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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Dear my valued visitors,

Lately, I bumped to the post talking about real life experience and I found it very encouraging and enriching, which I believe it may be of great help to some of you.

As such, I linked to that particular site for your easy access and reference. You may click on the title of this post to make access to it.

It is well said and done. I strongly believe that whoever too can make it if he press on to his preset objective in whatsoever endeavor he chosen. All the best to you.

Please do share with us other success story so as we have good insight of such a valuable experiences, through the comment provided below. Thank you in advance.

Without any delay, I would like to end here and look forward to receiving your comments on this post.

Questions of the day:-

Do you agree that no one can stop you except yourself? Do you believe of the statement - NO PAIN NO GAIN? Do you agree that by shifting your mindset will help you to overcome the barriers without pain? Just treat the barriers as challenges waiting for you to overcome them. Count them joy. Think about it and put forward your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

Blessings to you all,

James Oh

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu -update 2

Dear my valued visitors,

As promised earlier I write to share with you with another update on the above topic, which I have just received it from the Environmental Boots of which I am also a member of.


Grace and peace to you,

James Oh

Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Qi Ji" Musical Charity Concert Dinner

Dear my valued visitors,

Please be informed that the above concert IS ORGANIZED BY THE CHEMPAKA WELFARE HOME (CWH) and will be held at MULTIPURPOSE HALL, S.J.K (C) Yuk Chai, Petaling Jaya; June 6, 09 (Saturday); 06:00 pm. (Malaysian Time).

For your information, CHW established in 2004 and has been operating solely on funds donated by the caring public, well wishers and friends.

You may buy your concert ticket through the TICKET HOTLINE : 017-5726935.

The proceeds from the above concert would be used for providing home and guardianship to those young children in need, regardless of gender, race, creed or religion.


Attached below please find the leaflets of the above concert for your reference and action.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend,

James Oh

Useful tip

Dear my valued visitors,

In my earlier post, How to get more from our time, below is the timely mail which you may use so as to become more efficient and effective. In short, improve knowledge will not only assist us to achieve this goal, but also prevent us from the unnecessary hazard.

I have linked to my earlier post mentioned above for your easy reference. To access to it, just click the title above.

I have received the mail below from my neighborhood friend, who also want me to share with everyone.


I have been driving for nearly 44 years... I would think I should have noticed the little secret on my dashboard that was staring me in the face the whole time... I didn't... and I bet you didn't either....

Have you ever rented or borrowed a car and when arriving at the gas station wondered... mmm, which side is the gas filler cap? {Own car also can’t remember, right?}

My normal solution was to stick my head out the window, strain my neck and look, try to see in the side mirrors or even get out of the car!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to share with you my little secret so you will no longer look like Ace Ventura on your way to the gas station or put your neck at risk of discomfort or injury.

If you look at your gas gauge, you will see a small icon of a gas pump?

The handle of the gas pump will extend out on either the left or right side of the gas pump?

If your tank is on the left, the handle will be on the left? If your tank is on the right, the handle will be on the right (see photo). It is that simple!

Don't feel dumb, just go out and share the world's best kept auto secret with your friends.

Trust this is of assistance to you.

Have a lovely weekend,

James Oh

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu -update

Dear our valued visitors,


Please I have just (Malaysian time: 16:15) linked to another blog for your additional information. To access to it, please click on the title of the post.

Below is a report from Reuters for your reading and update.


Thursday April 30, 2009
WHO raises flu threat level, warns pandemic imminent
By Laura MacInnis and Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Health Organization said on Wednesday the world is at the brink of a pandemic, raising its threat level as the swine flu virus spread and killed the first person outside of Mexico, a toddler in Texas.

A woman wearing a surgical mask talks on the phone in San Jose April 29, 2009. (REUTERS/Juan Carlos Ulate)

"Influenza pandemics must be taken seriously precisely because of their capacity to spread rapidly to every country in the world," WHO Director General Margaret Chan told a news conference in Geneva as she raised the official alert level to phase 5, the last step before a pandemic.

"The biggest question is this: how severe will the pandemic be, especially now at the start," Chan said. But she added that the world "is better prepared for an influenza pandemic than at any time in history."

Mexico said it had suffered another 17 deaths of patients potentially linked to swine flu, bringing the total to as many as 176, and called for a suspension of all non-essential work and services.

Already in Mexico City, a metropolis of 20 million, all schools, restaurants, nightclubs and public events have been shut down to try to stop the sickness from spreading, bringing normal life to a virtual standstill.


Nearly a week after the H1N1 swine flu virus first emerged in California and Texas and was found to have caused dozens of deaths in Mexico, Spain reported the first case in Europe of swine flu in a person who had not been to Mexico, illustrating the danger of person-to-person transmission.

Both U.S. and European officials have said they expect to see swine flu deaths.

President Barack Obama said during an evening news conference at the White House there was no need for panic and rejected the possibility of closing the border with Mexico.

"At this point, (health officials) have not recommended a border closing," he said. "From their perspective, it would be akin to closing the barn door after the horses are out, because we already have cases here in the United States."

Obama also praised his predecessor for stockpiling anti-viral medication in anticipation of such an outbreak.

"I think the Bush administration did a good job of creating the infrastructure so that we can respond," Obama said. "For example, we've got 50 million courses of anti-viral drugs in the event that they're needed."

Despite worries that a major flu outbreak could hit the struggling global economy, world stocks rallied on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said the U.S. recession appeared to be easing.

Almost all cases outside Mexico have had mild symptoms, and only a handful have required hospitalization.


Chan also urged companies who make the drugs to ramp up production. Two antiviral drugs -- Relenza, made by GlaxoSmithKline and Tamiflu, made by Roche AG -- have been shown to work against the H1N1 swine flu strain.

Drugmakers have donated millions of doses of their drugs to the WHO. She also alerted governments to be ready to distribute stockpiles of their drugs. Vaccine makers were on standby to begin making a new vaccine if needed.

And Germany, Austria and Peru reported cases of the illness, bringing the number of affected countries to 10. Peru said its case involved a woman who had traveled to Mexico and its health minister immediately announced the suspension of all commercial flights arriving from that country.

Texas officials said a 22-month-old boy had died while on a family visit from Mexico, marking the first confirmed U.S. swine flu death. In the Texas border city of Brownsville, where the boy was first diagnosed, some residents said they were now reluctant to venture south to Mexico.

"I am extremely concerned because you could die," said Santiago Perez, 18, a student at Pace High School.

Kathleen Sebelius, Obama's newly confirmed health secretary, spent her first day in office on a media tour as the administration sought to calm fears while urging vigilance. "We know that the cases will continue to rise," Sebelius said.

Mexico's central bank warned the outbreak could deepen the nation's recession, hurting an economy that already shrank by as much as 8 percent from the previous year in the first quarter.

France said it would seek a European Union ban on flights to Mexico.

The EU, the United States and Canada have advised against non-essential travel to Mexico, and many tourists were hurrying to leave, crowding airports.

Copyright © 2008 Reuters

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

Dear our valued visitors,

Trust the information below is useful and timely.

By LAURAN NEERGAARD, AP Medical Writer - Mon Apr 27, 1:41 PM PDT


A never-before-seen strain of swine flu has turned killer in Mexico and is causing milder illness in the United States and elsewhere. While authorities say it's not time to panic, they are taking steps to stem the spread and also urging people to pay close attention to the latest health warnings and take their own precautions.

"Individuals have a key role to play," Dr. Richard Besser, acting chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Monday.

Here's what you need to know:

Q: How do I protect myself and my family?

A: For now, take commonsense precautions. Cover your coughs and sneezes, with a tissue that you throw away or by sneezing into your elbow rather than your hand. Wash hands frequently; if soap and water aren't available, hand gels can substitute. Stay home if you're sick and keep children home from school if they are.

Q: How easy is it to catch this virus?

A: Scientists don't yet know if it takes fairly close or prolonged contact with someone who's sick, or if it's more easily spread. But in general, flu viruses spread through uncovered coughs and sneezes or — and this is important — by touching your mouth or nose with unwashed hands. Flu viruses can live on surfaces for several hours, like a doorknob just touched by someone who sneezed into his hand.

Q: In Mexico, officials are handing out face masks. Do I need one?

A: The CDC says there's not good evidence that masks really help outside of health care settings. It's safer just to avoid close contact with someone who's sick and avoid crowded gatherings in places where swine flu is known to be spreading. But if you can't do that, CDC guidelines say it's OK to consider a mask — just don't let it substitute for good precautions.

Q: Is swine flu treatable?

A: Yes, with the flu drugs Tamiflu or Relenza, but not with two older flu medications.

Q: Is there enough?

A: Yes. The federal government has stockpiled enough of the drugs to treat 50 million people, and many states have additional stocks. As a precaution, the CDC has shipped a quarter of that supply to the states to keep on hand just in case the virus starts spreading more than it has so far.

Q: Should I take Tamiflu as a precaution if I'm not sick yet?

A: No. "What are you going to do with it, use it when you get a sniffle?" asks Dr. Marc Siegel of New York University Langone Medical Center and author of "Bird Flu: Everything you Need To Know About The Next Pandemic." Overusing antiviral drugs can help germs become resistant to them.

Q: How big is my risk?

A: For most people, very low. Outside of Mexico, so far clusters of illnesses seem related to Mexican travel. New York City's cluster, for instance, consists of students and family members at one school where some students came back ill from spring break in Mexico.

Q: Why are people dying in Mexico and not here?

A: That's a mystery. First, understand that no one really knows just how many people in Mexico are dying of this flu strain, or how many have it. Only a fraction of the suspected deaths have been tested and confirmed as swine flu, and some initially suspected cases were caused by something else.

Q: Should I cancel my planned trip to Mexico?

A: The U.S. did issue a travel advisory Monday discouraging nonessential travel there.

Q: What else is the U.S., or anyone else, doing to try to stop this virus?

A: The U.S. is beginning limited screening of travelers from Mexico, so that the obviously sick can be sent for treatment. Other governments have issued their own travel warnings and restrictions. Mexico is taking the biggest steps, closings that limit most crowded gatherings. In the U.S., communities with clusters of illness also may limit contact — New York closed the affected school for a few days, for example — so stay tuned to hear if your area eventually is affected.

Q: What are the symptoms?

A: They're similar to regular human flu — a fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people also have diarrhea and vomiting.

Q: How do I know if I should see a doctor? Maybe my symptoms are from something else — like pollen?

A: Health authorities say if you live in places where swine flu cases have been confirmed, or you recently traveled to Mexico, and you have flulike symptoms, ask your doctor if you need treatment or to be tested. Allergies won't cause a fever. And run-of-the-mill stomach bugs won't be accompanied by respiratory symptoms, notes Dr. Wayne Reynolds of Newport News, Va., spokesman for the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Q: Is there a vaccine to prevent this new infection?

A: No. And CDC's initial testing suggests that last winter's flu shot didn't offer any cross-protection.

Q: How long would it take to produce a vaccine?

A: A few months. The CDC has created what's called "seed stock" of the new virus that manufacturers would need to start production. But the government hasn't yet decided if the outbreak is bad enough to order that.

Q: What is swine flu?

A: Pigs spread their own strains of influenza and every so often people catch one, usually after contact with the animals. This new strain is a mix of pig viruses with some human and bird viruses. Unlike more typical swine flu, it is spreading person-to-person. A 1976 outbreak of another unusual swine flu at Fort Dix, N.J., prompted a problematic mass vaccination campaign, but that time the flu fizzled out.

Q: So is it safe to eat pork?

A: Yes. Swine influenza viruses don't spread through food.

Q: And whatever happened to bird flu? Wasn't that supposed to be the next pandemic?

A: Specialists have long warned that the issue is a never-before-seen strain that people have little if any natural immunity to, regardless of whether it seems to originate from a bird or a pig. Bird flu hasn't gone away; scientists are tracking it, too.

I have also linked to other blog, for your additional information. You may click on the title of the post to make access to it.
God bless,

James Oh


Dear my valued visitors,

Please be informed that there is an exhibition, SAVE OUR EARTH, at National Science Center, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur from the period from Apr 28 to 14 August, 2009.

This exhibition held in association with with The Science Museum of London, is the first time in Asia.

Bring your family members there to show your support to save our earth 2050 and beyond. I am sure you and your family members will have lots of fun beside learning how we humans will survive on a changing planet in the years to come.

For your convenience, I have linked this post to its website. You may click on the title of the post to make access to it for more information of this memorable event.

See you there and have a wonderful day,

James Oh

Attach below is the copy of its leaflet for your reference.