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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Saturday, June 12, 2010


My dearest friends, 

Climate change is a serious global issue
And the scientific evidence is now overwhelming
It is glaringly obvious that the survival of the earth is at risk
It therefore demands a collective response

So, let us be accountable to our future generations
And come forward to work as one united force to address this Critical issue
No time is to be wasted
As it is not in our favour

Therefore we call upon all nations, big and small
To let love rules the world
Love is colourless
We need to put aside  all differences
What is  most important is to save the earth

If we don't care, who else will
Let us not  be foolish anymore
Wake up ! Stand up to take up this challenging task.

Love  is everything
Nothing cannot be resolve through love
Through love, let us pledge to go  Green
We will continue singing this song 
Until the whole world hears it
So Green the environment is the solution.

Here, we invite artists, producers and those who are keen to work with us to hit in a big scale, on commercial basis, so as to create a huge impact to lift people up. Then please email to or skype me at james.oh18.

Please help us to spread the news. Thank you in advance,

Thank you and look forward to hear from you soon,

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hi! Folks,

Further to our preceding article on priority leads to prosperity; which you may like to read by clicking at the title of this article; we like to discuss it further with reference to To do list and also enhance further its productivity.

Before we discuss further, perhaps it is better for us to deal with the term "prioritising". By definition, prioritising  is a process whereby you get something to be done in preference to others due to its urgency, materiality, and other criteria you deem fit.

Normally, a person will list several things he wanted to accomplish the following day. He then works on the list the next day, he tackles the jobs in their pre-set order, starting first from the top of the  list until it has been completed before he starts the next item in that list. He will keep working until he finished all that has been listed. Then he is done for the day.

Doing this has its own merits as it may leads you to achieve your success so long you stay focus on your objectives. However, nowadays, the business is so volatile especially in regard to the online business. To enhance productivity, this process needs to be tweaked and updated due to the changes in the business environment.

Perhaps, you may prioritise everything and assign a number according to its urgency and materiality. However, you may have to re-prioritise them so as to accommodate the changes. In this manner, you will start working on the first one and keep going until you cannot proceed any further, then you can then move to the next chore in line. If you get stuck the second item, then you may either go back to the top of the list when you can continue it. However, if it is not the case, then you keep on moving to the next chore or job to keep it moving.

The key advantages of using this approach are as follows:-

a) your productivity is very likely to increase dramatically because you will have to hone in doing what needs to be done.

b) you will work far more efficiently  because you will get the most important things done first.

c) you will not stop at those things listed on that day, but you may accomplish more than what you initially thought of. I have changed to this approach after numerous accomplishment of  the things I listed on that day.

To refresh your memory on To do list, you may read our preceding article on this issue at the link below:-

And  last but not least we hope that the above discussion has given you an insight of prioritising and its correlation with productivity.

Thanks for your precious time and look forward to hearing from you,

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Happy day! Loving Readers and Visitors,

We guess that you have read and heard enough of 
climate change issues, which warrants us to take 
drastic and effective steps collectively to tackle it. 

In today's article, we are sharing some ideas about 
planting pomegranate trees at the every space that 
is available to you. 

In my case, I planted two pomegranate trees; one 
just outside  my main entrance and the other at my 
backyard. How wonderful, blessed with some fruits 
while greening the environment. Killing two birds 
with one stone. See my trees in the photos below.

You must be aware that high inflation is the world's 
phenomena today, by planting fruit trees at your 
surrounding areas you may curb inflation to certain 
extent. Apart from this, you may also plant some 
indoor plants that can serve as air ioniser, filter and 
purifier, which we have shared with you much earlier. 
By doing all these, you can imagine how much money 
we have put into your pockets indirectly through 
reducing your electricity and fruit consumption bills. 

Please note that we share these selected plants with 
you, knowing that most of you are having daily busy 
schedules, because they are very easy to maintain. 
To make them more appealing, may I be allowed to 
show you some of the fruits I have harvested from my 
Pomegranates trees at my main entrance. (See the photos 
below). However my other similar tree, at the backyard 
does not bear as much fruits when compare to this one. 
I guess that it is much younger. Can anyone tell me 
other reasons which I may not know of?

However, these trees do not provide much shade as 
compared to other big trees. But do not forget that the 
big trees do impose some danger to you if you do not 
maintain them well especially they become BIG trees. 

Coming back to my pomegranate tree which I planted 
at a small available space in front of both my neighbour's 
and my houses. Fortunately, you don’t need a large 
amount of space for a pomegranate tree. They usually 
tend to grow about 4 or 5 meters high and are ideal for 
a small backyard. 

This plant was introduced by my mum who practices 
ancient belief that this tree will bring fortunate to the 
owner. Initially we planted it at the pot prior to this. 

We shared the cost of this small retaining wall we built 
many years ago when the owner, of my existing 
neighbour's house, Mr Poh, carried out some renovation 
at his house. They have upgraded theirs sweet home to a 
two and half storey house, at BU 6. 

The photos above indicate to us how harmonious this 
is as it is accompanied by other plants that surround its 
trunk and really make this area more appealing and 
attractive, especially when colourful flowers blossom at 
certain times of the year.

One secret I need to share with you of maintaining this 
tree is to prune it more frequently, i.e. by removing 
unfruitful branches. The more you do, the more fruit you 
will get. Unfruitful branches actually siphon some 
nutritions from fruitful branches that need them to bear 
more fruit. 

Thank to my other Malay neighbour who brought to our 
attention, its medicinal value when she approached my 
wife for some of its fruit. 

At that time, she was looking for white seeded ones, 
prescribed exactly like ours. We offered her some and 
least expected her to return us with other fruits the 
following day, couple of years ago. 

We do not know whether she has planted them or not. 
In this regard, we would like to make the similar offer 
to anyone who wishes to plant this tree. Please email 
me your particulars or skype me. Thank God for all 
these blessings and wisdom, which drive me to share 
with you more. 

Please let us know should you know of any particular 
medical healing value of this fruit. As far as I 
understand, it contains high fibres - good for skin and 
eyesight. One thing you can be rest assured that this fruit 
tree is without any fertilizer from our part and we grow it 
using the dried fallen leave as its natural fertilizer.

Pomegranates have up to three times the antioxidants of 
red wine and green tea – and the juice has been shown to 
reduce artery-clogging plaque, which in turn prevents 
heart disease and stroke. Research shows that long-term 
consumption of pomegranate juice may also help slow 
aging and protect against cancer.

For more information about this tree, please click the link 

Please stay tuned and we will share with you more 
exciting programmes which we have in store for you, 
as Valued Readers. 

That's the way we express our token of appreciation 
to your continuously support and feedback which make 
us better. 

Trust the above post gives you a lift, as the name of this 
blog suggested.

As always, feel free to leave feedback or suggestions 
which can give you a lift. Thank you in advance for your 
kind participation and look forward to hearing from you.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear my friends,


Literally means “above sea” – no wonder it has so much to offer as 
it is the city that never sleeps – exhilarating for those who seek an 
active lifestyle. To facilitate its crucial function as a gateway to 
China , it's integrated logistic and transportation systems manifestly 
reflect this main heart of activities. Easy and excellent accessibility 
by all modes of transportation, namely road, air, sea and rails is 
Not withstanding the fact that it has a super duper public 
transportation system, it also has clean streets and surprisingly little 
air pollution which is clearly in contrast to other major cities. The 
city is also linked with thousands of bus lines apart from the 
Shanghai Metro (subway) which has four lines at present. All these 
facilities are made available for them to fuel demand of a highly 
educated and modernized workforce. Such infrastructures are 
crucially required to facilitate the movement of the labour forces 
domestically as well as internationally.
Not surprisingly to note the world first of its kind, maglev railway 
was erected there, from Shanghai’s Long Yang Road subway 
station to Pudong International Airport. It takes only 7 minutes 
to travel a 30 km journey with its maximum speed of 431 km/h. 
Such an advanced and sophisticated transportation mode is 
necessary in view of its huge population coupled with its 
attraction as a favorite tourist destination.

This city also has two airports; namely Pudong International 
airport, caters for both domestic and international flights, served 
as one of the most important hubs in China. Whereas Hongqiao 
Airport is mainly used for domestic flight purposes.
 To supplement its function as the gateway to China, numerous 
elevated roads are also added, apart from the three railways 
intersections in this grand city. You may find these elevated 
roads appear in expressway-like road conditions (direction 
separated lanes).

 These bridges/multi level highways in the centre of this great 
city, featuring the Chinese character “well”, link up the flow of 
traffic from every direction. This zig-zag crossing afloat and 
under the elevated highways truly reflected the glory of their 
local architectural designs. If you were traveling at high speed, 
you may feel like traveling on a roller coaster. Tunnels and 
bridges cleverly creep in to link up certain areas such as Puxi 
to Pudong.

Everywhere you find big crowds of people, truly reflects its 
real success as a tourists destination. Normally you may also 
find parades of buses bring in and out thousands of visitors, 
local and foreign, to and fro this grand city. As such, parking 
problem becomes a norm here. To overcome this problem, the 
drivers (locally called “Shi fu” or master) of all these tourist 
coaches usually stopped their vehicles at the road side of the 
main destination to drop their valued passengers. Thereafter, 
they have to drive to a destined parking area, which is a walking 
distance away from these tourist spots. What will happen if more 
and more people, whom majority at present are still using 
bicycles and scooters as their main mean of transportation, 
upgrade to motor cars.

Although it has well equipped with all these sophisticated 
transportation infrastructure, ironically we find some of their traffic 
rules are not in harmony with the international traffic laws. 
Pedestrians who are used to normal traffic rules, usually have to 
ensure that both sides of the traffic where two lanes of flowing 
directly opposite to each other, are clear before crossing, they 
have to be extra cautious especially when crossing the road. 
Pedestrians are legally obliged to give way to the motorists 
as the latter are legally obliged to slow down their vehicle, 
but not obliged to stop even when approaching a zebra-crossing
 – contradictory to the normal traffic rules. I was told that the 
local authority is looking into the matter seriously. I guess it 
is due to their own uniqueness where pedestrians and cyclists 
at one time form the majority far beyond when compared to 
motorists. That may be the reason why they think it is more 
appropriate to shift the legal burden to pedestrians, rather than 
the motorists. With the present situation, the Zig-zag traffic flow 
has complicated the above problem especially to the pedestrians.

Being one of its tourists’ main attraction spots, Shanghai Bund, is the 
classic image of Shanghai. Here, you will find huge crowds of 
tourists flooding the area day and night. It is worthwhile to note the 
elegant colonial architectural buildings and the new futuristic buildings 
actually blend in easy harmony, separated by the famous Huangpu river,
being the main attraction. Naturally it never failed to attract visitors, 
being individual or groups to snap their photos with such wonderful and 
rare background of its kind.

Taking a cruise along this famous river, which divide the majestic 
buildings dating back to Shanghai’s grandest days and the latest 
landmark area such as Oriental Pearl Towers and trade centre, you 
may find some fun and excitement.
Alternatively, taking such a cruise at night may prove romantic 
especially for young loving couples. The effect of the neon lights 
from those elegant buildings along the river, may be viewed as if it 
is candle lights from mighty candle stands. Just imagine you are at 
that scene, staring at the beauty of the lighting while you let other 
parts of body do the talking with your sweet and lovely partner – 
a real romantic and joyful sensation. The breeze blowing towards 
both of you, may add more sensation to their already intimate 
feeling. By snapping a photo with such a memorial and sweet 
moment is worth far beyond the effort.
For those who have already known of its port, being the largest in 
the world as of December 2004, will not find any surprise to see 
huge cargo ships frequently moving along this river. As such, taking 
a photo with such unplanned cargo ship as a background would 
become a norm here.
This never sleeping city brings in and out hundreds of thousands of 
visitors either domestic or foreign daily. Coaches forming beelines 
along the bund is a normal sight to the local people. Beggars; young 
and old, able and disable, are also seen trying to take advantages of 
the crowds.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi! Folks,

It is our pleasure to meet you here again. We are 
sure that you must be excited to read about our 
articles and we guess that you must have reaped 
the benefits to your maximum. Continue to visit us 
for your mutual benefits. Thanks for your 
continuous support. One thing we can assure you 
is that the more you read, the more we put money 
in your pocket indirectly if you choose to take 
action as we recommended.

Further to my articles on greening my place of 
residence which we received overwhelming 
response, we decided to share more about 
other interesting ideas which we are sure of 
receiving your consideration as the benefits you 
receive from this investment will be far more 
than your investment costs.

By installing rooftop ventilation Turbine Vent, as 
seen in  the photo above, your place will not only 
be more cosy, 
but you will also lower  your electricity bills as 
you may not need to use so much air-conditioning 
to achieve that effect. 

My double storey house installed two units of 
heavy duty polypropylene bracing system. 
Adjustable base and free maintenance dual ball 
bearing system, installed by my previous owner. 
They keep running till today without any issue 
since we move in for more than a decade. Simple 
yet effective in the sense that my first floor is very 
much cooler than the unit without it. So, guess you 
are able to figure out. 

According to the building codes there are only two 
types of ventilators recognized. 

The two basic types are as follows:-

i) electric, which operate on A/C power; 

ii) all others (wind powered, solar powered and 
passive vents). 

I am very certain that my units are not of A/C 
power type, however I am not too sure whether it 
is wind powered, solar or passive vents. What I 
care about is that they produce the results I 

I was also made to understand that all non-electric
vents must be calculated into a building design by 
the “1 to 300 rule”, no matter if it is wind driven, 
solar powered or passive. The reason for this is 
simple. As long as the CFM rates cannot be definitely 
calculated, the calculation must be based on the area 
of the vent's diameter (free air space) in relation to the 
size of the attic being vented. 

In this connection, can someone help me ascertain 
whether I have an ideal situation in terms of 
effectiveness based on my unit which is of slightly 
2,000 square feet, slight larger than its original build 
up? You may either email me your invaluable 
feedback to or via 

One thing I feel proud of is that I, at least, have 
managed to join those who advocate using natural
resources such as solar, wind or passive type to 
reduce the global warming issue. My conscience 
is clear.

In this regard, I step forward to blog it and share 
with you in the hope that you too give it due 
consideration. Thank you in advance.

And last, but not least, we like to stress again we 
need to address the global warming collectively 
and the heat is so terrible once you step out from 
your house. We, at Lift You Up, do not think 
anyone of us want to see our next generation to 
wear special type of clothing so as to prevent 
their skin from this extra heat.

More ideas flowed into my mind after I took a slow 
walk around my unit and I will share them with you 
in my forthcoming articles.

Stay tuned and look forward to seeing you again, 

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18