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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Monday, June 28, 2010


Dear friends,

To stay healthy, happily and lively is a dream of most of us, if not everyone. However, many believe that it is not possible to achieve this end in view of the modern and hectic society we live in. In fact it is a challenging, but rewarding task, which we could not afford to ignore. 

Ironically, it is even more necessary to seek after this dream especially we are living in a more demanding and competitive society. In order for us to stay at a peak level, first we must ensure that both our energy and motivation are at peak levels all the time. Therefore a first desired result of tranquillity which fundamentally stresses on three key main elements; harmony, peace and joy for our well living style, is very much in need.

Home is a universal place where most of our daily activities begin and end. It is a basic and fundamental unit we need to dwell with. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for us to have a sweet home with the right touch of style and imagination that suits us.

Life is short and we need to dream big so as to leave behind signs and impacts. To do so, undoubtedly we need to fuel our hearts to stay alive, with lots of innovative and creative ideas. To begin at home seems to make perfect sense and serves as a good footing for us to nurture such healthy habits until we are naturally and perfectly equipped. In this sense, we must dare to beat the odds; no template to follow and always start afresh so as to reap the riches from your path in the journey of your life.

In line with such a wonderful vision, I had painted my little hut white; all walls, so as to create the impression of having bigger space and tidiness. Everyone at home feels good of being refreshed rejuvenated and renewed; truly lift up our daily spirit to its fullest, so to speak.

It is worthy to note that there is so much beauty at every side and corner of my little sweet hut. Not only attention to detail is required to craft its uniqueness but sensibility of the surroundings as well where the hut is situated - truly reflects my personal life style. Only one word adequately describes it all: smooth. Go with the flow, go with home sweet home.
The colours from the artifacts displayed at the various corners bring out their own shines due to its white wall background. Surprisingly to note that the displayed items are affordable yet are spectacular – each having its own instinctive value and a story behind. It is truly pampering yet rewarding to my loved ones and is within our means.
My little sweet home always offers a spontaneous stream of good feelings to visitors almost at once they step into this sweet home – truly resembles a peaceful  and loving environment. Here, a unique concept was created to promote wholesome living by emphasizing the purity of spirit, health and well being. Happiness in daily life provides an energetic environment. 
It is interesting to note this home also preserves unique natural, cultural, art heritage. Simple yet elegant in a way that creates lasting impressions that can renew and refresh everyone to a certain extent.

To cite you an example - imagine you sit on the Napoloen stool at the dry kitchen, having a meal alone at the arch with marble top. There, you may opt to view passionately all the beautiful Chinese art paintings featuring mountains and waterfalls, hanging at the wall along the staircase, directly opposite the arch. Peaceful and comfort sensation from the cooling effect of the marble top makes you really feel you are at the mountain side. In addition, the sound of water pump from the aquarium, at the back of stool, appears like water flowing down from the waterfall of that painting- flowing directly to you. Apart from that, the green leaves from the basket, hanging at the arch, also makes you appear within the painting vicinity – so real. It does not stop there, one also can have your favorite Chinese tea while relaxing and viewing this particular painting at the same time. 

For those who admire the beauty of that painting while walking up the staircase, be cautious that you may indulge yourself and believe that you are climbing up a hill instead. Once you reached the first floor, there is a little family hall waiting ready to serve you. Here, you may have a mountain top feeling, precisely reflected in that painting as a result of the cooling effect from both the ventilation fans and the mounted split air-conditioner. The contemporary fully equipped hall with several desktops coupled with book shelves housing variety of books, offers you a chance either to surf the net or have some light reading pleasure.

For those who are IT savvy, they may be entertained by the wide range of IT related machines. Other entertainment appliances such as mini HiFi system, TV, video, CD / VCD players are also made available.

Assuming that all the above do not truly satisfy your immediate needs, you are advised to either take a nap or take a rest at the handcrafted rosewood rocking chair, with mother of pearl of fishes, symbolizing freedom and problems free, which may rock away some, if not all your problems.

 If your need more, I strongly suggest that you walk into the master bed room, beside the family hall, and relax your tired body on the Japanese styled teakwood bed or have a good sleep. The strong back bones posture support mattress assures you additional comfort and a real good rest. However, if you opted to take a good rest on the bed, you may turn the environment to a more relaxing one by either playing romantic or classical music.

Alternatively, taking a good hot shower at the bathroom adjacent to the master bed room may not be a bad idea. A sufficiently big wall mirror, fitted at the bathroom coupled with wide ranges of toiletries make all your needs within your reach.
The all white dressing table, with all sorts of cosmetics, standing proudly, at one corner of the master room, can serve anyone who wants to beautify themselves.

A wedding photo of a lovely couple hanging at the wall, well above the bed, reminds us of a past, sweet and memorable moment. This adds colour to the already wonderful environment.

My little hut also mirrors my love for the antiques and arts. The dining room – as does the rest of the house – has a well mixed contemporary Oriental feel; traditional Chinese furniture is set off against white walls while lovely carvings, statues and unique framed artworks decorate the walls and cosy corners.

Some of these antiques and collectibles are from England , China , France , USA , all accumulated during my travels. Among some of my treasured items include hand wood crafted with poem and gazebo picture, traditional Chinese wooden wall clock which strike at every half hour and several handmade clay tea pots displayed at the dining room.
You can see that every corner is my favorite as I created a different mood for each area. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Hence, every day would be my great day even in my worst mood. That’s why I created them in the first place, to soak in the loveliness of this house, to lift up myself. Thus, I do hope I may inspire you to follow suit regardless of your social status.
You can be rest assured that time, effort and even money spent here are worthwhile to brighten your daily spirit. Needless to say continuous upgrading and maintaining is required so as to make the setting lively, refreshing and rewarding as well.

 By now, you would be able to understand the main theme of this sweet home. It is decorated to encourage creativity and innovation within the family. By doing so, the creative spirit of excellence is cultivated and nurtured in this sweet home. Elegant, practicable and affordable – all in one concept is the real challenge and reward. It also provides a marvelous peaceful, meaningful and beautiful environment – making every moment a memorable and enjoyable one. It leads us toward a meaningful life – abundant  love, joy, peace, harmony and hope.

Life is a choice. Why choose a miserable one when you can have a tranquil life? So make your choice immediately, without any hesitation.

 Your Chief Servant,

James Oh
Founder and Group CEO

Skype me at james.oh18

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