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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Born again

Dear treasured visitors,

Thank Lord for revealing to you the good news, from the above, which made us publish the truth to you as precisely and intact.

Through one man's (Adam), the whole world sin.
Similarly through one man's (Lord Jesus Christ), the world might be saved through Him. John 3:17.

Through sin, you inherited all the carnal thoughts,
Through grace, you inherited all the wisdom from the Above, the creator of heaven and earth.
Through Grace, it will eliminate the sin (invisible)and Grace can eliminate sin, what other thing Grace cannot eliminate. Earlier, we told you that He have set you free from everything through Grace. Grace can eliminate sin, what else Grace cannot get rid of it. Nothing. It short, through grace, you have the peace, happiness, joys, and other fruit from heaven.

You, as refer above is include us, the editor because the editor is deliver exactly what he heard from the above. (intact without any distortion) It also well indicate that we need to align our soul with His, so that we receive the message exactly and accurately, from the above.

It is possible provided we always stay connected with Him and whatever we received, shall not go through our carnal thought and deliver spontaneously. It will then be tainted/corrupted by our carnal thoughts, which shall give our own selves, above Him.

If you want to seek the best from the earth and heaven, then we should not fear of His will because His will is to give you the best in this respect if you really align your heart to His. Therefore, what you see the best on earth is not the best compare with the best in the heaven. What is from the above, shall not be perished, but have life forever and forever. This is the Truth.

In this connection, may we refer to John 3:3 Jesus answered and said to him. "most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God"

He also went further to explain what He meant by the meaning of "Born again" in John 3:5 and 6.

Do not feel a shame if you are not truly understand its true meaning because the ruler of Jews named Nicodemus, Pharisee also does not understand it true meaning. John 3:1 and 10, Jesus answered and said to him, "Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things?"

See you online again as you need to stay connected with Him, so do we. We need Word and ground every of His word in our heart and soul.

God bless,



Dear valued visitors,

As you know that every parent wants to give the best, according to their individual rating, but most than often it turns out to be otherwise. So, do the Heavenly Father, who is the creator of heaven and earth.He has given the best to His only and Begotten Son.

Similarly, the Heavenly Father will give the best to whoever believe in His Son. Exactly reflected in John 3:16. This is the truth, the Heavenly Father will not hold back anything what He has given to His Only and begotten Son. So whoever believe in His Son will be given the best as well. This is the Truth and not too good to be the truth.

The heavenly Father, is the wealthiest of all and whoever believe in His Son will not be lacking of anything. His grace is more than sufficient to fix all defects, be it physically, mentally or any other form. Do not forget everything and anything is created through His Words. It is the truth and that why it is no surprising than His word can bring the death to life. Nothing is impossible through Word. It is not teh suspension of natural law, but operate in higher law. Divine law, so to speak.

What is written in the above also can found in His word. In this connection, please refer to the relevant book and verse. We, at this blog, will continue to publish what He has revealed to us from time to time. We do so out of love, and with the intention that you do receive the same thing - the Truth, nothing else the truth.

We, at this blog, with the sincere intention that what we received the best, will in part the best to you, as our real valued visitors.

See you online again,

God bless,


Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Truth will set you free

Dear valued visitors,

We, at this blog, are always seeking the truth and we believe that you seek you will find it. That's the word from the above and not from us. Though the blog is meant to lift you up. Here, we like to share with you that the "you" as the blog means it is referring to us as well. You may ask how can it happened. Thank to The above, from the above who has revealed to us that what we wrote here is from Him, hence you is refer to anyone and everyone on earth, including ourselves.

Nothing is impossible to the above. That's why you see miracle - is not suspension of natural law, but subject to higher law (Divine Law).

Today, we write to let us know the good news that the Truth will set you free completely, from all illnesses, fears, doubts, everything and anything on earth. You will attain this only through His Word, which give life, resurrection, anything and everything. That's why our Heavenly Father wants us to ground His word in our hearts and souls. Once it is properly rooted in the soul with His word, it will grow until it attain exactly like His only and begotten Son. His Son has shown us through the entire process - He has finished the work. To save the world and not condemn the world. (Read John 3:16) From here, we will be able to see the impossible and realize that the Heavenly Father want the best for whoever believe Him, through His Son. The Heavenly Father wants the best for all who believe in Him. He never use force, but give you free will to choose. He also knows that whoever see this, have aligned his heart and soul to His perspective and truly understand Him completely. Then the individual will submit to Him voluntarily and completely trust Him.

Now you can see that He wants you to live your life to its fullest - no complain in everything and anything. Never doubt He is in control every second. What we need to do is to stay focus on Him and Him to guide you accordingly. Pray to Him and listen to His voice and response to it accordingly. Do not let the event surrounding you influence you, stay focus on Him.

He is in control all the times and we must ensure that our soul stay connect to Him, just like the vine and the branch, the branch will continue to draw the nutrient from the vine. Similarly, we also need to draw His grace so that we can grow and stay alive forever and ever. He knows everything and anything and He is in everywhere. He wanted to guide us until His word really grow in our heart and soul to its fullest, exactly like He did to His Son.

Whoever believe His Son, will be accepted by Him as His son. Similarly He also will give you the best, nothing but the best which will truly set you completely free. So that you will not fear anything and even fear itself exactly written in Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ, who strengthen me.

He will show you everything and you are fully convince and convicted that you are assured of what you hope for. What fear will you have, which is worse than death. Look at all saints who have completed the race, never even afraid of death because His word says whoever believe in Him will have eternal life.

In this connection, may I share with you a good news. The good news is that God loved the world so much that he gave His one and only Son. Anyone who believes in Him will not die but will have eternal life.(John 3:16)

Here, it well illustrate that you don't need to do anything like your carnal mind told you, but just believe in Him because He has done everything for us. That's why He cried out " Finished" and He has completed the mission His Father has given to Him. He has done everything to save you and I because we, human beings, cannot do good by our own selves. Therefore, it is not appropriate for us to help ourselves.

That's the Heavenly Father has the integral plan, from Mosses to Christ. The whole episode to complete His master plan. One man (Adam) sin, the world sin. Similarly One man (Christ) save, the world being save. We must always get the equation right.
Similarly, the law through Mosses is temporary or act as Tutor and Grace through Christ complete the whole of the Heavenly Father's plan. We must align to His understanding. You can only be saved by Grace and not Law. That's why He say the Law will not perfect you, otherwise Christ died on Cross in vain.

It is so simple and to be fruitful you must trust Him wholeheartedly with my body, mind and soul. It is simple yet true. It may appear too good to be true, yet it is the truth. He knows everything and anything because He is a mighty and living God, who creates the earth and heaven far earlier than we were born. He can even number our hairs, which we ourselves do not know even though it is being part of us.

The above well illustrate how much He loves us so much and want the best and not the second best for us. He is sovereign, and wanted to give the best to us exactly what He has given to His Son, Jesus Christ. Similarly, He want you to inherit everything, like His Son. He treat you equally important like His Son and want you to inherit all and everything He has.

By now, you are able to see all these crystal clear His intention for the good of yourself. Therefore, let Him continue to guide us and we will press on to attain the goal He laid for us.

His word, which is forever true and will not change over time.

We, at this blog, will continually write what we receive from Him - the Truth because the Truth will bring glory to Him and believe that everything is from Him. That is appropriate that everything shall go back to Him.

More importantly is that we, at this blog wish every visitor will receive the best, which is from the above.

See you online again,


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Turth will prevail

Technology has evolved and make the world smaller. Everything is possible by clicking a few buttons. Easy, fast, effective and efficient - that is the new trends for every business transactions and dealings, so to speak.

As a result of this new development, INTERNET has become the most powerful device today to communicate with the rest of the world. It is very easy and fast to communicate with anyone without any barriers so long as the other can access to it.

Therefore, we, at this blog, urge you not to be afraid of it if you are not well verse of it. Practice, practice and practice - you are assured of mastering the skill. Nothing will be worse than fear, itself. People fear because of uncertainty of its results or consequences.

One of the common ways to communicate is through blogs. Blogs are used to express individual views, experiences, and knowledge on certain topics under discussion.
A string of comments will normally follow the blog topic until it is withdrawn and put into an archive or destroyed. It is therefore can be a good reference or the way to impart individual knowledge for betterment of the world.

Normally, when using blogs, the participant keys in the message and once done, it would be uploaded into the blog spot. The ideas, expressions are almost spontaneous and do not go through the mind of the blogger. In this way, it is reflect an honest and will not be tainted with any bias, favour or fabrication.

The process takes place either instantly or would only be uploaded after the message has been censored and edited.

Which is the best mode for blog messages, free or censored? Many of you might say free. I too prefer the same.

However, there are some arguments that it may be abused of the freedom allowed in the blog message. Similarly it can be true that the irresponsible and inconsiderate checker or censors may also abused the authority entrusted to that person, which I trust everyone is clear and do not need any further illustration.

We, at this blog, do understand that either way never solve this fundamental issue, well proven in the history books. What is more pertinent issue is to have a clean heart and whatever you do always do it with sincere and conscious mind, heart and soul. What goes around will come around.

Let us pray hard and our hearts and souls be guided by the mighty and living God, who knows everything , more than ourselves.

See you online again. Please leave your comments or feedback should you have any. Thank you in advance,