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Saturday, March 5, 2011



Hi! Everyone,

In times of difficulties, I don't tell God that I have problems.
It is not because,  I am super duper capable,
Instead I should be graceful that I have God.

I am so blessed because
there is nothing bigger than God,
My issue is always solved through God who strengthens me.

Therefore I hope you can see exactly what I see,
So, let us walk together by faith and not by sight,
Trust God who is standing at our sides.

Who  always shines through us,
Because God is within us,
And we hold steadfast in God.

We know that nothing can stumble us,
As long we walk with God,
God always lead us and wouldn't abandon us,

We are clear that God allow these uncertainties to mould us,
And strengthen our faith in God.
It functions just like our muscle

Keep on exercising,
This is the way to strengthen your muscle
Similarly, the adversity is meant to strengthen our faith,

Do not worry and fear,
Let us face and conquer it,
Together with our God.

Come and sing this song,
Which glorifies God,
And let it sinks into our hearts and souls.


James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18


Hi Everyone,
This 195 year-old building is none other than St. George's Church, in Farquhar Street, Penang. It is also the oldest Anglican Church in South-East Asia, built in 1816.
Some of you may recall my preceding article on this church, which was under renovation at that time. Just click at the title of this article to bring you there, if you choose to do so.
As promised much earlier, I shall update you of the progress. In this connection, I am pleased to inform you that the church had weathered all storms, still stand proudly there to serve its visitors. Last Sunday, Feb 27 saw its first service at the reopening of the Church to its congregation, another milestone of its long history after 10 good months' rest for the restoration project of RM 1.8 million under the National Heritage Department's Ninth Malaysia Plan allocation which began in April last year. This blessing came in as the result of the church being declared as one of the country's 50 National Heritage treasures in 2007.

With this, it not only offers comforts to its congregation during their services and other church functions, but now, its night view will be equally bright and grand as the colonial style State's Council Administration Office, not a far distance from its location,  when the church is lighted up from 7:30 pm to 10 pm every night. This exercise not only restores its former glory, but also restores the estate's glory as well. The spirit of cooperation should make all Malaysians proud, as their efforts have paid off within a short span of time. Well done and thanks to all parties that were involved.

This remarkable building also taught me important lessons. First it serves as a reminder to take time to equip myself with knowledge and skills.  I should do it, so long as I can last and stay relevant to serve, regardless of my age, exactly like nearly two centuries old, yet relevant and useful. This vision become clearer to me as I aged, in line with the slogan we are built to last. This is another case of "refirement" and not retirement besides Toyo 99 years Japanese Author, which you may read from the link below.

Thanks for your precious time to read this inspiring article from my perspective. Please do share with me regardless whether you see the way I see or not. Your feedback is valuable to me so as I can improve further in order for me to serve you better.

Seeing you again.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Friday, March 4, 2011


Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hi Everyone

It not only works 24 hours a day,
7 days a week,
Has Unlimited coverage,
Wider than any phone service provider,
No technical maintenance is required,

Yet the most affordable one, if you choose to have.
No language barrier, even body language accepted.
As long as it is from your heart,
Whether you voice out from your mouth or Keep it in your heart is not important,
What is important is your sincerity and it is from the bottom of your heart,

It will not run out of fashion,
From Adam's to present age,
Humans are still using it, without any upgraded version.
It will remain unchanged even in the future.
It will work if you believe in it.

Ask and He shall answer,
That's His word.
He is the Sovereign who keeps every of His promise,
In the past to present and even to the future,
So practice it daily,
And you will agree with me one day.

Or you may agree to it already.
Please step forward to vouch for it,
Don't be shy, but be proud of it,
Let the light shines everywhere,

And let Him do it through you effortlessly.
Be patient and let patience complete the task,
That makes you complete and holy,
Without lacking anything
And peace with you always.

Acknowledge prayer and let it be part of your life.
So that you live meaningfully and lively,
Let us pray together,
That He always communicate with us through prayers.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Happy day and welcome to this amazing story blog.

In today's article, I decided to let you know of this uniquely amazing story of Giant Dragon of 20m-long and 35.5cm wide displayed at the Berjaya Times Square mall's boulevard entrance.

It is so fascinating because it was created by the pastry team of Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It took them one whole month to complete, weights over 600 kgs and is made from chocolate from head-to-tail. According to the Chef, En. Mohd, the chocolate used are from various countries like Begium, Indonesia and Malaysia. In this context, may any reader tell us more about the differences of these chocolate in term of colour, taste and etc. Thank you in advance.

It is worthy to note that this entire cake was meticulously done with handmade chocolate scales that are cut in precise shapes and sizes. To make it glaringly attractive, the chef painted the dragon with edible gold paint. Please do let us know its taste if you have the chance to try it. Please come and see yourself and tell us your view regardless whether you agree or disagree with us.

This cake was made in conjuction with the celebration of the Berjaya Founder's Day. The proceeds from the sale of voucher booklets worth RM 10 each will then be channeled to various charity organizations. Big thanks and congratulation to the parties that were involved in this program.

This eye catching item proves the point in case that we can deliver whatever our minds can think of, which we must always be graceful to the one above who has given us such a powerful and invaluable gift out of His grace.

As such, this news again remind us to working toward our ends which we dream about. Your hope is always waiting for us to materialise, so long as you don't give up.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Hi! Everyone,

It is my great pleasure to see you here. Thanks for showering me with your warm supports and cooperation.

Today, the news on the above topic in our local newspapers caught my immediate attention that made me pen down this memorial event in this blog. There are several reasons for me to record this news as a different perspective, in hoping to inspire you, which is the main pillar of this blog.

Our local celebrity, Daphne Iking is not a stranger here and need no introduction. However, for the benefit of some who may not know her, especially my foreign blog readers. As such, I promised not to bore you with bundle of her history, but a short and quick brief of her.

What made her in the headlines recently was due to her controversy over a suit brought by her husband, Ryan Chong, against businessman Darren Choy for seducing her, with the intention of having sexual intercourse between July 2007 and September 2008.

This time, this celebrity has made another headlines again for a much more memorable and happier reason - she has married for a second time. Her Mr. Right is her one- time business partner Azmi Abdul Rahman according to the News.

Her brave action toward achieving happier life is commendable here. Firstly, it reaffirms that love is colourless. Secondly, it also very encouraging and praiseworthy to see her not given up despite having some adversities along the journey. Her cheerful look, despite having facing a storm well indicates that she is a forward looking person. Here, we wish this newly couple great success in their marriage.

What is the most commendable to me in their action is inter faith marriage. We should not only welcome this positive step but also encourage because it is working toward a United Malaysia, truly 1Malaysia. It is a far more than a slogan. This vision should be vivid in every Malaysian's soul should as he is truly working towards building a healthier and stronger nation, we all looking forward to.

In this connection, we at this blog urge every reader to build a united force, regardless of races and backgrounds, by working and enjoying our success together in heading toward a more progressive, healthier and stronger nation so that we have a better life for our future generations.

Before you leave this blog, please click at some of the useful advertisements, appended around this blog so as to raise fund for this blog's  outreach initiatives. Big thanks. 

Again, we wish Iking and Malaysia's great success,  

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, February 28, 2011


A very warm welcome to this blog of fascinating stories.

I read this news reported in the article, Pearl of the Orient shines bright, by Dawn Jeremiah with deep delight. I strongly believe it was a long awaited article for a great majority of Penang folks, especially those who have read or seen its beauty and old world charm. The risk of making the turn is beginning to pay off. The wind of change finally begins to bear fruits. Such reward with such a short span of time proves that it must be with the cooperation of great majority of its people. Well done, Penang.

According to the author, Gary McKechnie, Penang is ranked  as in his Top 10 hot spots. To be exact, no. 8 after the other following spots-

1) Bali in Indonesia;
2) Vieques in Puerto Rio,
3) Easter Island in Chile,
4) Ischia in Italy,
5) Chilo in Chile,
6) Bora Bora in French,
7) Key West in Conch Republic.

Undeniably, Pennag has so much to offer to the whole world, be it to Westerners, Indians, Chinese, Malay and Middle Easterners due to its fusion of culture, so unique and distinct from the rest of the world, if you truly appreciate its value. I believe my statement is objective and not biased and it is not because it's where originate from.

Its' prosperity lies behind its diversity - it has everything and anything to please its guests such as City, beach, ferry, bridge, heritage buildings, hill, dam, jungle and forests you name it, it has it.


                                              PENANG FERRY

Don't forget that the existence of fishing villages, fruit orchards, vegetable farms, as well as temples, mosques, churches and synagogues which co-exist in harmony, its success secret has been well proven in the past centuries. This sound practices is in line with the divine law, "Prosperity through diversity", which give rises to difference in human beings in the first place.

Its' famous food paradise, with wide range of local and international food can be easily accessible in this island. For instance, the Ferringghi Grill in Rasa Sayang Resort Hotel in Batu Ferringhi has been named as the top 5 restaurants in Malaysia by the 2010/2011 Miele Guide.

With this in mind, we hope that the coming second Penang Bridge and their continuous effort to upgrade its existing facilities will bring more prosperity to this Island by luring more tourists to this Pearl of the Orient. Wishing Penang a greater success.

Here, we urge all Malaysian to give it full support so as it will create a better place for our future generations to stay. Thanks.

To all with love,
James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18