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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


It reflects the truth and
The truth is difficult and painful to accept;
Objection is just a process to mould you;
to be better and stronger.
To be a polished diamond
you need to go through all the necessary objections;
An objection is never truly dead
until YOU have buried the sucker for good.

So, when you were faced with objections;
You need to shout it out as joy;
Because it is placed there for the good;
and never intend it to be a destroyer;
BY now, you would be able to see its true beauty;
and not to put you down.

Look at it from the appropriate perspective;
It will lift you up forever
As the name of this blog suggests;
It is not an end;
but rather than a turn;
for good.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Very warm welcome to this uplifting blog,

Today, I decided to share with you some of the underlying stories behind my signature, with the intention to furnish an effective practical solution to my life. This struck my mind last night while I was waiting for my former superior, Madam Janet, and her husband, I thought of putting my signature on the back of my name card before I handed to them, as a memorable souvenir for them. See the photo below and share with us what you could see from it before I disclose its real story, and how it was created in the first place. 

Please do not scroll down to read its real story, but let your imagination run a while. It is fun and you may have some pleasure from it. So, I appeal to you to share what you see from this signature. Thank you in advance.

Perhaps some of you may use it to assist yourself to solve some of your issues which you do not wish to tell anyone, like me in the past. This secret was kept in my heart for a few decades. Now, I chose to do otherwise for several reasons as mentioned follows:

1. It may serve an idea/inspiration to my new designer, introduced by one of my "Sifus" whom I have introduced to you in my preceding article, for my call card.  The designer may think of a better way to reflect my identity and, character, with the intention that others may use it as a powerful tool to heal their hurts, I did. Some of you may be aware that I reached maturity too early and was very independent at a very young age. I missed most of my childhood life because I started to work on a part-time basis even when I was at my primary school and many times I was hurt in many ways, in my studies, work, health and my social life was near to nothing. However, I was blessed with other talents such as Arts, Chess and Mathematics, that is the reason that made me to be an Artist at one time. I used to cover up my actual feelings occasionally, especially when I nearly could not bear it any longer. In order to escape from these hurts, one thing I did, after my discovery, was to draw a picture to put myself in a situation totally opposite to the real situation I was in. This made me feel really good. As a result, this signature was born to reflect my "DREAMED BEAUTIFUL GARDEN" where I heard birds singing surrounded by beautiful full grown flowers and strong smell of their aroma. (from the beautiful Chinese poem I picked from.) It was so sweet and wonderful that I really felt on top of the world. I live in my own imagined world, which unknowingly build into my habits from a very young age. This imagination power keeps me at peak and I was good at using my visualization to fan my desire and gain extra energy to work toward my goal to overwhelm all my hurts. At times, I just refused to come out from it and ignored the events that happened around me. You may say that I was in a denial stage, which I will never say you are wrong. What I care more is that its impacts is so good and I never hurt anyone for doing so.

2. It may help people to overcome their unbearable hurts and as a useful alternative, especially in time of economic crisis like NOW. This solution may serve as a means to lift you up as its name suggests.

3. I hope others may share their ways on how they overcome their hurts. As I always believe that we can make each other stronger and better through sharing. One thing I noted the more I share with others, I tend to receive more than give out. This may sound illogical to some of you. If it is the case, then please read the link below:-

4. This is the way we used to reward our readers through the articles we blogged. One way to get rid of my fear is to share my secrets out because it is not my way/habit. Secondly, in the past, I always received negative advice and feedback yet I have so many unfulfilled BIG dreams. In order to preserve "harmony" in the environment, I have no choice and chose not to say it out. But that again struck my mind that how could society benefit if everyone kept silent. Then how could we claim ourselves as responsible persons. Similarly, we are indirectly helping the depressed to stay in power. As such, I decided to get rid of all my fears, one by one and steadfast was my firm stand, so as to glorify the Mighty God, who has strengthened me to do all things possible.

Thank you for your time to read this article. Please direct your friends here should you find this article useful to you.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you again,

James Oh

To view how the story can help you to distinguish you from other.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi! everyone. 

MR. JAMES OH had served as Financial Controller of publicly listed companies, both locally and in Singapore. He has broad exposure and experience in Finance, Treasury, Accounting, Secretarial, Legal and Corporate Finance. He had worked with numerous companies such as IJM Bhd., Hong Leong Group Bhd., Transmile Group Bhd. and Scorpio East Holdings Ltd.

He is an avid reader of the Bible, Management, Economics, History, Finance, Law and Political books and he brings a unique perspective and style to his writings and talks. He has the remarkable ability to capture and hold audience attention with combination of stories, examples, humor and concrete, practical ideas that deliver results. He intends to become one of the leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is an energised person with a wonderful ability to inspire readers of his blogs toward peak performance and high levels of achievement.
He is currently working in various capacities such as Freelance Accountant, Technopreneur, Socialprenuer, Environmentalist, Trainer and Articles Writer.  

obtained a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) degree from the University of London in 2003 and a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.) degree from the National University of Malaysia in 1987. He became a registered professional Accountant in 1991 and he was accepted as a Full Member of Singapore Institute of Directors in 2008. 

Your chief servant,
James Oh


Very happy day, Everyone.

Thing happens for a purpose and there is no coincidence. The question is whether you agree with it. Would very much appreciate if you can share your views regardless whether you are agree or disagree. To me, there are always three perspectives on any incident. Needless to say, three different perspectives will derive different outcomes - that may cause disagreement between any two persons.

As such, in life we have encountered numerous such incidents both knowingly or unknowingly. May I know how you tackle it? Your views are always welcome here so as to help others become better persons.

As far as I am concerned, I must admit that I got annoyed by such incidents in my past because it went against my expectation. However, I have learned how to adjust and shift my mindset to look at it from a wider perspective so as to understand its underlying reason. Therefore, I am deeply grateful to those who have taught me, through their motivational books and articles I have read.

In this connection, may I be allowed to share with you my recent wonderful experience with my Guest, also my Sifu whom I have just recently know her through our CPT Alumni Gathering. She was so passionate in helping people and this is the very first time I seek her help.

Without any hesitation, she agreed to assist me even though that day is fast approaching the weekend and I tried my best to let my guest have a good lunch at a pleasant restaurant before we begin our work. After a quick survey from those restaurants within the hotel, Concorde, Shah Alam, I then decided to pick up THE ARTIST SPACE, after quick check with her, we ended there. Unexpectedly we spent two meals there, both lunch and dinner. But both are working meals there, we enjoyed our times and even we worked from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm closing time. Thereafter, we proceed to the hotel's Lobby to complete the final touches on my presentation slides.

See the photo below to access the space we have for our ARTIST minds to function tirelessly and this place reminded me of forgoing my childhood's dream to be an Artist. That's because I was told that I couldn't survive as an artist.

As a result, I changed my mind and dream to be a scientist like Thomas Edison. But somehow I put my best but was not allowed to further my form 6 in the public school due to quota system. Subsequently, I became an Accountant by accident. More read, please click at the link below:-

The above two working meals on Sept 17,2011 was very meaningful to me. As we prepared my presentation slides, in powerpoint, for the title "Blogging For Fun and Money", a day prior to my workshop preview at Epicure Exhibition 2011. All of a sudden, she asked me where I obtained the source of information/inspiration. I immediately answered that anywhere and everywhere and she prompted me that even this preparation is the source for my article. I nod my head with agreement.

We then asked the waiter to take our photo at our working place and at the main entrance of this place using her Smartphone. That's how this article was written as a record for our first collaborative work. The more we share, I realised that she is not only having the gifted talents but also having a passion to help people especially children to reap their creativity potential. She is also an international speaker, and she had agreed to let me interview her. In order not to kill your curiosity, I shall tell you about her at my forthcoming article, so stay tuned to this uplifting blog for more exciting articles to come.

Before I pen off, there is one thing I must let you know that I really enjoy working with her, a liked minded person that give us the extra energy and fun till almost midnight tirelessly. Truly amazingly interesting. Right and we shall tell you more about the source of energy where it comes from.

Thank you for your time to read this article. Please direct your friends here should you find this article useful to you.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A very warm welcome to this uplifting blog,

In my preceding article, titled Penang Philomathic Union Society, I had given you a quick brief of its history. It will not be complete if we do not apprehend the importance of its series of meetings that salvage the nation after the decadence and impotence of the Qing Imperial government. As a result, it made China an easy victim of foreign invasion resulting in humiliation and loss of its sovereignty. Having suffered internally under feudal imperial rule and coupled with the external bullying and subjugation of the foreign powers, the Chinese people could no longer tolerate such a situation. Enough is enough for them. They knew they have to act. They rose and joined in the revolution to salvage the nation. It was a solution for them to do so to safeguard their own future.



Penang Conference, chaired by Dr Sun Yat-Sen, held a historical meeting on November 13, 1910 at number 404, Dato’ Keramat Road in Penang, after he endured several consecutive defeats in his uprisings.

This was a regrouping of members of the Tong Meng Hui, an organisation with the mission of overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. In the meeting, they came up with a new direction and strategy which received enthusiastic support from the Overseas Chinese. It serves as a turning point of profound historical impact as it brought the ebb of the revolutionary tide to new heights, and aroused the fighting spirit of the people. This again reaffirms our belief that there is always a solution which accompanies a crisis. This is not exceptional but rather general rule to the crisis. Therefore, be brave and do not bow down to the crisis.


This meeting was held by the revolutionaries at 120 Armenian Street, Penang, the headquarters of the Nanyang Branch of the Tong Meng Hui and also the office of the Penang Philomathic Union, the day after the "Penang Conference (PC)". This follow up meeting is to find ways of the implementing the decisions of the PC. The meeting resolved to launch a worldwide campaign amongst the overseas Chinese communities to raise funds for "The Battle of Huang Hua Gang" or the "Yellow Flower Mound Revolt".


The above battle which lasted for one day and one night, half of the rebel fighters were either killed, wounded or captured. 72 fighters scarified their lives and were subsequently buried in a mass grave in Huang Hua Gang, east of Guangzhou. The grave has then named "The Grave of the 72 Huang Hua Gang Martyrs".

The blood and bitterness of this battle led to stir a widespread of sympathy for the cause and hatred for the enemy. Thus, this laid the foundation for the success of the Chinese Revolution which sparked off the "Wuchang Uprising" on Oct 10, 1911. Success breeds success. It finally put an end not only of the 200 years of Manchu autocratic rule, but also the end of 4,000 years of feudal rule by emperors in China. The Chinese society then entered into a new era with the democratic system of government - that advocates the people would be the masters and the nation would be ruled by the people and for the people. There are three fundamental principles behind its concept.

Trust you find it very inspiring as I did. These exhibits can be used to serve as a good model for us to follow. This is because it well reflects our normal process of life, filled with ups and downs situation. Be mindful that down does not mean an end, but just a process of moulding us to be stronger. To succeed in any venture, you should not give up. From our above discussion, you can see that the series of meetings and struggles, led Dr Sun to succeed in bringing new era of government to the China.

That's the reason why I describe these exhibits can be well served as educational programme for all walks of life. I must conclude that my visit to the centre was very fruitful, far beyond my expectation.

Thank you and we shall discuss more of some other inspiring exhibits in our forthcoming articles. So, stay tuned and seeing you again.

Your Chief Servant,



Sunday, September 18, 2011


Very welcome to this uplifting blog,

Only you can make your dream come true.
And not any other person;
Even the World's best motivational coach cannot crawl into your mind and make you act against your will.

As such only you will be held responsible for your own action or non action;
No one else will be held accountable.
So, whatever decision you made will be respected;
in line with the principle that you have liberty to do anything so long as no one will be hurt by your action.

So, life is a choice
The most important thing is that you make an informed decision on whatever you do.
Therefore, act what is best for the world and not solely for yourself.

Believe in yourself and let us work together;
and not for us or you, but rather for everyone
Through this manner, I strongly believe that everyone should be  working for a better tomorrow.
This is the proven recipe for success.

Now, what you need to do is to grant a great favour to yourself by taking appropriate action;
Make helping others' succeed our passion
so as to pay back what others have done for us,
through this healthy belief, sustainable growth is made possible.

Written by:-
James Oh

PS : To read other poems written by James, please click the link below:-

and the above song was written the early morning of my worshop preview at Epicure. However, I do not have time for me to share with the audiences at that day and I promised to share out to this blog.