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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A glass of Milk

Dear loving readers and visitors,

Trust the story below will inspire you the way it has inspired me. I decided to do so immediately after I finished reading it.

The story begins:-

One day, a poor boy was selling clothing door to door, to pay for his education realized that he only had ten cents left in his pockets. He was hungry and so decided to ask for some food at the next house that he came to.

In the meantime he lost his hungry when a beautiful young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal, he asked her for a glass of water.

She saw that he was very hungry so instead brought a huge glass of milk. He drank it very it very slowly and then asked, "how much do I owe you?"

"You do not owe me anything at all." she replied. " My mother taught us never to accept anything for doing someone a kindness."

He replied, " Then I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

When Howard Kelly left the house, as well as feeling stronger physically, he sensed a return of his faith in the Lord which he had nearly abandoned.

Years later, this same young woman fell gravely ill. The local doctors were mystified, so they sent her to the big city where they knew that specialists would be able to diagnose this rare sickness.

Doctor Howard Kelly was called a consultant. When he heard the name of the city where she lived, a memory burned brightly in his eyes.

He got up and went to her room. As he entered her room, he immediately recognized her. He returned to the consultation room, determined to do his beat to save her life.From that day on, her paid special attention to this case. After a long battle, the war was finally won.

Doctor Kelly left instructions that the bill should be sent to him for authorization. He looked it over, wrote something in the margin, and sent it to her room.

She thought that when she opened the envelope she would find the rest of her life to pay in full. But when she finally opened it.

Something caught her attention in the margin of the invoice.

She read these words: "Paid in full with a glass of milk, Doctor Howard Kelly.

Tears of joy filled her eyes and her heart. She prayed: "Thank you, Lord, for your love has crossed the hands and heart of man."

There is a saying that goes like this- Bread thrown over the water returns to you.

An act of goodness that you do today can come back to you or someone that you love, when you are not expecting it. If you do not see this act of goodness returned, at least you will have made a difference in this world. And in the end, isn't that what life is all about?

That's how the story ended...

Small gesture has great impact. So, never underestimate this little gesture throughout our daily lives. You may make a great difference through this little small gesture daily.

You now have a choice now. You may share this story with others or make belief that you were never touched by it.

May I conclude that the hardest lesson in life, is to know which bridges to cross, and which to burn.......

Many people pass through our lives but only real friends leave their imprint in our hearts..

Have a wonderful day,

James Oh

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dear loving readers and visitors,

The name of the shop, in the photo above, literally means "heaven of match". Well described and really eye catching with the red paint. The meaning of the name of the shop is also well match with its nature of business. Perfect match.

Perhaps you may take a guess as to why I write to share with you about this unique shop.

What so special about this shop? What's the value you can learn from it?

The colorful match boxes, printed with all sorts of photos and pictures of movies, actresses and actors are well displayed at the glass cabinet at the shop. Very beautiful and adorable to their fans.

My friend, who has been collecting match boxes since his teenage years was instantly drawn to this shop when we walked along this old street in Hangzhou. He immediately selected some of his choices and bought them without any hesitation.

Below please some of scenery of this street; which has maintained its old traditional village image; where we found this unique match shop.

Hilly slope near to the main entrance of the ancient street.

The main entrance leading to the ancient street.

The shops still maintain its ancient style to offer its visitors of old sensation.

Ancient shop with colorful banners, flags, and all sorts of sign boards. The moment you entered into this street, you were have the real feeling of entering into the old ancient village, like the movies displaying the ancient village.

Contrary to our beliefs that the glory of this match has gone, this shop had successfully attracted many visitors of all ages. Amazing to find such a shop with all sorts of sizes of match boxes, colors, and printed with attractive photos of favorite movies stars, fairly tales and heroes. Unique, creative and innovative ways of revive the old goodies items. This will not only create employment in the labor market, but also create additional hobbies for its collectors.

I find it is very interesting and still applicable in our lives. It has taught me an invaluable lesson which made me share with you. This profound principle suggests that everyone will not obsolete so long as he knows how to capture the opportunity and he shall then been able to transform himself and create a niche market for himself, the same way like this match box. With some cosmetic change, it still can regain its former glory and stay in style.

I dare to say that most people thought that this match box will no longer useful and sale-able in today world. Lighter has replaced this obsolete item. However, if you had visited the shop above, your thought most likely would change, as I did. I found it very inspiring and interesting to share with you such an invaluable lesson.

If you are caught in the similar situation; like the match above, do not give up but seek for an opportunity to turn around your situation.

Just enlarge the relevant photo, see it yourself and you will find it so adorable and attractive than before. No wonder many people buy them for their personal collection, gift or even decorative items.

So, when you are down. Just visit this post and look at the above photos to refresh yourself with some new hopes. Trust that it will refresh and inspire you with some new hopes. Who knows you will shine again, the same way like this match box.

It is very normal and natural for life to go through ups and downs, but what is more important is to take the corrective measure to bound back when you were downs so as to keep you to the positive state of mindset. It is well acknowledge fact that the positive mindset will not stay automatic. We need to take control.

Look forward to seeing you again,

Have a blessed day everyday,

James Oh