• 04/10/2017, 11:30:34 PM: James Oh: One must dare to dream for through dreams one can achieve success. To accomplish one's dream one need to be adventurous. My vision after my surgery is to brighten up my home to make it cosier n conducive for everyone. To this end, i have decided to replace my gate lamps with solar powered LED lamps as well as to install an additional solar lamp in my backyard. This is to ensure my home is bright n cheery as well as to cut electricity tariffs.
    On top of that my vision for the forthcoming CNY is to make my ride to my home town ie Penang more comfy n joyful to visit my dearest relatives there. Taking advantage of celebrating my remaining CNYs with much greater spirit and hope.

    I hv decided to get a new car - it is no order then the Honda SUV. I am very charmed by t car for i think it is t best value for money for cars in this category.  From my surveys prior to getting this marvellous car, i believe is the best of its kind in terms of safety, design , performance as well as its price. It was not a surprise that it is a market leader as it is t most complete product in its class, with contemporary style,. smooth and versatile.. My other motive  for purchasing this car is to enable my two kids who r currently pursuing their undergraduate courses in Malaysia to use t cars, thus relieving me of hving to ferry them back n forth from their colleges. I hope to train them to become independent n self reliant, apart from looking for something excited in the year ahead.

    In view of my dreams  n the great challenges ahead, i need to constantly encourage n motivate them to work smart. to try to carry out any endeavours to the best of their ability, they must have dream to fuel them through, in short, he power of dream. That will distract me from focusing on my issues rather than goals. 

    As their leaders i need constantly to sharpen my skills so that they can adapt n not follow foolishly. They must have their own set of values so that they can differentiate between right n wrong n to adapt n improvise to get t best possible outcomes.
    To be able to develop strong thinking skills is not only important but necessary in this rapid changing world.  To cope with this one need constantly to improve n improvise one's skill on every aspect of decision making. Better thinking will lead to better outcomes. Keep moving forward freely.fiercely as well as fearlessly. 
    If progress is not optional, learning is not mandatory.  Now as i sit back n try to connect those missing dots in my life, i realise that these struggles r meant to make me stronger, wiser , better but not bitter.

    Thankyou for Lord for empowering me to see fr this perspective and to keep me moving forward towards achieving my dreams.
    Please feel free to give me your comments so that i can learn from u too.
    What i am doing now is not easy but worth every tiny effort i put in. I am satisfied w  every 
    accomplishment. Needless  to say it Will add fuel n inspiration for me to move ahead with more committed plans. My inner voice is overwhelming n is pushing me on to pursue my new personalised path
    That's me. I want to be my authentic self and be able to walk my talk
    04/10/2017, 11:40:51 PM: Oh Phaik See: I do not know how many more CNY s i can celebrate  w my family . It is my hope that  it will be celebrated w much gaiety n togetherness
    04/10/2017, 11:43:30 PM: Oh Phaik See: I hope to train....... apart from making them feel included in my dream of creating a harmonious n happy family
    04/10/2017, 11:48:21 PM: Oh Phaik See: to t best of their abilities ie they must hv their own dreams to fuel them through. To defer from these dreams would distract  everyone from achieving their visions

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