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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Dear Residents and Visitors,

Further to our recent article on the road bump at Bandar Utama, I received feedback that  a serious accident had occurred after the speed bump was built. To view the previous article, please click at the title of the post. If you look carefully at the photo above, you will notice that the "speed bump" sign is almost being covered by the tree in front of it. This seems like we never learnt and lots of signboards are covered by overgrown trees around them. Here, we would like to remind readers that diligent and detailed  planning is required for any successful endeavour. This signboard is not very visible at night and it is too close  to the bump. We hope the authority can prove us wrong. We are certain that there must be certain guidelines as to the distance of its sign board and the bump. Otherwise it would impose danger to motorists especially when they applied their brake at the last minute after they had seen the sign board. As our precious article we also highlighted that the height of the bump is rather high. Most of the feedback obtained stated that this bump appeared to have made this road unsafe to road users especially at night. We sincerely hope the relevant authority will take appropriate action to address this issue before another accident happened.

Bear in mind that 3 vehicles were involved in the previous accident at night time and this may be avoided if the above issues were addressed much earlier. 
The feedback we received well illustrates that the residents here are caring and concern about the safety of the people. Thank you very much for the support shown and we urge the appropriate authority to rectify the issue without any delay.

No doubts that the bump is to slow down vehicles, but at the same time it must also address in an appropriate manner so as not to impose any harm to any road users especially those who are not familiar with this area. And last but not least, we can sense that this good neighbourly spirit is widespread in this prominent area and it really makes this area well known for its good neighbourhood.

We went to investigate further after receiving the above feedback, we found that the tree had been removed, now the signboard especially on the pedestrain lane is clearly visible from a distance. ( See the photo below, which will be loaded at later stage) . Thanks for the swift action taken by all parties, a well deserve praise for maintaining its good neighbourly spirit.

Thanks for your time to read this article and hope it does lift you up, in your daily life, as its name suggested. 

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy day! Friends, 

Lately I came across  the article on on how powerful social media is, and to a certain extent they are taking the lead against google. So what is more important now is how we should act in response with this new trend. 

This sounds amazing and interesting and I am certain that you too will find this information useful one way or the other. As such, I decided to blog about it so as to reach out more people and hope more people will benefit from it as well.

One thing I don't believe that it is by coincidence that I was also approached by another of my contacts on this newly launched product, called SOCIAL MEDIA BLITZ VIDEO TUTORIAL, at This product comes timely to guide and assist its users to take full advantages of this new trend. Please check it out yourself.

I found that this product very easy to follow, coupled by step by step learning video, and watchable as many times as you wish from the comfort of your home at your convenient time. We found this video helpful and easy to follow and its content is clear and precise, with lots of illustration that you will not miss out any step. Try it out yourself and let us know your experience and results. Thank you in advance for your kind participation. What else you can ask for. For your information, Friendfeed and Google Buzz is a new platform where people can direct traffic to boost their product sales, truly amazing and I believe you want to read further about this fascinating product. 

One good news I must let you know about this video. It comes in various form such as SWF (Flash format) and AVI (Windows Media Player).

This means that it can be played in various media in MAC or Windows PC, or even in word document without any issue at all. Thanks to its great inventor for such a kind consideration. 

I was also made to understand that this videos comes with related bonus product to enhance customer value, free e-book, viral article publisher software, PLR articles which they can use the template and special report as how to market e-book. As such it is really make this offer really unresistable.

This product also come with support, you can just direct all your future inquiries and assistance required.For more information, you are invited to visit his profile at may also check it out from your circle of friends/clients about this product.

With all the above benefits and features, there are no doubts that you will benefit like we had benefited. Please do not stop there, please spread this good news to others so that they do benefit too. Our fundamental belief is that we all can only progress through sharing and this is the way we reward our readers who have spent their precious time to read our articles.

Stay tuned for more exciting news of this product. Seeing you again,

Your Chief Servant

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dear Friends,

Lately, I came across an interesting and my long sought after book, titled "100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid" by Maeve Maddox. After reading through it, I find it so useful and am also very excited to share it with you so that you too can benefit from it. 

I must say that this book can serve as the writers's best friend despite the online help you may have obtained from the internet such as online dictionary and so on. However, you may not be so lucky to zero in a very quick and detail manner like this book does. It still serves some of your purpose. This book is so handy that you can place one near your desktop, for your quick access.

Basically this book is categorised into 5 sections: Introduction, Spelling Mistakes, Usage Mistakes, Grammar Mistakes and Punctuation Mistakes. Very comprehensive yet 5 clear divisions for users' easy reference. Thanks so much to this Author who has such brilliant thoughts, from the user's perspective.

Another great point to note is that this book highlights the differences of certain words usage in term of spelling and usage in both the British and US contexts. Its' clear and precise explanation well deserve the praise. We are certain that some of you may agree that it is a good practice to review these words constantly until they really sink into our minds and souls. I find it very valuable despite the fact that both spellings and usage are well accepted by my country and the distinction becomes blur in our society. As such, this book is highly recommended for school teachers and students so that they have a clear understanding of the differences of these words in both countries mentioned above.

No doubt some of you may argue that the list does not include every possible mistake, be it spelling, usage, grammar and punctuation. However, it has covered a great extent that makes it useful to lots of potential customers, so to speak. So, you are advised to go the nearest bookstore and take a quick look at the book and make your own assessment. If you have a chance to flick through the pages, you will realise that these words are commonly and frequently used in any society. As such, you will tend to agree that its benefits are far more greater than its cost.

If you find this book is really good like what we have described above, please pass this good news to your circle of contacts so that they also can benefit like you do. You may share it on line by clicking on the Twitter, Facebook or other social networking button which are available at the left hand side of this post.

For your convenience, you may purchase this book by logging into the link at

Thanks so much for hanging out here today with us. Enjoy the rest of your day and make it a fulfilling day.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO
Skype me at james.oh18

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear soccer fans,

The photo above with much action, extracted from our local star online, had caught my attention lately and I am certain it has lots of inspiring stories to tell from the way I see it. I hope you too will be inspired like i was. This brilliant Brazil's player, Luis Fabiano has again put his spectacular skill, dribbles past Chile goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo to record his team's second goal. Brazil again has comfortably brushed aside their counterpart with 3-0 win at Ellis Park and had put his team a bit closer for their sixth title.

Though I am not a fancy soccer follower, I do enjoy watching the game especially when I am watching my childhood favorite team, Brazil, play with their counterparts, which is on par, or closely on par with them. This sort of match will have a series of spectacular performance especially from their megastars. It will also demonstrate the team's spirits and their strategies that bring fruition in that particular match. Brazilians really played a beautiful game that night and that warrants them to receive overwhelming support from its fans. Banging on tambourines, waving their national flag with green and gold ensemble are visible everywhere - suggest that they came with a mission to complete. And it reaffirms the saying that the English may have invented football, but Brazil gave life to its soul.

Their unforgettable legend hero - Pele is still recorded as the best player in soccer history. Looking forward it was learnt that Garrincha. Romario and Ronaldo, who have put Brazil in the finals for three of the past four World Cups, winning twice, and is a favorite to play for that golden trophy again this coming July 11This will definitely be another event everyone is looking forward for besides the series of matches from its round 16.

No doubt every team has put their best to the world but we need to recognise the fact that only one team will be awarded the trophy for being the best at the long awaited final. The ball is round and whoever team that can deliver the result will be declared as the winner. That is the rule of the game. 

What is more important from this World cup is the spirit shown and the overall quality of this game that is more crucial behind this grand and memorable events that takes place every four years. Its main intention is not only to give rise to the standard of this popular game but it lift up every walk of life at the end of the day. In this regard, we are pleased to see the success of the worldwide connection this World cup has made. 

We wish it continues to move forward to its next level of success. Let this undivided and united spirit be planted in every soul. 

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dear Folks,

We are certain that most of you are aware that the recent premier meeting of G 20 Summit held in Toronto was just over. The theme for the G20 Toronto Summit is “Recovery and New Beginnings”, which attracted our attention. As such, we decided to blog about it because it is somehow significantly related and relevant to our daily life, which we are certain that everyone is very concern about as it brings hope to the world especially in addressing the global economy as a whole.

The recent talk at Toronto, though it attracted some detractors, yet we viewed it as a successful one. First, it has enlarged its G 8 approach to include the emerging economic markets, which is more representative and holistic approach where the emerging market will have more say in shaping the global economic framework for more sustainable global economic growth for the betterment of the whole world at large. You can see by now that this G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. World leaders gathering at this Summit had a dialogue on how to build a healthier, stronger and more sustainable global economy, which everyone of us should view this move as a wise and encouraging move to foster a better relationship among all nations.

For the benefit of everyone, let us take a quick look of some of the historical facts listed below:-

What is the G-20
The Group of Twenty (G-20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors was established in 1999, which the intention of bringing the industrialized and developing economies together to discuss key issues in the global economy. The inaugural meeting of the G-20, hosted by Germany and Canadian finance ministers, held in Berlin, on December 15-16, 1999.
By contributing to the strengthening of the international financial architecture and providing opportunities for dialogue on national policies, international co-operation, and international financial institutions, the G-20 helps to support growth and development across the globe.
The G-20 was formed as a positive response to the financial crises of the late 1990s and recognition of the important roles by those key emerging-market countries, which were not adequately included in the core of global economic discussion and governance. Prior to its formation, this function of promoting dialogue and analysis had been shouldered by the G-7 members.
The current G-20 membership is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries as follows:
·         Argentina
·         Australia
·         Brazil
·         Canada
·         China
·         France
·         Germany
·         India
·         Indonesia
·         Italy
·         Japan
·         Mexico
·         Russia
·         Saudi Arabia
·         South Africa
·         Republic of Korea
·         Turkey
·         United Kingdom
·         United States of America
The above member countries in totality represent around 90 per cent of global gross national product; 80 per cent of world trade (including EU intra-trade) as well as two-thirds of the world's population. As such, this G-20's gives it a high level of legitimacy and influence over the management of the global economy and financial system, in term of its economic weight.
With some remarkable achievement in terms of close co-operation between the US and China, it well illustrates a remarkable achievement in mankind's history. We viewed this as a positive move to foster more co-operation in achieving the global sustainable economic growth. As such, it shed some light to arrest the European financial crisis from worsening despite some divided opinions from the EU members. 
It is imperative for every member to realise that their economic welfare is very much dependent on each other and no country will be spared if anyone member is seriously affected. As such, this G20 will play a significant role in addressing this crucial area which ultimately affects everyone's life as a whole.
With this in mind, we, at Lift you up, view this young, vibrant international institute have achieved a remarkable result in view of its short history and co-operation between its members are also very encouraging and it is a very good platform to take the world to greater heights of success.
Thanks for your time to read this article and we strongly believe a good and more prosperous world is within our reach through this global international body. 
Wish them  great success and please share with us your view in this regard,
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,
Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, June 28, 2010


Dear friends,

To stay healthy, happily and lively is a dream of most of us, if not everyone. However, many believe that it is not possible to achieve this end in view of the modern and hectic society we live in. In fact it is a challenging, but rewarding task, which we could not afford to ignore. 

Ironically, it is even more necessary to seek after this dream especially we are living in a more demanding and competitive society. In order for us to stay at a peak level, first we must ensure that both our energy and motivation are at peak levels all the time. Therefore a first desired result of tranquillity which fundamentally stresses on three key main elements; harmony, peace and joy for our well living style, is very much in need.

Home is a universal place where most of our daily activities begin and end. It is a basic and fundamental unit we need to dwell with. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for us to have a sweet home with the right touch of style and imagination that suits us.

Life is short and we need to dream big so as to leave behind signs and impacts. To do so, undoubtedly we need to fuel our hearts to stay alive, with lots of innovative and creative ideas. To begin at home seems to make perfect sense and serves as a good footing for us to nurture such healthy habits until we are naturally and perfectly equipped. In this sense, we must dare to beat the odds; no template to follow and always start afresh so as to reap the riches from your path in the journey of your life.

In line with such a wonderful vision, I had painted my little hut white; all walls, so as to create the impression of having bigger space and tidiness. Everyone at home feels good of being refreshed rejuvenated and renewed; truly lift up our daily spirit to its fullest, so to speak.

It is worthy to note that there is so much beauty at every side and corner of my little sweet hut. Not only attention to detail is required to craft its uniqueness but sensibility of the surroundings as well where the hut is situated - truly reflects my personal life style. Only one word adequately describes it all: smooth. Go with the flow, go with home sweet home.
The colours from the artifacts displayed at the various corners bring out their own shines due to its white wall background. Surprisingly to note that the displayed items are affordable yet are spectacular – each having its own instinctive value and a story behind. It is truly pampering yet rewarding to my loved ones and is within our means.
My little sweet home always offers a spontaneous stream of good feelings to visitors almost at once they step into this sweet home – truly resembles a peaceful  and loving environment. Here, a unique concept was created to promote wholesome living by emphasizing the purity of spirit, health and well being. Happiness in daily life provides an energetic environment. 
It is interesting to note this home also preserves unique natural, cultural, art heritage. Simple yet elegant in a way that creates lasting impressions that can renew and refresh everyone to a certain extent.

To cite you an example - imagine you sit on the Napoloen stool at the dry kitchen, having a meal alone at the arch with marble top. There, you may opt to view passionately all the beautiful Chinese art paintings featuring mountains and waterfalls, hanging at the wall along the staircase, directly opposite the arch. Peaceful and comfort sensation from the cooling effect of the marble top makes you really feel you are at the mountain side. In addition, the sound of water pump from the aquarium, at the back of stool, appears like water flowing down from the waterfall of that painting- flowing directly to you. Apart from that, the green leaves from the basket, hanging at the arch, also makes you appear within the painting vicinity – so real. It does not stop there, one also can have your favorite Chinese tea while relaxing and viewing this particular painting at the same time. 

For those who admire the beauty of that painting while walking up the staircase, be cautious that you may indulge yourself and believe that you are climbing up a hill instead. Once you reached the first floor, there is a little family hall waiting ready to serve you. Here, you may have a mountain top feeling, precisely reflected in that painting as a result of the cooling effect from both the ventilation fans and the mounted split air-conditioner. The contemporary fully equipped hall with several desktops coupled with book shelves housing variety of books, offers you a chance either to surf the net or have some light reading pleasure.

For those who are IT savvy, they may be entertained by the wide range of IT related machines. Other entertainment appliances such as mini HiFi system, TV, video, CD / VCD players are also made available.

Assuming that all the above do not truly satisfy your immediate needs, you are advised to either take a nap or take a rest at the handcrafted rosewood rocking chair, with mother of pearl of fishes, symbolizing freedom and problems free, which may rock away some, if not all your problems.

 If your need more, I strongly suggest that you walk into the master bed room, beside the family hall, and relax your tired body on the Japanese styled teakwood bed or have a good sleep. The strong back bones posture support mattress assures you additional comfort and a real good rest. However, if you opted to take a good rest on the bed, you may turn the environment to a more relaxing one by either playing romantic or classical music.

Alternatively, taking a good hot shower at the bathroom adjacent to the master bed room may not be a bad idea. A sufficiently big wall mirror, fitted at the bathroom coupled with wide ranges of toiletries make all your needs within your reach.
The all white dressing table, with all sorts of cosmetics, standing proudly, at one corner of the master room, can serve anyone who wants to beautify themselves.

A wedding photo of a lovely couple hanging at the wall, well above the bed, reminds us of a past, sweet and memorable moment. This adds colour to the already wonderful environment.

My little hut also mirrors my love for the antiques and arts. The dining room – as does the rest of the house – has a well mixed contemporary Oriental feel; traditional Chinese furniture is set off against white walls while lovely carvings, statues and unique framed artworks decorate the walls and cosy corners.

Some of these antiques and collectibles are from England , China , France , USA , all accumulated during my travels. Among some of my treasured items include hand wood crafted with poem and gazebo picture, traditional Chinese wooden wall clock which strike at every half hour and several handmade clay tea pots displayed at the dining room.
You can see that every corner is my favorite as I created a different mood for each area. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Hence, every day would be my great day even in my worst mood. That’s why I created them in the first place, to soak in the loveliness of this house, to lift up myself. Thus, I do hope I may inspire you to follow suit regardless of your social status.
You can be rest assured that time, effort and even money spent here are worthwhile to brighten your daily spirit. Needless to say continuous upgrading and maintaining is required so as to make the setting lively, refreshing and rewarding as well.

 By now, you would be able to understand the main theme of this sweet home. It is decorated to encourage creativity and innovation within the family. By doing so, the creative spirit of excellence is cultivated and nurtured in this sweet home. Elegant, practicable and affordable – all in one concept is the real challenge and reward. It also provides a marvelous peaceful, meaningful and beautiful environment – making every moment a memorable and enjoyable one. It leads us toward a meaningful life – abundant  love, joy, peace, harmony and hope.

Life is a choice. Why choose a miserable one when you can have a tranquil life? So make your choice immediately, without any hesitation.

 Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dear Residents,

We are pleased to inform you that  a road bump had been constructed along the BU main Jalan, before the entrance in BU7 and the Puay Chai (II) Primary School. This really surprised me as I was made to understand that this was something that wouldn't be possible in the past.

This is something we should give the credit to the association for being able to convince the new city council members to approve such a noble and wise plan, after a long and painful struggle. However, I find the bump is too high and wonder whether is there any standard to this type of bump along the main public road?

This serves its intended purpose well by slowing down vehicles from both directions, i.e the main road and the other junction road at a short distance from the traffic light. By having such a bump, the vehicle from the junction road will not be having difficulty to turn into the access road to BU 7 residential area. We also note that a few accidents happened before and we are uncertain of the real causes of these accidents.

Further down the road towards the KBU college, there is another turning point to BU 10/1. There were several severe accidents that happened in the past, but till date nothing have been done. Here, the traffic is even worse as most vehicles have not slowed down when approaching this access road. Instead, the vehicles  are speeding especially from those flowing along the main road, immediately after the college toward this turning point. This cause some dangers to vehicles that come into this residential area as well as those vehicles going out from this small access road.

Worst still, vehicles coming from the other access road between Centrepoint and the school of BU 2, have difficulties turning into this access road as the distance from the junction to that access road is rather short. Numerous accidents had happened in the past, and these have been forgotten as people here seems to have a short memory. Alternatively, it may be due to our attitude of waiting until a serious accident happen that involves life before action is taken. This norm seems to be very hard to be broken.

One thing we noticed is that the corner just outside the kindergarden has also been curved in so as to make the access road wider to cater for the outflow of traffic from this access road. This is a very wise move done by the people here.

However, we also noticed that vehicles heading towards Centrepoint are not keeping to the right so as to give way to the vehicle heading toward the left. This defeats the purpose of widening this access road. This could be due to the ignorance of the drivers. Secondly, it could also be caused by the big drum placed at the middle of the access road. Hence making drivers avoid keeping their vehicles to the right. As a result, it caused a long queue of traffic, at times, along this access road. Hence, vehicles flowing from BU 10/10 are having difficulties in moving into this access road as this access road does not have any yellow box at the T junction there.

Append below please find the sketch drawing for better understanding. ( TO BE APPEND AT LATER STAGE}

We, at the Lift You Up, hope that the above article will receive the attention of the committee members of BU 7 and 10 so as to improve this areas further. We strongly believe that by doing such activities, more residents will come forward to participate in this Security and Safety Scheme.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18