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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Friday, October 31, 2014


Dear All awesome neighbours and concerned citizens.

I filed my counter proposal of rerouting of LRT 3 and received feedback and acknowledgement from SPAD.

As such, I urge everyone to file in your valuable opinions so as preserve the beauty of this township and its value. You may do so in the SPAD’s website at soonest possible.

Make best use of this avenue to voice our views as this mega project such as LRT has long term impact on this entire township particularly and Malaysia as a whole. We shall never regret doing our utmost best in everything we encountered so as to be fully responsible for all future generations.

This is the way we show our appreciation to the NLBU task group for informing us on the progress from time to time. On the other hand, their painstaking efforts in forming the platform are fully fulfilling the best interest of the people.
Thank you 


Thursday, October 30, 2014


I write to acknowledge my sincere appreciation to the good foresight leaders, that is both Chinese educationist Dr Kua Kia Soong and Dr Shafie Salleh for taking the brave and bold decisions to enable lots of Malaysian children to take alternative route to pursue their education in view of foreseeable importance of Mandarin in the near future.
Their bold and brave actions have received overwhelming supports from many Malaysians from all strata of Society. Many had even supported the clause with generous donations. This well illustrates the point that success is obtained by being focus and taking positive actions which may involve lots of sacrifices, hard work and commitment.
Below are the extracts from Wikipedia on Unified Examination Certificate and of the above two great foresight leaders for your reading pleasure.

Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)
The Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) is a standardized test for Chinese independent high school students organized by the UCSCAM since 1975. The UEC is available in three levels: Junior Middle (UEC-JML), Vocational (UEC-V), and Senior Middle (UEC-SML). Examinations for non-language subjects in the UEC-JML (except in Sabah) and UEC-V are in Chinese. In Sabah, UEC-JML science and mathematics are available in Chinese and English. The UEC-SML has examinations for mathematics, sciences (biology, chemistry and physics), book keeping, accounting, and commerce available in Chinese and English, while other non-language subjects are only available in Chinese.
The UEC-SML is recognized as a qualification for entrance into many tertiary educational institutions around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, Canada and many others. It is not recognized by the government of Malaysia for entry into public universities, but most private colleges recognize it.
Because the UEC is not recognized by the Malaysian government, some Chinese independent high schools opt to teach the national secondary school curriculum (in Malay) alongside the independent school curriculum (in Chinese) and require students to sit for the government standardized tests (PMRSPM or even STPM) as private school candidates, providing the students an opportunity to obtain government-recognized certificates.
Chinese educationalist Dr Kua Kia Soong mentions the introduction of the UEC in his book Protean Saga: The Chinese Schools of Malaysia. According to the book, the introduction of the UEC led to Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the then Minister of Education and later the Prime Minister of Malaysia, summoning the Chinese educationalists to parliament. To quote the book, "The latter (Mahathir) did not mince his words but told the Dong Jiao Zong leaders that UEC had better not be held or else ... He did not ask for any response and dismissed the Chinese educationalists with a curt ... 'that is all'."
In May 2004 the National Accreditation Board (LAN) required students entering local private colleges using any qualification other than the SPM to pass the SPM Malay paper. This drew protests and then the Minister of Higher Education Dr Shafie Salleh exempted UEC students from this requirement.

Hope this event serves excellent lessons to be learned. Fortunately, we have these great leaders who dare to stand out in times of crisis for the benefits of next generations. Well done and keep it up.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Dearest Friends, Families, Followers and Fans,

Very awesome day to you,

This is another new breakthrough for my entire awesome team who managed to break the arrow pointing at our throats. Prior to this, we need to sign indemnity letters. We are not allowed to take photo during the act. You are fully advised to practice only with the presence of a credible expert.

I am happy to have another new challenging experience as I have done a fire eating performance earlier. My reason is simple and I realized that I was much well prepared this time compared to the previous ones. This on-going practice is actually making you fare better. Each encounter gives you different sensation and experience.  Of course, you will encounter different types of people but our group spirit spread to every member rapidly.

This is more than mind work. One important lesson I learned is Actions triumphs in every success. If you don’t get rid of those fears, doubts and worries which you may unknowingly built over times, then you will be captive of this bondage. You either make or break it. Breaking it may be painful, but not breaking it can be even more painful, that I can assure you. I urge you to use your mind wisely so that you will prosper. Use it badly, you will suffer. I discovered that investing on your mind is perhaps the best investment you can make.

As Winston Churchill says, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”  I strongly believe we can learn from those great leaders, their inspiring quotes and their timeless lessons.

Below are some of my old photos from my previous posts for your easy reference.

 The above photos were taken during my fire eating performance, under supervision of the appropriate personnel. The reason I share with you all is to reaffirm my point that everyone can overcome fear, doubts and worries by confronting and conquering it. I have also illustrated this point many times in my earlier posts.

The above pictures did not really reflect the most exciting point when I put the burning fire into my mouth. However, I have many witnesses who were present at that time. I pride myself of walking the talk and not otherwise. My purpose of doing so is that I hope to lift you up by letting you know the truth, that you are affected by your thoughts, actions and words. As such, it is critically important that you have the appropriate right mindset to make you healthy and wealthy.

Be mindful that our minds cannot distinguish between real and unreal. As such, it can be easily manipulated, depending on how you perceive things. Once you put it in the positive zone, it will attract all the positive elements. Conversely, if you think otherwise, then it will attract all the negative elements as advocated in the law of attraction. Now, the choice is yours.

You either be the master of your mind or the slave of your mind. You just can’t serve two masters at the same time. Choice is yours. You call the shot. Be the master of your mind is the surest way of being the best version of yourself.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Dear Families, Followers, Fans and Friends,

Very happy morning to you, 

We, Lift You Up, write to express our heartfelt appreciation to all parties, be it guest post writers, collaborators, followers, readers and visitors for making this blog gain momentum. We must admit that your warm support drive us to spread our wings to reach out a larger magnitude of people. This is in line with our belief that everyone is part of the universe. We also believe that everyone has an inspiration to inspire every human to live in their higher self, based on courage, purpose and joy.

We also believe this goal can be attained through education. That’s the reason why we are always moving the bar a notch higher upon reaching our pre-set ultimate goal, by Overcoming Barriers, Pushing Boundaries and Crossing Borders. Together, we are proud of our record-breaking achievements.

We need to claim abundance of happiness, health, wealth and love so as to make us much stronger so as to enable us to give out abundantly as well. We can’t give what we don’t have. Similarly, it applies to everyone as we all are part of the universe.

Everyone is unique, special and beautiful. Each one has its uniqueness, talents and experience and you are the only one who has what the universe needs. We can’t afford not to let anyone not to shine. As such, we refuse to accept the ‘One size fits all standard of happiness, wealth, health and love.

You are always welcome to join our team of positive and enthusiastic members in helping others gain the courage, love and prosperity we all so desperately desire and richly deserve.

Let us have not only a smile on our faces, but also help to shape and bring changes to the world.

We are looking for enthusiastic team players who are able to work effectively with us as well as volunteers. Let us make a difference in our lives and help advance the lives of others, as reflected in the title of this blog.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Awesome day to Friends, Families, Followers and Fans,

This BREAKTHROUGH video reminded me of the real life’s experience of my daughter, who had been wrongfully told by her dancing school teacher that her body structure was not fit for dancing, her dancing pose was terribly bad, etc.

Fortunately, I was quick enough to transfer her to another dancing school after I confronted the school.

My point is never jump to conclusion based on individual’s judgment or bias prior to doing individual homework and findings.  Thereafter, she began to enjoy her class and even obtained a distinction for her early dancing examination. Her team was subsequently elected to represent that ballet school to perform at Dato Siti’s wedding. This has inspired her to pursue till today despite heavy study loads from her private Chinese school which cater for both local and United Examination Certificate examinations.

This year, her dancing team was named the champion in her school’s in- house competition that attracted a crowd of 5,000 during her school’s annual celebration. Her team subsequently represented her school in the recent Selangor state competition. 

My point here is that her persistence, practice and passion helped her through her painful journey despite an early doubt cast upon her by her former teacher. A great breakthrough for her!

James Oh


Help People to explore the invisible and achieve the impossible

Sunday, October 26, 2014


The biggest letdown in life is when you lose the larger purpose of life. This is true especially our daily busy routine sets in to divert our attention and action to other urgent but less important things. What makes thing even worse is when the surrounding chaos sets in from our other areas of life, namely finances, which causes us to feel like we are losing control over everything.

In short, “everything is letting us down.” Here are some of the ways which may assist you to get back control, commit and accomplish all the things you want to do.

What Would You Like to Accomplish, And Why?

Sadly, many people these days have a lot of goals but do not actually realize what they truly want out of life. You should not think what you want "from" life, but think what you truly want "in" life. Keep working on it. Be focused and create something you are truly passionate about, and expand its horizons so that you can sustain and increase your net worth.
By doing so, you can cope well with today’s highly competitive and inflationary but low interest environment. In this type of situation, we are not only compelled to invest wisely to get much higher returns than the rate of inflation, but also need to perform exceptionally well to cope with the fast-paced economy. Otherwise, growing your wealth exponentially will not be within our reach.
Begin with your current status and move to your next level of success.
Always stay open and brainstorm pathways to grow your wealth exponentially. A brilliant way is to leverage on others who have those resources that you don't have. The sky is the limit, and growing your wealth exponentially is something that you may have the privilege to strive for.
Just keep on creating the pipe lines so that they can bring in the residual or passive income to you perpetually. This is the surest way of growing your wealth exponentially.
Identify Obstacles.
Write down everything that may prevent you from growing your wealth exponentially. Be completely honest. If you do not have enough money or enough time, write them down. Identifying any obstacles can serve two purposes - it will highlight all the things you can do that you have just been lazy about, and it will give you an idea on what you need to overcome them.
What matters most is to realize what the underlying cause is at that time. Inaction is the number one thing that prevents you from growing wealth exponentially. Action triumphs in every success. 
Formulate Plan.
Make a third column and write down a plan of action now that you know what's preventing you from accomplishing everything you want.
The reality is that you have to take action, and without having a plan, you'll just keep spinning your wheels and nothing will get done. If one of your obstacles is not having enough money, maybe you can write down ideas on how to make more money, how to spend less money, or how to get a handle on your finances.
If there is nothing preventing you from doing something, write down that you need to JUST DO IT!
If your goal is "Learn to ride a motorcycle", and not having a motorcycle is what's preventing you, write down "find a friend with a motorcycle" or "save money for a motorcycle". Write down anything that comes to mind.
Take Action.
You reap what you sow. To grow your wealth exponentially, you need to keep sowing, no matter how small the seeds may seam. There is nothing too little to a great mind. No one will know what will actually turn up.

Every day, do something that will lead you to sustain and increase your net worth. Learn how to not swim against a current or let it carry you safely to the shore. Do take the ride of waves to grow your wealth exponentially. Never drain your resources to fight against the wave, but grab every opportunity that arises that will grow your wealth exponentially through leverage of others’ resources.

For instance I keep creating Ebooks, training programs to that effect as I believe each book and training program will bring me perpetual income over time. Moreover, by keeping on writing, I also will enhance my writing skills, knowledge and strengthen my mindset. Better still, what I am writing is mostly about motivation, wealth and mindset.

Investment Strategy
Every investor needs to develop a series of strategies to increase your wealth. An investment strategy is a set of rules, behaviors or procedures, designed to guide an investor's selection of an investment portfolio.
Usually the strategy will be designed around the investor's risk-return tradeoff: some investors will prefer to maximize expected returns by investing in risky assets, others will prefer to minimize risk, but most will select a strategy somewhere in between.
At the end of day, every investor wants to make a profit. But without an investment strategy, how do you know what to invest in? How long will it take for your plans to materialize?
To ensure that you achieve your goals with much certainty and consistency, you need to consistently invest into your most important asset. I prefer personal development because its return goes far beyond gain in monetary wealth. I become a better person in every aspect.
I am better equipped to be a better investor, entrepreneur, speaker and writer. It also directly contributed to my better health. Health is wealth too.
Always begin with a strategy and vision, end with model and analytical insights. Stay focused on the big picture without losing the details by measuring, monitoring, managing them effectively and closely in-line with the saying, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Look at your life now, are you investing a portion of your earning into your personal development? This commitment to on-going learning will enhance your income growth.
As you grow, you will see the world very differently. People are more eager to connect with you and resources that were unavailable to you will become accessible. Everything will change for the better. You may realize that no other investment could ever have given you with much meaning and contentment.
This is in line with what was advocated by Benjamin Franklin, “If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

The greatest investment you will ever make is an investment into your on-going personal development especially in regards to your mindset. This is because a man’s world is a projection of his mind.
When your mind is weak, you see problem.  When your mind is balance, you see the challenge. When your mind is strong, you see the opportunity. So this sound, sane and solid principle also applies to investment as well.