1. Do not let your past failure to hold you back. 

As it may not a failure as you deemed it to be, but rather a turning point as it should be. If you have recalled my previous article, you should know by now that a lots of successful people who have managed eliminated the wrong path before they found their success. 

2. Never fascinated about your dreams. 

It encourages us to put it into action. Dream is good, though it can not guarantee you success. But every success begins with a dream. So, you decide which to choose. Here, I confess that I always prescribe to the former that led me to achieve some success.

3.  Stay focus on your purpose. 

This is a very useful fundamental guiding principle. Stay focus and never distract your attention to any other thing if success is your ultimate goal. This is not easy because we use to walk by sight and the circumstances may be overwhelming and swing your heart away from your pre-set goal. That is why the successful people form a small percentage of the whole population. 

4. Moving forward.

Let us acknowledge the fact that we can't change the past. The most we can do about it is to review and learnt from it so as to avoid making the similar mistakes. Having said that, we have to keep on moving forward and progress with it. That's make our life meaningful and useful. In this regard, we have to make our pre-set goal materialised for the betterment of the world which will benefit from our contribution. Thus, leaving behind a good and sound legacy.

With the above briefing, we hope you have a good grasp of understanding life and its main purpose. Who knows, you may get one and hang it at your wall so as to remind you as when you need it. Practise it daily until it becomes part of your behavior.

Thanks for your precious time for reading this article.


James Oh

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Dear Folks,

When we talk about wealth, it is always appropriate to begin with inner wealth as a strong footing to build and accumulate wealth. However, it is very sad to say this critical and fundamental principle is always ignored even by those who claimed to be so called wealth grandmasters.

Then the million dollars' question is what is meant by "inner wealth" in this context. My definition is more incline to attain inner peace, joy and harmony where you can stay focus on the bigger picture than just solely focus on deals with money issues. Here, this approach is more inclined to a holistic and systematic manner of attaining wealth so that the individual can live his life to its fullest, while achieving his/her pre-set goals. This approach is also not the normal method of comparing and competing with others to achieve his/her goals, as commonly seen in the city environment, or so called rat race competition. He / she choses to leverage on other's resources to achieve their mutual goals. In other words, they chose to share and pool their own resources for their mutual objectives so as to bring enhancement and betterment to the people - in a bigger picture. Here, they cooperate to maximise use of the resources for the masses of the population, rather than individual goals.

Hence, healthy living, in term of physical, mental and spiritual health is always its underlying principle to address this wealth. They allocated some funds for nurturing and building up a strong foundation in these areas regularly or on daily basis by reading healthy stuff which enter into every major components of their minds and souls. As such, they are always full of energy to undertake such noble venture with confidence and passion without any doubt.  

No doubt they are constantly exercising their efforts to attain their goals. However, they remain content with whatever they achieved. They know from their hearts that by doing so, they are able to live to their fullest by stretching themselves to the maximum, but without feeling much pain. Contradictory to common misconception, they enjoy every moment of their walk as they have their missions and passions to press on toward their individual pre-set destination. Now, you can see the great difference between these two approaches.  

In this connection, they stay much healthier than the former. Indirectly, they keep their medical bills at bay despite working for long hours. On the other hand, their productivity is very much higher as a result of the good and healthy stuff they feed on in a  regular basis. They are less disrupted and distracted by those negative incidents. Hence they are very more focused on the big picture rather than indulge in those petty issues.

1.0 Real Estate

Having such mindset and approach, they are also able to see much clearer on how to allocate their funds to generate much higher yields from their investment in real estate besides having to curb the inflation rate which makes their wealth deteriorate. This provides passive income without requiring much labour. With rental and appreciation of their real estate, the gain they made through the investment will put them in a much better position than the return from fixed deposit in the bank. However, you may argue that it is very much depend on the location of their real estate investment. At the same time, they usually will do their homework well prior to such a heavy investment. In short, such a wise move will reduce their risks of getting their investment burned. The beauty of this type of investment is that it is always has some residue value compared to shares. 

2.0 Investing

To double your wealth, another avenue which you can look into is to invest in the potentially high-performing sectors shares which you believe can give a much higher yield in term of probability such as commodities, bonds or quoted shares other than real estate. You must be aware that the latter is less liquid and not easy to turn into hard cash, compare to the former, whenever you need it. As such, you need to formulate certain percentage of your wealth which is more suitable to your circumstances and needs. Hence, this will not only reduce your risk exposure, but also enhance your gain potential. 

3.0 Starting a Business

The old saying is that it takes more money to generate more money. To accelerate extra cash you may chose to venture into business, it makes more sensible opportunity for you to make unlimited wealth when compared to salary earner. However, you need certain skills to make your business venture profitable and able to grow by tapping into its own niche market depending on your product or service you are involved in.

Thanks to the internet world, which offers more viable business opportunity, which was not available in the past. For instance eBay or Web site or Blog. Now it is much easier to monetize your brilliant thoughts via a Web site or blog. Advertisers do embrace blogs as another way to advertise to target their own niche markets. Programs like Google Adsense also place relevant advertisements on your site in return for a cut of the proceeds. Here, you can write about your hobbies just like our, scribble reviews occasionally like what we have done on our blog at or any other works if you write with authority.  Certain topics pay much better than others. To get a rough sense of the relative value of your topic, you may use the "View Bids" tool at

Of course, you don't need your own website to generate extra money. But you can also offer your service offline such as offering tuition services or any other service which you are good at.

4.0 To trim down your spending especially those which does not offer you any added value

To accelerate your wealth, you have to use your money wisely. Reviewing your major expenditures regularly is another wise move. In this connection, you will be surprised to see how you can reduce them substantially without any compromise to your lifestyle. Such a good example not only cuts down unnecessary expenditures, but also cultivates good habit of proper budgeting and planning. You may also make use of to do list to assist your work in a more organised and efficient manner. Thus saving you money and time. More over you may use the time saved for other healthy activities which will boost your income further. Killing two birds with one stone.

For more ways to cut costs on daily spending decisions, click here.

Thank for your time and hope that the above article gives you a better yield than before.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My dearest readers and visitors,

After my graduation with a degree in Accountancy, I started my career as Audit Assistant in one of the Audit firms in Kuala Lumpur. Not too long thereafter, the owner of the firm who split from his other partners had passed away. As a result, his family members decided to sell the firm and his clients to another audit firm. Consequentially I also  moved along and joined the acquirer of the firm. 

Being the staff of the acquired firm, I have to struggle to conform with the new culture and system they operated on. I noted that the staff from the acquired firm left, one after another as they found  the changes uncomfortable. Whereas I decided to quit after being rejected for  a promotion from the partner. His reason was that I was much too junior as compared to their other senior staff despite a recommendation from my immediate superior, Mr Koh, whom I am still in touch with till to date. Though I was more junior, yet I have the chance to lead the team in auditing some of their big clients. They requested me to lead some of big assignments as I have always extra notes, in term of good and sound recommendations in regards to the clients' internal control and system, for them. 

With God's blessings, I managed to stepped into commercial sector as Assistant Accountant in a listed company ( IJM Corporation Berhad). Initially, I was assigned to take care of their plant and machinery department, which is one of their major departments other than construction projects. After I was familiar with this department's operation and their accounting system, my superior, Mr Loy, whom I still keep in touch with, assigned me to other tasks in other subsidiaries within his care so as to tap my past audit experience and skill. He also assigned me to set up the accounting system for some of their subsidiaries such as quarry and other manufacturing companies.

Thank God again. He was satisfied with my performance, and assigned me to other new assignments such as revamping and implementting  standard costing in another manufacturing arm. Thereafter, he increased my portfolio and I also act as the Reporting Accountant for all the the projects of  the company and its group. I began to be exposed to various level of consolidation, that includes projects, joint ventures,  subsidiaries and finally the entire group. From there, I began to draft and implement certain accounting policies and practices so as to standardise their practices to ease the consolidation work.

At that time, the company called for extra fund via rights issues which I was also involved actively as I was very familiar with the software application such as Lotus spreadsheet. It was very popular at that time and we used it to produce the framework and spreadsheet for this exercise. My other major contribution to this exercise was to recommend for adoption IAS 17 finance lease. This changes of accounting policy resulted in the company booking couple of millions of gain prior to this exercise.

After the completion of the above exercise, i was offered the post as Branch Accountant, to take charge of several construction projects in East Malaysia. I took up the offer as I was so excited to work as Project Accountant. 

I finally left the company off after this exposure and decided to join another well managed company in Malaysia- none other than Hong Leong Group. I have again been blessed with the exposure to these three operating manuals/bible (HR, Credit Control and Group Accounting and Policies and Procedures) to govern the group's operations. Besides that, they also adopted Key Performance Indicators and quarterly audits to streamline their individual operating units. 

Again I was so blessed to be placed in one of the cash cow motorcycle unit where I had opportunity to demonstrate my new potential to generate more than a million of interest income as compared to couple of hundred thousand ringgit prior to this. Here, I worked well with my team members to tap every opportunity to generate interest income, apart from bargaining for daily best rate with our commercial bankers. We are also the pioneers to introduce Islamic banking concept into our treasury unit. My other contribution to the group is assisting in the group consolidation at our Head office due to shortage of staff, participation in Acquisition Audit assignment and quarterly audit where my recommendations were fully agreed and implemented by my boss, Mr Ron Lim and Mr Soh. I am still in touch with the latter.

Again, I moved on after I have completed my mission and move to another challenging job as turn around manager apart from my other new functions such as administration, payroll, inventories and credit control Manager in one of the ill trading company. I worked very closely with my General Manager, Mr Tay until we almost turn it around, he got a very much better job which he can’t resist. As a result, he quitted from the company.  My other significant contribution to this company was successfully implementing the FGH integrated accounting software  to replace our stand alone system. We were also selected to pioneer in EDP project in the group.

Again, I moved and join the company which is also my longest service in any company and I  managed to engage all my valuable experience and skill which I learnt from the above company. I managed to put all these into practice and grow the company to a certain extent. Some of you may know that I also completed my mission as turnaround manager in this company before I was being transferred to take care of other portfolio.

Finally I landed in this venture after working with several companies locally and oversea. 

Thanks for spending your time to read this article.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO
Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, June 14, 2010


Happy day to you,

Lately, I decided to take a walk and brought my newly bought camera with me. Initially I took a few photos of my nearby electricity pole and slowly extended to cover other poles of the whole street and  another pole which is parallel to it. 

My discoveries are so fruitful and we like to share with you. We are so amazed with the creativity of our residents' work that drives me to take photos of these fruit trees that they planted outside their compound. After serious thought, I may use some of their ideas and plant these fruit trees at the idle land of my backyard.

See the photo above where the owner comes out with his own unique idea of planting banana trees. See the bananas are hanging at the tree. I began to wonder how nice if I have some of these trees are at my backyard. These not only greens the environment, but can also help me cut down some of my fruits consumption bill. Moreover, banana is also one of the most nutritious fruit you can find in this region. 

This is another amazing photo - look at the coconut tree planted just outside the compound of the house. Not only do they provide shade to the vehicle, the owners, but also offers free coconuts. See the coconut is in light gold colour. Can anyone tell me whether the fruit is ripe or not? I was made to understand by one of the owners, a few units away from this unit that these fruits are very sweet. Hope I have the chance to taste it and I will revert to you with my feedback. 

Wow, look at the photo above - the papaya tree is standing shyly behind the pole. Judging the size of the tree, it is still has a long way to bear fruit and also provided the tree is of "female" gender which can bear fruit. Here, we need to pray for this owner that it be a "female" tree.

In my case, for those who have read my preceding article on greening with fruit trees, you should know that I planted two pomegranate trees; one just outside my main entrance and the other at my backyard. How wonderful, blessed with some fruits while greening the environment. Killing two birds with one stone. See my trees in the photos below. Big thanks to my mother who brought this idea to me. I used to pluck some, if available, for her whenever I visited her. She loves the fruit from this tree as I used natural fertilisers such as dried leaves and used tea leaves.

For those who wish to plant the pomegranate, please contact me.

Please indicate to us the highest score you give for this competition.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Happy day to you,

Buying a car involves a major financial decision and it deserves careful consideration. It is quite easy to be scammed if you are not careful especially if you are the first time car buyer. Therefore, to reduce your chances of getting an undesired deal, you need to know precisely what factors to consider.


Thanks to internet which serves an excellent resource for gathering information on the cars of your choice. Conducting research is a must if you intend not to pay too much for your dream car, which may be far out from its range of market price. By comparing the prices, you will be able to reduce your chances of paying unreasonable high price. Thereafter, you can embark to shop around with different dealers so as to obtain the best price for yourself.

As such, you need to do some research before going to a dealer. Even if you were to buy from a private party, these information serve as a good guide for you. Needless to say, you need to have prepared questionnaire that will enable you to get appropriate information so as to derive an informed and smart decision. Information such as finding reasons for offering the car for sale may provide some insight into the problems that may be present.


The reliability of the car is of greater concern. You may go to the relevant websites such as auto and to determine how reliable the car really is. However, you may raise questions about the cars' reliability if you are purchasing from a private party. Getting a reliable mechanic to inspect the vehicle for you may be another wise move. Here, the reliability of the car is determined by its history and knowing its past performance is essential.

3.0 PETROLEUM consumption /MILEAGE

This is very crucial especially you do not intend to spend big money on maintaining and operating the car. Usually the bigger the car, the higher the petrol consumption especially when you drive in cities where heavy traffic is involved. Let us face the reality, are we going to bear extra costs for your fuel bill? Do not forget that the fuel price is on an upward trend. Nowadays many people I know prefer to purchase User friendly vehicles as these vehicles give you better mileage with less petrol consumption.


When taking the car on a test run, makes sure you are comfortably seated and happy with its performance such as the pick up power. Adjust the seat levers to your comfort. If you still don’t feel comfortable, then reconsidering your choice seems to be a better move.


Read about the cars you have in mind before you go ahead with the purchase. Alternatively, you may check with your friends, neighbors or family for their preferred and reliable car types.


This is a main concern especially if you travel with younger children frequently. Avoid buying those cars which are not up to standard. Read the safety features from the brochures or check with someone who you trust and have experience in this area.


You may obtain the insurance rates and the policy that is appropriate to you. It is important to compare rates before choosing an insurance policy. Here, you must be aware that the insurance premium is usually proportionate to the age of the vehicle as certain loading will be added if the car is of certain age, apart from the type of profession you are in.


You may buy in cash or you may opt for a financing package. The interest rate is usually proportionate to your loan tenure and the age of the vehicle. In my country, people usually buy through hire purchase where fixed interest rate is determined prior to the loan drawdown. In those advanced countries, leasing or other type of loans are used.

If you have considered all the above factors, you will be able to make a more informed decision when you buy a car.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO
Skype me at james.oh18