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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Very happy day to you!

On behalf of Lift You up, I warmly welcome you to our website again. Your visit to our site indicates your interest to seek something that can really make a difference to you, your loved ones and your people.

Our articles are of high content, field-tested skills, best practices, performance-based and result-driven. They are the results of more than 20 years of local and international research, study and real life experience. Since 2008, thousands people from all walks of life have benefited from our proven written published articles that we share from time to time.

You can count on us to make it happen for your people and you. Our mind conditioning programme edge is that we are able to change the mindsets and improve the attitudes, values and behaviour of people to achieve the desired results. People choose us for one reason only… our conditioning programmes work and produce positive results!

Happy reading and viewing!

Today, we believe that many of you will agree that we are heading into an Entrepreneur era where the environment demands us to stand on our own feet to make our own living. You have seen many countries go bankrupt, one after the other. More accurately, countries having serious financial crisis and you never know which country is the next target. However, we are not here to frighten you, but to get you prepared for the worst AND hope for the best and we have to do our best all the time. We need to take full accountability of ourselves. Whatsoever consequence comes to us, we have to overcome it confidently regardless whether we are prepared or not. For those who have ready achieved this independence, please accept our Big congratulation to you. Please do work with us to extend our hands to others who may need us in this aspect. Here, we believe there is nothing we cannot be overcome if we are stay united and we work together.

On this note, we do encourage everyone to take the initiatives, no matter how small is it to gear up to be an entrepreneur if you believe that we are entering into this era. Glad to say that this era requires certain characteristics or mindsets - firm belief - as many of you are well aware that our mind is the captain of our body and ourselves. To apprehend it much better, you are encouraged to read the particular section of the analogy drawn by Mr. Gerry Robert on Captain and his crews. To know more about him, please click the link below:-

Here, I like to reaffirm that knowing is one thing, but doing is totally different thing all together. This is the reason that is well supported by the statistics, that is the rate of successful people remains a small fraction of the population. So, the gist of the issue here is how we work on it. Looking forward is critically important here and we must continue to think and review on it to be more effective and efficient at all time if permanent success is your goal.

Another successful ingredient which we can't afford to lack of is to stay focus on our ultimate Goal. Don't get me wrong here - it does not mean that you would not have challenges. But these challenges are there to make your journey more exciting and fun to make us stronger and fitter should we overcome them. As such, they sharpen up our skills just like the manner the experienced captain who had gone through the ocean with rough storms and waves. Do not be afraid and accept the simple truth that is life full of uncertainty and excitement.

Caution must be taken and do not let our traditional bondage hold us back. Unlearn what we have learned and I am fully aware that it is not easy but everyone can do it so long as you believe in it. Here, I must confess that I took some painful initiatives to have first hand of experience to UNLEARN what I learned much earlier and to reach this level. One way, I can say that I overcome it through constantly feeding me with the right and appropriate stuff to my mind just like the food I take in to my body so as to keep us the shape I wanted, even up to today. There is no secret to it and we need to put it into practice. PRACTICE makes simple and perfect.

Thereafter, it is not sufficient to put you ahead, but one step closer to relearn what you have learned. Here, we are able to view thing at a wider perspective and glad to say that you are then able to drive it to the direction you desire and stay focus on your ultimate goal. This will then guide you through in a much easier way. Through practice, you will make the necessary changes and acquire the new habit. Through these changes, we are able to make progress.

By now, we hope that you are able to see its logic. Now, please don't forget to share your experience with us if you discover other ways that are different from us. YOU are able to make the necessary changes effectively and efficiently so as to achieve the results you wanted. We do believe that there are many ways to achieve success, but you must choose the one that suits you most. Big thanks for sharing with us. Please stay with it if you are so used to it.

Coming back to the entrepreneur, due to the global economic changes many good companies, even the big and stable ones went bust overnight. It appears that many jobs will be eliminated from the labour market globally so to speak. As a result, some may have to use other means to find way to support their living, especially those that are of elder age. No doubt, you may say that you have more experience. However, do not undermine other qualities and stronger characteristics which are highly sought after such as right attitude, high EQ and AQ. 

I would like to congratulate those who have taken initiatives to be an entrepreneur. If not, it is never too late to do so. We do respect your decision if you are comfortable and decide to stay as you are. Please go ahead and we are not against you. But my advice to you is do not let the environment change you, the soonest you adapt to this change the better you will be. We hope we are wrong.

Thanks and please let us know what went well here and how could we do things better. Thanks again and your feed back is always highly appreciated.

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