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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hi! Everyone,

In today's world working environment, car is almost a necessity for everyone rather than a luxury as in the past. It usually becomes one’s first asset for most working adults in view of their nature of work and the surrounding factors especially the availability of public transport and its reliability.

In my country, you have to fork out RM 40,000 for a locally produced car with 0.6 - 1.3 litres.  For a university graduate with a starting pay of slightly less than RM 2,000, it is very taxing to own a car here. Moreover, the cost of living is not low either, you need at least of RM 10.00 to get a simple meal and a drink despite our official inflation index is in the usual range of 2-3 % for more than two decades.

As such, this valuable asset is worthwhile to take care of. To enhance your asset's value,   you are encouraged to have your car regularly maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendation, usually you can find at its service booklet. By doing so, you can prolong the life span of the vehicle. You are also reducing the risk of breakdown and the time you saved can be use for more productive purpose. See you can kill two birds with one stone.

We will cover in our forthcoming article on how to use the fuel for maximum advantage of your vehicle.

Another crucial area we need to address is in regard to transfer of legal title when you dispose off your vehicle to another person. If not, you may be exposed to unnecessary risk should something bad happened arising from the use of the car of which you remain the legal owner.

However, if you have other evidence to prove that you have disposed your car to the other party, then you may get yourself released from the liability. Here, you must be able   to distinguish these two key terms as follow:-

Legal owner is the registered owner of the asset, may not necessary be the beneficial owner. In certain circumstances, he may not have possession of the asset. Like the above case, he has no possession of the vehicle since he has disposed off the asset to another person. However, because the subsequent owner has not effect the change of ownership, then he is still legal owner. As such, any wrong doing arising from the use of the vehicle, he will receive the ticket, compound and so on as a result of being the legal owner. This is commonly practice here especially when the seller just pass the pre-signed transfer form and other necessary documents to buyer, believing that the purchaser will transfer ownership, soonest practicable. However, thing may happen during the interim period, prior to the transfer. Alternatively, he may use the vehicle until he finds another purchaser in the hope of making some money out of the trade.

Beneficial owner is the owner who has financial interests. In the above case, the purchaser who pays the consideration in full, to the seller will be the beneficial owner, who has all the possession right and has absolute rights to use the vehicle within his possession.

However, pending the effective transfer of the legal ownership to the purchaser, the seller will be the person; authorities look for should there be any offence. As a result, the legal owner has the burden of proof to convince the courts that he is not liable for all the liabilities arising from that vehicle.  He has to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the ownership transfer is effected.

We hope the above discussions have given you a good insight of how to protect your car and yourself as owner. If it is of any help to you, please be more generous and direct your circle of contacts to read this blog as well. This is important to us because we want more people to get these benefits as you do, as Valued Readers.

As usual, your feedback, both good and bad, is always welcome.

Thanks for your support and seeing you again and again.
Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Friday, June 4, 2010


Hi! Readers,

In my preceding article, we have written on the electricity 
pole (substation), which was very messy and awful to our 
eyes. This issue is only happened to the old phases of 
Bandar Utama, where traditional methods were employed. 
Thanks to new technology this issue is resolved, as 
nowadays, these cables are planted underground.

Having said this, the people around my area are so creative 
that drive us to be  so excited to share with you. As we 
believe photo speaks a thousand words. See the photos 
below and some brief description which we hope can make 
you be more appreciative. 

The above photo is the most impressive as my neighbour 
has not only build a square retaining wall around the pole, 
but also dressed the pole with variety of plants - unique 
and very pleasing to my eyes. Look at the plant with 
sparkling leaves - so perfectly match if you look from the 
side where the photo is taken.

Whereas the photo above - indicates the plant is almost 
as high as the electricity pole and almost envelope the 
whole pole. Luckily the tree does not have a huge trunk. 
Otherwise it may impose a danger to the people in 
surrounding areas. Therefore, it is always wise to select
 those trees which are not huge especially its trunks.

Wow, look at the photo above - the papaya tree is 
standing shyly behind the pole. Judging the size of the 
tree, it is still has a long way to bear fruit and also 
provided the tree is of "female" gender which can bear 
fruit.  Here, we need to pray for this owner that it be a 
"female" tree.

However, this above photo indicates that the owner 
prefers to let this pole take the glory with the tangling 
cables serving as its spider webs.

The above photo is taken at the corner unit, which the 
owner chose to plant a row of the palm trees along the 
end of the street, parallel to the pole - not a bad idea. 
Whereas the other photo is taken from the other end. 
These trees not only provide shades to the owners, but 
also serve the same purpose for their vehicles, and it 
greens the environment too. Thus, adding green to this 
profound residential area.

Big thanks to all these owners who have taken their 
effort, time and money to beautify this residential area, 
which in turn enhance their properties value.

How wonderful if this little idea spread to each and 
everyone of us? And if we put our hands together, how 
nice it will turn out. Perhaps we should have a contest 
and let us know which one you give the highest score to. 

Hello, I can't see the cable as the trees are over grown 
and cover the entire cable. Should we alert the school for 
their over grown trees? I guess these trees need constant 
pruning so as not to impose any danger to the residents 
surrounding them. These trees are easily found along 
Jalan BU 10/8. 

This is another pole which was wholly enveloped by the 
trees, which I find along the same street. I know the 
committee had taken some action in the past. But they 
may have overlook it this time or it may be it is the time 
for the school to prune the trees again. 

We, at Lift You Up, will alert the committee again by 
circulating this article to them.

Thanks for your time and hope we are contributing to 
our community here especially in BU area, but also hope
others will follow our footsteps so as to make the world 
a very much better place to live with.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hi, friends,

Lately I noticed that my passport is expiring soon and 
decided to renew it for another 5 years. I also noticed 
that our immigration department has improved. This 
time they served me with renewal notice in advance of 
the expiry date, which I had not experience in the 
past. Well done and keep it up.

I went to the Damansara Town Centre branch as it is 
nearest to my house and more convenient as I can 
make use of the highway to the place. Their office is 
in that old building, easily more than 20 years old 
and its building is very run down the way I see it. 
Its basement car park is dark and narrow with lots 
of motorcycles parking along the sides of the 

It took me half a day to get it renewed and I 
managed to get the new passport on the same day. 
Very much faster than the past. Thanks to the new

Although the air-conditioning was not running to 
the required notch, the department had several wall 
fans running so as to keep the place cosy. Thanks 
again for your kind usage of public funds. 

Once I obtained my new passport, I paid RM 6.70 
for my parking fee at the auto pay machine, G Block. 
However, I suddenly realized that I cannot locate my 
parking ticket, after driving a certain distance. At 
first, I thought I have not pull out the ticket and 
decided to go back to check at the auto pay machine 
after I failed to find it at my wallet and my laptop bag. 

However, I also cannot find the ticket there and 
decided to go to the Metro Parking office to sort out
the matter. After asking around, I finally managed 
to locate their site office. 

After my explanation to the supervisor, they decided
to impose RM 30.00 as fine for loss of ticket. They 
explained to me that the fine is not refundable even
if I located the ticket. Knowing that I was rushing 
off the place, they pressed me to locate the ticket 
first which I did not have any idea where I placed it. 
I told them that I rather pay the fine and will only 
claim back if I can find the ticket. However such 
arrangement was not accepted by the supervisor, 
named En. Saiful. He was not friendly at all and 
told me verbally that this is his company's policy 
and refused to put it down in writing, which I insisted 
and finally he put it in writing. I found him ridiculous. 
However, I still paid the fine before going back to my 
car. Once I opened my door, I immediately saw the 
paid ticket at the coins holder just below the driver's 
window. Thanks God and I decided to go back to claim
back my fine as I did not lose the ticket. 

The same supervisor rejected my argument and I 
demanded to see his manager. His manager, En. Rosli 
finally came out from his office and decided to pay me 
back the penalty fee after hearing my explanation.

Thank God again for His kindness that touch the 
manager who refund me the fine in full. 

From the above incidents, I decided to share with you 
that we, the consumers, should raise out our voices 
to the appropriate authority should they impose any 
unreasonable fine against their customers.  

No doubts they may have some grounds such as to 
avoid abuse by certain unscrupulous customers. 
However they should carry out proper investigation 
in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Thanks for your time and hope the above is useful 
to you.
Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hi! Everyone,

In today's world with high inflation rate regime, everything is expensive so is property. To acquire a property in the city is far beyond many people's means. To maintain the property in good
condition is not an easy task especially those with two or three school going children. For my case, my eldest son is going to college next year.  

Fortunately, my property has also gone up in value appropriately to the inflation rate. However, my unit acted as the electricity  distribution channel for the whole row of the houses, from the left ones next to me despite my unit is not a corner unit. No wonder, the external cables along my house compound were burned three times since the day we moved in. Fortunately, no one was injured. First
incident happened not long after we moved in . The cable was sparkling with fire and my car was just parked underneath. My late father noted the incident but we couldn't get out from the main 
entrance, where the fire was sparkling. At that time, we were prepared to get out from the backyard instead.

I contacted the fire squad teams and also the national electricity board. The latter came and replaced the over burned cables and things were put to rest. The former came in to stand by, just in case. However, a couple years later, the cable burned again, but this time, it was not as that bad as compared to the earlier one. They repeated the similar work and went back. WE thought things have been fully settled.

However, the third incident happened again sometime thereafter.  I just came back one night and was very surprised to see all my family members are in my house's compound after my wife contacted the 
electricity board. Their technical staff confirmed that the cable was burned again, after some investigations they replaced a small portion of the cable, after they have since shut down the sub-station, at the pole not far from my house. 

After deep thought, I called up our national electricity board the following day and requested them to send their engineer to inspect and verify what's wrong with the frequent burn down cable. However, they took the matter lightly and kept sending a technician over and over to do walk around inspection instead of proper checking with the instrument. As I did not obtain a satisfactory answer from them, I demanded from them an indemnity form and also lodged an online official complaint. Again, they treated it lightly 
and I had no other choice, but to present an official complaint letter to the Section Head at Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya personally and gave them an ultimate request either to remove their cable outside or change it to a bigger capacity cable.  I found the cable to be life threatening and it warrants me to withdraw the covenant, which I  had entered into my sale and purchase agreement. The Head after reading my letter, instructed his engineer to attend my case instantly while I stayed at his office waiting for her investigation report. She reported a severe over burning of the cable and recommended that the cable be replaced with a much bigger capacity cable. 

Before I left his office, I requested a written report from them. As a result, they became more conscious this time  and sent in a heavy vehicle to take a look at the pole, 2 or 3 times  that night. They subsequently discovered that they need to redistribute the electricity load to another house, a few units away from mine so as to reduce the electricity load to my home. Hence, there appears to be
double protection.

Even then they have not given me a written report explaining the load and the redistribution matter. However, the engineer has dropped me an email explaining the disruption of electricity without mentioning the word burned cable, so as to avoid their  liability and I replied her by describing the true incident. Sad to say that they 
have not replied thereafter. I followed up the matter, but all in vain. 

Here, I write to thank some residents here for offering me the relevant person to contact. This is important so that I can address the matter promptly. Thanks also to my nearby neighbours who allowed us to use their electricity, by extending several extension cords from their house to my house, so as to enable them to carry out the repair work when they shut down the sub-station. We are also grateful to the Chairman of BU 7 & 10, Mr Lim who also 
offered me some assistance. 

In this connection, I write to urge that our BU 7 and 10 Security Scheme be extended to cover the safety issues as we cannot afford any fire incidents which are life threatening and property damaging.

At the same time, we, at Lift You Up, also urge the electricity board to be more transparent and educate the residents on how to take appropriate action should a fire happens due to over loading. These type of incidents are happening rampantly at the substation pole at BU 10 and the electricity station at BU 1, next to the school at BU 2. May I take this opportunity to check with oversea readers whether it is a norm in their countries as well.

Thanks and hope the above discussion is helpful to you.

As usual, your feedback, both good and bad, is always welcome.  

Thanks for your support and seeing you again and again.
Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Happy day! Loving Readers and Visitors,

We guess that you have read and heard enough of climate change issues, which warrants us to take drastic and effective steps collectively to tackle it.

In today's article, we are sharing some ideas about planting pomegranate trees at the every space that is available to you.

In my case, I planted two pomegranate trees; one just outside  my main entrance and the other at my backyard. How wonderful, blessed with some fruits while greening the environment. Killing two birds with one stone. See my trees in the photos below.

You must be aware that high inflation is the world's phenomena today, by planting fruit trees at your surrounding areas you may curb inflation to certain extent. Apart from this, you may also plant some indoor plants that can serve as air ioniser, filter and purifier, which we have shared with you much earlier. By doing all these, you can imagine how much money we have put into your pockets indirectly through reducing your electricity and fruit consumption bills.

Please note that we share these selected plants with you, knowing that most of you are       having daily busy schedules, because they are very easy to maintain. To make them more appealing, may I be allowed to show you some of the fruits I have harvested from my Pomegranates trees at my main entrance. (See the photos below). However my other similar tree, at the backyard does not bear as much fruits when compare to this one. I guess that it is much younger. Can anyone tell me other reasons which I may not know of?

However, these trees do not provide much shade as compared to other big trees. But do not forget that the big trees do impose some danger to you if you do not maintain them well especially they become BIG trees.

Coming back to my pomegranate tree which I planted at a small available space in front of both my neighbour's and my houses. Fortunately, you don’t need a large amount of space for a pomegranate tree. They usually tend to grow about 4 or 5 meters high and are ideal for a small backyard. This plant was introduced by my mum who practices ancient belief that this tree will bring fortunate to the owner. Initially we planted it at the pot prior to this.

We shared the cost of this small retaining wall we built many years ago when the owner, of my existing neighbour's house, Mr Poh, carried out some renovation at his house. They have upgraded theirs sweet home to a two and half storey house, at BU 6.

The photos above indicate to us how harmonious this tree is as it is accompanied by other plants that surround its trunk and really make this area more appealing and attractive, especially when colourful flowers blossom at certain times of the year.

One secret I need to share with you of maintaining this tree is to prune it more frequently, i.e. by removing unfruitful branches. The more you do, the more fruit you will get. Unfruitful branches actually siphon some nutritions from fruitful branches that need them to bear more fruit.

Thank to my other Malay neighbour who brought to our attention, its medicinal value when she approached my wife for some of its fruit. At that time, she was looking for white seeded ones, prescribed exactly like ours. We offered her some and least expected her to return us with other fruits the following day, couple of years ago. We do not know whether she has planted them or not. In this regard, we would like to make the similar offer to anyone who wishes to plant this tree. Please email me your particulars or skype me. Thank God for all these blessings and wisdom, which drive me to share with you more.

Please let us know should you know of any particular medical healing value of this fruit. As far as I understand, it contains high fibres - good for skin and eyesight. One thing you can be rest assured that this fruit tree is without any fertilizer from our part and we grow it using the dried fallen leave as its natural fertilizer.

Pomegranates have up to three times the antioxidants of red wine and green tea – and the juice has been shown to reduce artery-clogging plaque, which in turn prevents heart disease and stroke. Research shows that long-term consumption of pomegranate juice may also help slow aging and protect against cancer.

For more information about this tree, please click the link below:-

Please stay tuned and we will share with you more exciting programmes which we have in store for you, as Valued Readers. That's the way we express our token of appreciation to your continuously support and feedback which make us better.

Trust the above post gives you a lift, as the name of this blog suggested.

As always, feel free to leave feedback or suggestions which can give you a lift. Thank you in advance for your kind participation and look forward to hearing from you.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, May 31, 2010


Happy day to you,

Today, I just shared with another new Christian friend, Mr. Ho, I met yesterday. In our conversation, somehow we spoke about my still born child case which happened more than a decade ago. As a result, I took a legal suit against the private hospital, doctors and everyone  involved in that incident, which I filed in two years later after I gathered all the correspondence and reports from them. 

However, due to numerous reasons, such as misplaced files - according to my lawyer and the case was delayed for nearly a decade. I  patiently waited and in the years I completed my legal studies. One day before the hearing date, I received a shock reply from my lawyer, who withdrew from representing my wife.  I was at loss and pray to God. He came to rescue me and related the whole incident on how His son, who is innocent but yet prosecuted by human beings- His own creation. He showed  me how He exercised His Grace through the whole incident which made me truly apprehensive. He, being Sovereign and Mighty God yet do not exercise His authority to kill those people, who prosecuted His Son- Jesus Christ, when He has justification to do so. But He decided otherwise.

Second point is that He revealed to me that if He opted to destroy all these people, He is no better than human beings, who will normally behave in this manner. In my child's case, I was the key witness at the whole scene from 6:00pm till the early morning of the following day. During that day, so many unbearable mistakes were made by the hospital staff, who even over-ruled my suggestion of requesting to inform the gynaecologist much earlier. As a result of such delay, my child was dead 10-20 minutes before birth, which left a vertical scar of more than 6 inches at her stomach. They all expressed their condolence to me and assured me that they have done every possible means and their best to save my child, which I totally can't accept. I disagree with their explanation. Sorry for me to say so, but I have to tell you the truth and my real feeling at that time.
Lots of inconsistency were found in the written reports I received from the gynaecologist, the expert's opinion and the domestic enquiry committee which made me doubtful of these reports. However, God's grace that I received made me withdraw the case.

Today, we share with you the real experiencethat illustrate how powerful is His grace that changed me so much. It was better to surrender this heavy burden to His shoulders, who will deliver justice accordingly. Prior to this, I must confess that I was very emotional and full of anger when I touched on this incident. I have to admit that partially it is my fault for suggesting this so called "better equipped" private hospital which I believed in, but turned out to totally different in our experience. 

The lengthy time taken in locating the machine is obviously a  negligent  act in view of my wife pregnancy situation, even normal people can sense that urgency. However, the senior mid wife, which I cannot understand at all thoughts otherwise without assigning any reason. At the day of discharge, they dispensed the wrong medicine to my wife, which they explained that the medicine is only vitamins. Luckily, another patient's husband discovered the mistake and informed me to rectify the error. This has been furnished in one of their written explanation. To me, what is the point of consulting a doctor, and not taking the medicine the doctor prescribed. The more I think about it - they really insulted me in every aspect. However, God's grace again came into the picture. He requested me to forgive them for their foolishness.    

He further convinced me that He is in control of everything. He who gives life to every creation has every right to call them back at anytime for His purpose - meant for good. Just trust Him and continuously walk by faith, and not by sight. now, this event does not hurt me any longer.

The above incident turned out to be an excellent illustration to me as how powerful is God's grace and I write to share with you the way  God has touched me in this connection. 

So, do not use any unfortunate event as an excuse to abandon Him, but submit to him more so that He can reveal the truth to you.  The same way He has been taken through.  

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hi! Valued Readers and Visitors,

To identify whether any water leakage in the house promptly especially if you were slapped by high monthly water bill.

We suggest that you turn off all the taps inside the house, then watch the water meter, just outside of the house whether the meter is moving or not. If the answer to the question is yes, then there are two main possibilities to the cause as follow:-

a) faulty water meter;
b) internal leaking. Inspect ceiling for any spot of leaking sign. If it leaks, spot for leakage on the ceiling board. 

Alternatively, it may due to underground leaking or both. 

Prior to the engagement of my new plumber, I have paid RM 22.50 to Syabas at their office, Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya for testing of the meter. The meter testing was carried out at Sungai Buloh, Selangor and they furnished me the report in about a month's time. 

Once, I obtained the results of testing, which found no fault in the meter and my monthly water bill was still high despite they have changed the meter. Thereafter, I began to approach several plumbers, finally I       found new plumber, Mr. Kelvin. From day one, I found him very comfortable to deal with and he listened attentively to my problem and was willing to explore new ideas / plan before he embarked in this heavy plumbing work. He is a man of details and discussed in detail of his plan until I am convinced with the plan and material used for this project. He was recommended by my neighbour just direct opposite my unit. 

He completed the job as per our agreed plan and schedule and I am very satisfied with his job especially his workmanship (fine and neat). See the photo and you know what I meant. He constantly uses his innovation and creativity to conceal the hose as much as possible, so that it is not taint the beauty of the house. 

The photo above shows the main pipe, just outside the house compound, was then diverted and connected to this new hose through my retaining wall and go through the local made water filter systems. This filter system comes with multiple layers of sand and a layer of charcoal which remove the odour from the water especially chlorine. I thought its physical outlook is not so attractive  as comparared with those stainless models from other brands. However, its feature is simple and easy to operate without much energy required especially when you carry out the backwash. For details, see the photo below. 

Append below is the photo taken at the back yard of my house - from my son's handphone.

Now, I have to see the result of this month's bill, which I will only receive in the following month. Having said that I am very confident to have positive result, as every member can feel the instant result of much stronger water supply at every tap. Thanks to my neighbour, who has come forward to get me a good plumber such as Kelvin who has resolved my household's water problem and help save the resources. At least, I have done my part and hope that he can also help others. That's the reason I broadcast this news so that others can get the benefits.  

At my wet kitchen, I choose to let the hose be exposed so as to avoid hacking work which might need another day's work. Here, I am very satisfied in the sense that he again cleverly conceal the hose at the ceiling top. See yourself from the photo and judge his workmanship yourself. If you are happy, you may choose to contact him at 0122688396.  

So please spread to others. Who knows they may need his services.

Stay tuned and I will tell you more about my new neighbour's new ideas which convinced me to embark on another project.

Happy reading and my apologies for wasting much of the resources. I felt sorry for not carrying out this project much earlier as some resources have been wasted.
Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18