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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Friday, April 8, 2011


Change is unavoidable, so is uncertainty.
Uncertainty is a permanent part of our lives.
No surprise that we rarely say that we are certain.
Despite some times we are certain.

Life is a choice.
As such, we are consistently called to make decisions,
directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly.
That is reality
yet we are constantly making these decisions with limited intelligence.

It is the truth,
yet most of the times, we refuse to accept it.
We are always naive and do not submit to this truth.
Is it because of our pride ?
or is it of something else.

We can never find the answer,
unless we learn to embrace the fact of not knowing everything.

Even the great leaders lead without knowing it all.
Great leaders do not eliminate uncertainty, but learn to navigate through it.
Great leaders lead despite the shadows of uncertainty.

Great leaders recognize that clarity of vision is more important than certainty of the outcome.
Every day, we are expected to make decisions regarding our business, our relationships, our marketing, our ideas, and our strategies.
These decisions are made even though we don’t always have the answers.

I guess this is life.
If we knew everything that was going to happen, we would not need to experience it.
Without such an experience,
There would be nothing to attain, achieve or acquire.

One thing is certain.
Whether you have been and what you have done in the past.
Where we are going is always new, and most often uncertain.

As such, what is the point of worrying of the future.
Just take it as it comes.
Live your life and enjoy every moment of it.
To live, we need to lead within.

James Oh
Skype me at james.oh18

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Behold, our Creator is a great artist! Beautiful indeed! The nature is full of His glory.

花雨瀑布 When flowers rain a waterfall

Subject: Wisteria in Japan...

Subject: Wisteria in Japan...日本紫藤


Nature has its own way of expression beyond imagination. Amazing!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi! Friends,

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPI or Key Success Indicators (KSI), is used significantly to present or identify a few factors that organisations should focus on to be successful. This is because they serve as a powerful and meaningful tool to define and measure the progress of their pre-set goals. As such, the key impetus for using KPI was the notion that factors which get measured are more likely to be achieved versus factors which are not measured. Hence, I decided to bring it into our today's discussion, with the hope that you too equip yourself with this tool.

A) Definition
i) What Does Key Performance Indicators (KPI )Mean?

A set of quantifiable measures that a company or industry uses to gauge or compare performance in terms of meeting their strategic and operational goals. KPIs vary between companies and industries, depending on their priorities or performance criteria.

ii) Investopedia explains Key Performance Indicators

A company must establish its Strategic and Operational goals and then choose the KPIs which best reflect those goals.

For example, if a software company's goal is to be the fastest growing company in its industry, its main performance indicator may be the measure of annual revenue growth. You may find some KPIs in some annual reports. Also, KPIs are often refer to as the Industrial Standards, in that particular sector.

As usual, once an organization has formed its mission, identified all its stakeholders, and defined its goals, a useful tool to measure its progress toward those goals is required. And Key Performance Indicators come in to the picture, to play the role like  measuring tapes.

B) Characteristics
The Key Performance Indicators selected must best reflect the organization's goals, they must be key to its success,and they must be quantifiable (measurable). Key Performance Indicators usually are long-term considerations.

I will discuss these three main issues in more depth:-

Key Performance Indicators must be in quantifiable measurements.
An organisation may have chosen the percentage of its income that comes from return customers as KPI. A school may focus its Key Performance Indicators on graduation rates of its students.

b) Reflect The Organizational Goals

A company has one of its goals "to be the most profitable company in our industry" will have Key Performance Indicators such as "Pre-tax Profit" and "Shareholder Equity" that measure its profit.

On the other hand, a school which is not concerned of making profit, will chose different  Key Performance Indicators. KPIs like "Graduation Rate" and "Success In Finding Employment After Graduation", precisely reflect the school's mission and goal.

c) Must Be Quantifiable and Measurable

In order for it to function, Key Performance Indicator must be translated into meaningful ratios or percentage or value, which accurately define its goal, that can be quantifiable and measurable. To make this point clearer, just take an example of a KPI such as "Be The Most Popular Company". You can see it is not clear and very subjective because there is no way to measure the company's popularity or compare it to others.

Another good example we can look at, is a general goal such as "Generate More Repeated Customers", is meaningless because it does not distinguish between new and repeat customers.

Once the Key Performance Indicators is defined, it is good to use them constantly throughout the years so that you can measure them over a longer period. To make it more meaningful, you may consider whether to breakdown into KPI components. For example a KPI of "Increase Sales", you need to consider whether to break down into units sold or dollar value of sales.
Further considerations, as append below, may need to be considered on Good Returns or discount
 i) whether it needs to be deducted from sales in the month of the sales or the month of the returns?
 ii) whether sales needs to be recorded at list price or at the actual sales price?
It is also a good practice to use your pre- set targets, as your benchmark, for each Key Performance Indicator.
d) Must be Key To Organizational Success

KPIs must be slected from those Critical Factors that are essential to the organization reaching its goals. It may be good to keep the number of KPIs small so as to keep everyone's attention focused on achieving the same KPIs. KPIs should not be easily achievable, 

It must be stressed that what is important here is that the KPIs must help the company to meet its overall objective.

Trust the above discussion have given you a good understanding of its concept and application.

Please feel free to share your view/ thought in this issue. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



In line with the motto, "Aim for the Impossible, (which you can view it by clicking at the title of this post), another milestone has been made in the recent bill, the freedom of information bill, which was passed without debate. This great news was reported by Mr. Teh Eng Hock on his article, Selangor passes freedom of info Bill, State assembly approves enactment without debate after third reading on the Star on April 2, 2011. Thanks to Mr Teh for doing Malaysians a great favour of highlighting the landmark decision of Selangor. The state had put the so much talked transparency into practice The state government affair is thus  recognising and appreciating the people's power. This best practice should be truly welcomed and cultivated into our daily affairs should we truly want to bring progress to the country.

I viewed this move very positively as it not only makes the executive more transparent, but also more accountable to the people, who had voted for them in the first place. This seal the contract between both parties in law where they are liable to discharge their duties with due care. As such, I believe majority of the people will welcome it, which is the way to establish ABC (Trustworthy, Clean and Efficient) government, which was the motto sang by our previous PM. As such, the ruling party should be happy because the opposition is affirming their slogan and put them into action. We need to realise the drama, it has proven that the point that Malaysians have short memory is not true. It also reaffirms that we are serious about our slogan and we will put into practice as we preach so as to establish ABC government.Although it is a bit late to embark, after more than 50 years independence. At least, it is still better to be late, rather than never. Therefore, all the wake up calls that has been made so far is not wasted, but takes effect NOW. LONG Lives Malaysia. Needless to say that only changes will give different results and we don't need a genius to tell us that you don't expect different result by doing the same way like in the past.

It was also reported that the state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong, who tabled the bill, claimed that it was a historic point for Selangor and Malaysia. To Malaysian, we should see the light now and view it as a turning point to make things right so as to create a better place for its people. Another commendable point is that, such a bill was passed without debate. It shows that all parties have put aside their political differences and voted for it. Such a healthy move is worthy of praise as every MP has taken the peoples' interest above everything. In short, they give full respect to the hand who voted them in the first place. Hope that such an healthy move would occur more frequently in the near future.

According to the report, she told the House that no other state has dared to implement the Freedom of Information Enactment. This is a product of the people's power. 

In this connection, we should give more courage to other states, which have not been able to do so due to whatsoever reason they know best, so that they can overcome fear/doubt to effect the same move. Otherwise, how could we expect them to do so. To accept any change, one has to have an open mind and heart. If not, one can never learn.

As such, we appeal all other states to evaluate objectively and make the necessary changes so that they can bring progress to its people.

By doing so, we hope all parties will manage their resources more efficiently and effectively so as not to tax the people unnecessarily. Otherwise, the inflationary pressure will increase and the bankruptcy threat will ultimately affect Malaysia as predicted by Dato Seri Jala. 

To eliminate this threat, this freedom of information will serve as a tool to ensure there are no unnecessary wastages. More conducive environment will be created to attract Malaysia talents to come back and serve the country.
Let us examine ourselves closely and objectively. Let our conscience  show us the way, and move on. Thanks for your precious time to read this article to show you care.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, April 4, 2011


Welcome to the green school in Bali, Indonesia. It provides its students with an education about the amazing environment that we live in. It is a holistic and relevant education. During the construction, only bamboo, elephant grass and clay were used. Cement was used just in some places in the foundation. The central and the most important building is the "heart of the school." It is perhaps the largest building in the world built entirely from bamboo. Its dimensions are 18 meters high and 64 meters long. General area of the school includes a variety of structures: apartment buildings, classrooms, office building, and cafes. The school gets electricity from environmentally friendly sources of energy: hydraulic turbine generators and installed solar panels. It seems that considering the way we are polluting the earth, everyone should attend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


[] []
Our Birth is our Opening Balance !

Our Death is our Closing Balance!

Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities

Our Creative Ideas are our Assets

Heart is our Current Asset

Soul is our Fixed Asset

Brain is our Fixed Deposit

Thinking is our Current Account

Achievements are our Capital

Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade

Friends are our General Reserves

Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill

Patience is our Interest Earned

Love is our Dividend

Children are our Bonus Issues

Education is Brands / Patents

Knowledge is our Investment

Experience is our Premium Account

The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.

The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award.

Some very Good and Very bad things ...

The most destructive habit......................Worry

The greatest Joy...............................Giving

The greatest loss................Loss of self-respect

The most satisfying work...............Helping others

The ugliest personality trait.............Selfishness

The most endangered species.........Dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource...............Our youth

The greatest "shot in the arm"..........Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome.................Fear

The most effective sleeping pill........Peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease............Excuses

The most powerful force in life..................Love

The most dangerous pariah..................A gossiper

The world's most incredible computer........The brain

The worst thing to be without................... Hope

The deadliest weapon.......................The tongue

The two most power-filled words..............."I Can"

The greatest asset..............................Faith

The most worthless emotion..................Self-pity

The most beautiful attire......................SMILE!

The most prized possession................Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication .....Prayer

The most contagious spirit.................Enthusiasm

The most important thing in life..................GOD 

Indian Proverb:
"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others"