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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Saturday, October 22, 2011



We like to express our sincere thanks to the trust and confidence received from all the communities’ leaders whom our founder has been engaging all these while.

We want to let you all know that you have put us a level higher for us to perform to your level of expectation. Your words have given us encouragement and assurance that we have done well. We believe in improving constantly to make us not only better, but more effective and efficient as well.

On this positive note, you are always welcome to give us feedback on how we could do things better so that we can continue to learn and reach out to larger population so that more people could benefit from our reconditioning articles.

To us, seeking the change and improvement in life is unavoidable in view of the era entrepreneurs who demand higher accountability of ourselves.

Click the link below to read more on the era entrepreneurs:-

  • Mohammad Ghazali
    “James has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating. A real think-outside-the-box kind of person.”
    From: Mohammad Ghazali on Oct 22, 2011

Neil Hoag
  • ““Amazingly inspirational, A great visionary who offers direction and makes projects come alive, A talented artist with style thats electric””
    From: Neil Hoag on Oct 13, 2011

  • Ke Zhi
    “Commended for helping others, to expand their fields of endeavour and providing the innovation, through which this can be accomplished.”
    From: Ke Zhi on Oct 4, 2011

  • Kristen Glanzman
    “James is a super-connector. If you want to meet someone amazing, look no further.”
    From: Kristen Glanzman on Sep 22, 2011

  • Kristen Glanzman
    “James is extremely responsible. Trustworthy in almost any circumstance. ”
    From: Kristen Glanzman on Sep 22, 2011

  • Vellakkat Anil Kumar
    “James is a natural leader. He is the type of person you can always count on. Strong work ethic. Solid values.”
    From: Vellakkat Anil Kumar on Sep 22, 2011

  • Milos Nikolic
    “James has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease.”
    From: Milos Nikolic on Sep 21, 2011
    FatJuicy Wett
  • “He is a loyal and dedicated person and interviewer for those unheard and unknown Authors.”
    From: FatJuicy Wett on Sep 19, 2011

  • Poh Yew Teoh
    “James is a very creative, talented and resourceful entrepreneur. He is very positive and passionate about life. ”
    From: Poh Yew Teoh on Sep 18, 2011

  • Gilberto Menhinick Messeder
    “James is the definition of performance. Someone who always gets the job done.”
    From: Gilberto Menhinick Messeder on Sep 11, 2011

  • Rev Larry Ofonasaha Udom
    “James is the person to call if you have a big challenge and want results fast. ”
    From: Rev Larry Ofonasaha Udom on Sep 6, 2011

    • Neil Hoag
      “Persistent visionary, A true talent, A great person to learn from,”
      From: Neil Hoag on Aug 30, 2011
    • Milos Nikolic
      “James is incredibly passionate, a true inspiration.”
      From: Milos Nikolic on Aug 22, 2011

    • Giò-Joana Sguario
      “James has exceptional business insights. The kind of leader people go to for advice and counsel.”
      From: Giò-Joana Sguario on Aug 20, 2011

    • Madeleine Bianchi
      “James is a strong team player. Constantly putting forth new ideas and encouraging innovation.”
      From: Madeleine Bianchi on Aug 19, 2011

    • Laverne Arsenault
      “James is a strong team player. Constantly putting forth new ideas and encouraging innovation.”
      From: Laverne Arsenault on Aug 19, 2011

    • Thierry Chantrel
      “James is a strong team player. Constantly putting forth new ideas and encouraging innovation.”
      From: Thierry Chantrel on Aug 19, 2011

    • Jeff Beyers
      “Three words: total rock star!”
      From: Jeff Beyers on Aug 17, 2011

    • Gopaldhara Tea Darjeeling
      “Thanks for the kind words James. Much appreciated”
      From: Gopaldhara Tea Darjeeling on Jun 20, 2011

    • Anna Louise Simpson
      “A very inspiring person! A priviledge to have in my network.”
      From: Anna Louise Simpson on Jun 18, 2011

    • Marida Sapichino
      “James is highly recommended. Any company would be lucky to have a leader with such vision and skill.”
      From: Marida Sapichino on Jun 11, 2011

    • Aleja Bennett
      “James Oh is one of the few people that saw my story and interviewed me right away. This makes a great news reporter and a warrior for Christ”
      From: Aleja Bennett on Jun 11, 2011

    • Delois McKay
      “Thanks for your endorsement James. You are succeeding on the internet and it is great that you help others as well.”
      From: Delois McKay on Jun 8, 2011

    • Carla Schmidt
      “James is exceptional. There are few people who can keep up with the level of performance.”
      From: Carla Schmidt on May 26, 2011

    • Barbara Salmans Schulze
      “James Oh has really impressed me also”
      From: Barbara Salmans Schulze on May 23, 2011

    • Joanna Janikowska
      “Good to have such friends like you - let us be in touch...”
      From: Joanna Janikowska on Apr 15, 2011

      Thanks and let us know should there be any areas where we can work together to achieve our mutual goals so that more people can benefit from it. Be mindful that the stronger we stay united and work together, the much easier and more we will get.

      So, let us work together to benefit the greater multitude of people.

      Your Chief Servant,

      James Oh

      To read our other success stories, please click the links below:-

Friday, October 21, 2011



TO be a successful Financial Planner, is just like any other success, you need to know what was bestowed to you, you need to understand yourself in depth well i.e. what you are truly designed for. However, the truth of knowing ourselves is not an easy task and it is sad to say that most people do not know themselves well enough to attain the success they seek for.

To recognise and acknowledge the above truth is the first step working toward this direction. This is the main gist of our today's discussion. We need to constantly remind ourselves this Key Fundamental Success Ingredient, which is often be overlooked by majority of not so or successful people, if we construe that success is a journey rather than an end. To obtain its maximum advantages for your own benefits, there are special tools designed for you to discover your personality, your potential and your weaknesses. This is critically important for you to know more of yourself so that you have the right mix to stretch yourself to your fullest potential. When you know more of yourself, you can position yourself to a much better position to deal with all the relevant elements more effectively so as to produce maximum outputs AT ALL TIMES, so to speak.

Some of you may aware that PEAKS profiling technology is built on the well researched big five factors of personality conducted by research communication international. Psychologists and industry leaders are predicting that it will be the primary means of understanding and interpreting personality in the 21st century. It is strength based approach based on the following 5 factors of personality

P – Purpose, How you respond to work? Compelling, Spontaneous or Intentional

E- Energy, How you respond to relationship? Dynamic, Ready and Latent

A – Affirmation, How you respond to People and Authority? Encouraging, Approving and Questioning

K – Knowledge, How you respond to change? Visionary, Integrative and Structured

S – Sustainability, How you respond to Stress? Robust, Steady or Volatile

The Big Five model is a comprehensive, empirical, data-driven research finding. Identifying the traits and structure of human personality has been one of the most fundamental goals in all of psychology. The five broad factors were discovered and defined by several independent sets of researchers (Digman, 1990).

[2] These researchers began by studying known personality traits and then factor-analyzing hundreds of measures of these traits (in self-report and questionnaire data, peer ratings, and objective measures from experimental settings) in order to find the underlying factors of personality. It was further advanced by Ernest Tupes and Raymond Cristal based on work done at the US Air force personal laboratory in 1961.

The Big Five factors and their constituent traits have then be summarized as (OCEAN):
• Openness – (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious). Appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, curiosity, and variety of experience.

• Conscientiousness – (efficient/organized vs. easy-going/careless). A tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement; planned rather than spontaneous behavior.

• Extraversion – (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved). Energy, positive emotions, surgency, and the tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others.

• Agreeableness – (friendly/compassionate vs. cold/unkind). A tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic towards others.

• Neuroticism – (sensitive/nervous vs. secure/confident). A tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, such as anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability.

Basically, it has been evolved from the most common type of personality profile, which based on 4 factor models, which also evolved from the ancient times where people categories human behavour with 4 elements. AIR, FIRE, EARTH and WATER.

Personality Plus - Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Sanguine and Choleric

DISC Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance

Carl Jung Thinker, Intuitor, Sensor and Feeler

Meyers Briggs Extrovert / Introvert, Sensor / Intuitor, Thinker / Feeler, Judger / Perceiver

The above are some of the commonly used and understood by the majority on personality profiling tools and technology, which place an individual in a fixed box or category, it labels an individual personality based on a fixed pattern of behavour and it does not addressed emotional intelligence, for instance.

Here, the question arises - what is Personality?

According to Oxford dictionary, Personality is the Characteristics and qualities of a person’s feeling and behaving. Personality is an individual’s characteristic and distinctive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Dr Shirley Lim, founder of RCI (Research Communication International) and PEAKS Psychometric personality profile technology said personality is the soul of our being, the intangible part of what we are. Personality identification and management help us develop by choice, not by chance.

The above explanation is suffice to provide solutions for our frequent questions such as :-

Have you ever wonder why people behave in certain ways which is quite different from each other? What makes people tick? Can we predict an individual personality? Is personality subject to change over time? Can we control or change our personality to suit the circumstance? Are we unique in personality?

According to psychologist, we are all different and unique in our own way. If that’s true, is there a standard personality pattern that will suit an individual’s career? How do we know of our personality? Is there a scientific way to assist us to know more about our personality? Is the measurement valid, accurate and reliable?

To address our issues of how to be successful Financial Planner, let us examine his job function in details, stated below:-

1. Prospecting for clients

2. Assessing their financial needs

3. Agreement on their needs

4. Recommendation on the solutions

5. Cement the sale

6. Ask for referrals and post sales service

To achieve his end, he needs to accomplish the following :-

a) not only to be purpose driven, goal orientated, stay focus on meeting more prospects and writing high volume of plans and sales volume on financial products.

b) but also stay connect and engage well with his clients.

c) presents his product and plan with energy, passion and conviction that will captivate the clients.

d) listen attensively, gives appropriate and timely compliments, encouragements and edify others.

e) helpful, humble and honest

f) opens to client’s new ideas and suggestion.

g) creative in handling client’s enquiries and objections.

h) calm and handled stress very well. He always stay in control of the whole selling process and will not react unnecessary.

From the above explanation, it is naturally for those have the high score in PEAKS will do well as a financial planner. Right? Well, what it means was that someone with the high PEAKS score will have a natural fit to be a successful financial planner if he chose to become a financial planner. However, it doesn’t mean if your score is lower in any of the dimension, you will not be successful. What it means here is that you need to stretch yourself to reach the job requirements. It is very much different from one person to another on how much you can stretch your personality to suit the job requirement.

The most ideal situation is to have a natural fit between the job peak performance and an individual personality and traits. If there is a gap on the demands of the job and the personality, then it needs necessary support to fill up the gap should the gap is not too wide. When the gap is too big, there is unnatural fit and the person will be easily burn out on the job. Job performance will be affected and will take a great effort to maintain even at an average level of performance. Therefore, it is important for an individual to understand his personality and innate potential, so that he can align with his innate potential, balance job demand and personality resources, create synergy in self and others.

The next big argument is whether the product competency or personality more important? Some financial planners argued that product competency is more important than personality given the fact that they are managing the finances of the clients. There is no doubt that competent professional knowledge on all aspects of finances is absolutely important in planning and managing client’s financial future. But, be mindful that you need to engage well in order to build trust with your client first before going into any meaningful planning activities. That’s why sales professional always quote 90% of the time is on relationship building and the balance of 10% is on product selling. But, that doesn’t mean product knowledge is not important. When it comes to product selling, you need to know 110% of the product knowledge because the customer attention span is very short and you need to offer accurate and professional answer to handle it promptly and correctly.

As a financial planner, you are in a very privilege position to deal with your client’s confidential financial position. Relationship and trust building with clients is the starting point of your successful financial planning practices. The big question is how much do you trust yourself? Trusting yourself is the starting point of building sound relationship and also making sound decision. Your level of personal trust will determine whether you trust others. In return, others trust you or not.

By now, you can see clearly why you need to take the first step to understand and trust yourself better. By taking a personality profile test, you are doing yourself a great favour because it is an objective and unbiased way of knowing yourself MUCH BETTER.



Thursday, October 20, 2011


Very happy day to you!

On behalf of Lift You up, I warmly welcome you to our website again. Your visit to our site indicates your interest to seek something that can really make a difference to you, your loved ones and your people.

Our articles are of high content, field-tested skills, best practices, performance-based and result-driven. They are the results of more than 20 years of local and international research, study and real life experience. Since 2008, thousands people from all walks of life have benefited from our proven written published articles that we share from time to time.

You can count on us to make it happen for your people and you. Our mind conditioning programme edge is that we are able to change the mindsets and improve the attitudes, values and behaviour of people to achieve the desired results. People choose us for one reason only… our conditioning programmes work and produce positive results!

Happy reading and viewing!

Today, we believe that many of you will agree that we are heading into an Entrepreneur era where the environment demands us to stand on our own feet to make our own living. You have seen many countries go bankrupt, one after the other. More accurately, countries having serious financial crisis and you never know which country is the next target. However, we are not here to frighten you, but to get you prepared for the worst AND hope for the best and we have to do our best all the time. We need to take full accountability of ourselves. Whatsoever consequence comes to us, we have to overcome it confidently regardless whether we are prepared or not. For those who have ready achieved this independence, please accept our Big congratulation to you. Please do work with us to extend our hands to others who may need us in this aspect. Here, we believe there is nothing we cannot be overcome if we are stay united and we work together.

On this note, we do encourage everyone to take the initiatives, no matter how small is it to gear up to be an entrepreneur if you believe that we are entering into this era. Glad to say that this era requires certain characteristics or mindsets - firm belief - as many of you are well aware that our mind is the captain of our body and ourselves. To apprehend it much better, you are encouraged to read the particular section of the analogy drawn by Mr. Gerry Robert on Captain and his crews. To know more about him, please click the link below:-

Here, I like to reaffirm that knowing is one thing, but doing is totally different thing all together. This is the reason that is well supported by the statistics, that is the rate of successful people remains a small fraction of the population. So, the gist of the issue here is how we work on it. Looking forward is critically important here and we must continue to think and review on it to be more effective and efficient at all time if permanent success is your goal.

Another successful ingredient which we can't afford to lack of is to stay focus on our ultimate Goal. Don't get me wrong here - it does not mean that you would not have challenges. But these challenges are there to make your journey more exciting and fun to make us stronger and fitter should we overcome them. As such, they sharpen up our skills just like the manner the experienced captain who had gone through the ocean with rough storms and waves. Do not be afraid and accept the simple truth that is life full of uncertainty and excitement.

Caution must be taken and do not let our traditional bondage hold us back. Unlearn what we have learned and I am fully aware that it is not easy but everyone can do it so long as you believe in it. Here, I must confess that I took some painful initiatives to have first hand of experience to UNLEARN what I learned much earlier and to reach this level. One way, I can say that I overcome it through constantly feeding me with the right and appropriate stuff to my mind just like the food I take in to my body so as to keep us the shape I wanted, even up to today. There is no secret to it and we need to put it into practice. PRACTICE makes simple and perfect.

Thereafter, it is not sufficient to put you ahead, but one step closer to relearn what you have learned. Here, we are able to view thing at a wider perspective and glad to say that you are then able to drive it to the direction you desire and stay focus on your ultimate goal. This will then guide you through in a much easier way. Through practice, you will make the necessary changes and acquire the new habit. Through these changes, we are able to make progress.

By now, we hope that you are able to see its logic. Now, please don't forget to share your experience with us if you discover other ways that are different from us. YOU are able to make the necessary changes effectively and efficiently so as to achieve the results you wanted. We do believe that there are many ways to achieve success, but you must choose the one that suits you most. Big thanks for sharing with us. Please stay with it if you are so used to it.

Coming back to the entrepreneur, due to the global economic changes many good companies, even the big and stable ones went bust overnight. It appears that many jobs will be eliminated from the labour market globally so to speak. As a result, some may have to use other means to find way to support their living, especially those that are of elder age. No doubt, you may say that you have more experience. However, do not undermine other qualities and stronger characteristics which are highly sought after such as right attitude, high EQ and AQ. 

I would like to congratulate those who have taken initiatives to be an entrepreneur. If not, it is never too late to do so. We do respect your decision if you are comfortable and decide to stay as you are. Please go ahead and we are not against you. But my advice to you is do not let the environment change you, the soonest you adapt to this change the better you will be. We hope we are wrong.

Thanks and please let us know what went well here and how could we do things better. Thanks again and your feed back is always highly appreciated.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Very happy day to you!

On behalf of Lift You Up, I warmly welcome you to our website again. In conjunction with Unilevel official opening of its showroom in Malaysia, we proudly announced that we are a part of the community of this renowned family that produces Innovative Branded premium beauty and wellness, yet affordable products to reach out to a larger population globally. This is not only to raise up our living standards as a whole, but also to provide many opportunities for those who have similar vision to reap returns on their own efforts.

With the trust Unilevel has earned from customers globally over the course of the century, you can be rest assured that they are the best business partner we can have. They are not only visionary but are also financially secured. As such, we are more than happy to join force with them to make a stronger presence worldwide with the goal that more people have the chance to enjoy their un-doubtfully high quality products.

Without much delay, we append below some of their starred products, with detail information and analysis results of their researches for your viewing and reading pleasure. Do not take our word for granted, please drop by their "state of art" showroom. It is well equipped with advance and sophisticated equipments to give you more accurate and precise analysis of your physical body condition so as to give you a best recommendation that suits you and one that you truly deserve. This well demonstrated their commitment, cares and dedication.

Check its shown room either at Bangkok or Petaling Jaya and find out yourself. The details of its addresses are provided below:-

BUSINESS ADDRESS: A-G-01, Level G, Block A, PJ8 
                                       23, Jalan Barat, Seksyen 8
                                       46050 Petaling Jaya

Contact :             0193409949/01933631068

BUSINESS HOURS :   MON TO SAT     12:00 pm to 8:30 pm

                                     SUN & Public Hols :  Close

On this note, we also like to encourage those who have similar beliefs to join us by signing up at the site provided below the content of this post. Please contact me should you need any further clarification. Be mindful that we are always at your disposal. To make your dream into reality is our goals.

Let us stay united and work together to ensure Unilivel's stronger presence world wide so as to ensure a larger population will have a better tomorrow. To us, there is nothing impossible so long we are willing to work together to make things happen for the prosperity we all desire.

Thanks and please let us know what went well here and how could we do things better. Thanks again and your feed back is always highly appreciated.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A happy day to you!

On behalf of this blog, I warmly welcome you to our website. Your visit to our site indicates your interest in reconditioning yourself with all the inspiring stories that can really make a difference to you, your loved ones and your people.

We believe our inspiring articles which are of valuable content, field-tested skills, best practices, performance-based and result-driven have benefited you as the way, it benefited me lots. They are the results of over 20 years of our researches, study and real experience. Since August 2008, more than thousands of people from all walks of life have benefited from our proven published articles which we have published from time to time.We also received lots of encouragement for us to pursue further. Our success is mainly attributed to your generous support.

You can count on us to make it happen for your people and you. Our written articles are able to assist some of you, if not all, to condition your mind to continue make change to your mindsets; improve your attitudes, values and behaviour for those who desires to achieve the results they wanted. People choose us for one reason only… our published articles work and produce positive results! We are proud to say that we are not alone, but are backed by numerous renowned organisations and world class gurus.

Happy viewing!

Today, this is a great exciting day that I was waiting for and with great pleasure I like to share with you that I have attended Gerry Robert's Rapid Results Marketing Workshop last Sunday in Swiss Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I must say that I have spent my worthy weekend with this renowned Millionaire Mindset Author's workshop and I have learned a lot from this great man. Below please find some of the photos taken with this awesome Author cum Trainer for your viewing pleasure. Permit me to extend my sincere thank to Mr. Gerry and MasteryAsia for making such a valuable workshop possible and benefiting thousands of people especially in Singapore and Malaysia.
To read more about this Author cum Trainer, please click the link below:-

I must reaffirm that his ideas are not conventional. He is provocative and innovative. He shares with us many practical ideas and strategies, not limiting to 10 New low cost ways including one to make 100 HOT Prospects call YOU within 45 days.

Likewise, we always say, knowing is one thing but doing makes lots of difference. As such, I will try to apply whatsoever I have learned from this great Author to this blog. Therefore, let me make it clear to you that the Success of this blog is to his credit, which I have learned and applied it appropriately. Through this, hope you too can use the similar concept to whatsoever your business you are in.

Thanks and wishing you a Great Success,
James Oh
Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, October 17, 2011


Very warm welcome to this uplifting blog.

We, at this blog, are very pleased to announce good news from one of our collaborators, Mr Elton Kuah, who has just released a co-authored book, entitled Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur. This book of his entrepreneurship story where he started his business for two (2) years.  The book has taken four (4) months of work of writing and currently available in Kinokuniya and Popular Bookstore Singapore since a month ago and is new in the market place.

You can read stories from thirty-one (31) entrepreneurs on the secret of their business success and education, ranging from brick and mortar business, online business and also self employed like insurance and real estate agents and you can take pleasure in learning inspiring stories and also to inspire your staff on doing well in their daily jobs.

Some examples of the story are as follows in the book:

1.    Ode To My Father: From Adrin Loi, Founder of Yakun Toast
2.    Riding the Social Media Wave: From Elton Kuah, Enrich Social Media
3.    A Business In Numbers, By David Lim, Aim Accounting Advisory

And many other stories in various industries.

You can listen to his interivew on this on what he was saying at the link below;

For international market, the price is USD 25 inclusive of shipping
fees to his paypal email: under name: Elton Kuah. He also offer 30 minute skype consulting for 1st five buyers who wants to know more about using social media so they will get extra value from the book.

If the people are based in Malaysia and Singapore ,do drop him email for his bank account number. There will be waiting period of
approximate 2-3 weeks for packaging and shipping depending on country, location and logistic.

To know more info on this book, please click at the link below.

The retail price is 45 in bookstore, but for friends who order from me you only pay 39.90 for a book and 35 per book for those with 5 orders and above.

If interested, book and order details, are available at his book blog site, or connect with his email for further enquiry and next steps.

To know more about Elton's background, you may read our preceding announcement which we have made public at the link below:-

Hope you enjoy reading this book.

Please let us know should you encounter any difficulty to obtain this book. We are always at your disposal.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you again,

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Very happy day to you,

On behalf of Lift You Up, I warmly welcome you to our website. Your visit to our site indicates your interest to seek improvement that can really make a difference to you, your loved ones and your people. As such, we, at this blog, are constantly trying our best to fu
lfill your and our dreams to make a better tomorrow.

Today, we are going to dwell on something very useful with the intention you too will be lifted up at the end of the day. Permit me to bring in my preceding article, Success is so predictable which you may refresh yourself by clicking the link below.

To enhance its understanding further, our discussion today on how to achieve perpetual success should be view as a supplementary to this already popular topic and we hope you reap the maximum benefits out of it.

In order to achieve its end, there are the steps we need to go through thoroughly with you as follow:-


First, we must recognise the truth of the power of human minds. It makes us distinguish distinctly from animals and make us the Kings in this planet. When we can conceive and believe in it, we can make it. As such, it is of paramount important that we are able to align our belief system into what believe. Believing that it works will drive our mind to search for solutions to make it happen. In one of my preceding articles, I do encourage you to replace the word "I'm Possible" to "impossible". By doing so, you will remove the top most obstacle in your mind. Thereafter, you may ask further:- How to make it happen?


Many of us; knowingly and unknowingly; are in a way conditioning our minds by the surroundings events we are exposed to. In a way, we are also influenced by such circumstances. If left un-check, we will be drag into the beliefs of the majority who aimed to please the society we are living in. As a result, we are also ingrained with such behaviour and are hesitant to change. Sad to say that only changes can bring us progress.

Conversely, we need to be receptive to new ideas, so to speak. Be experimenting with new ideas and do learn from your mistakes. Never be afraid of making mistakes. Mistake actually shows us the right path to our discovery. Thomas Edison made 5,000 mistakes before he invented a light bulb. As such, I like to say that there is no failure in itself. Mistake indicates that this is not the right path to Success. You see now that failure is a small success in itself because you have discovered that this is not the right path. Try other path, this is all about. Hope I have not confused you. If I do, please continue to read. You may be clearer by the end of the article. If not, give it a deep thought.


Just by believing in it will not bring you success, unless you put it into action. Then, how can Creativity come into play? Please share with us your thoughts. To me, it comes in many ways:- it not only helps us to find an intelligent short cut to solve our problems in hand; it may also give us solutions to overcome the constraints we are currently facing such as compliance to the legal requirements; resources and etc. It may also prompt us to re-look into other possibilities such as the processes involved. Here, you may reinvent the wheel or re-engineer the processes involved or the methods such as automation and etc.

Creativity offers us ways to solve our problems. Be mindful that if you want to stand out in the crowd, then creativity is one of the possible ways. Another thing I need you to realise is that creativity is crucially required in all professionals namely Law; Accountancy; Architects etc..

In view of the keen competitive marketing environment, creativity and innovation play a very important role in the business especially for those looking for a sustainable growth model.


Feeling is a state of mind, so is Capacity. Frequently asking yourself to increase your capacity will open doors to your minds to look for intelligent shortcuts. As some of you may be aware that I started to work at a very young age, in order to find time for my study. I learn to search for intelligent shortcut namely multi-tasking which I learn from my mum to save time. To achieve perpetual success in anything, you need to do better (in term of its processes, control) ; and increase the output ( in term of quality and quantity of its output.) In short, To do less and get more.


To achieve perpetual success is to constantly asking yourself to do better than yesterday. Be mindful that self improvement has no limit. Listen to its answer in echo. Ask and you will get it.

No surprise that life learning is inevitable.


Be observant at all times. Ask and listen whenever you can so as to ensure that you make sound decisions. Listen more and speak less so that you do not miss out on any opportunity. Observe and learn from those successful people, which were well advocated in Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich. If you have not read, please do yourself a favour and get it now.


To achieve this end, you need to constantly stimulate your mind. I learn from the Mathematics stimulation that there is always a solution where you can find at the optimum point of anything and everything exactly like those parameters expressed in Mathematics problem. In real life, we always facing several issues (parameters) and at the same time we need to resolve these issues with constraints and yet we obtained the best solution out of all possible solutions. Therefore, you may need this Mathematics equation to work out the best solution for your problems in hand.

Trust the above article is very worth your times and effort. If yes, please help us to spread to others who may need it. Thank you so much.

To our success in making a better tomorrow,

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18