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Saturday, September 10, 2011


A very warm welcome to this uplifting blog,

Today, I write to share with you one of the most meaningful 3 dimensional exhibits I was introduced to by its founder's son. To illustrate the significant meaning of it, observe the photo above and share with us your initial message from it.

According to him, the above photo well reflect Dr Sun Yat-Sen's situation where he was prosecuted and about to thrown into prison by the autocratic government. The man inside the prison cell is Dr. Sun. What he could possibly do at that time is to write letter to seek help from outside. A helping hand inside the cell portrays someone has tried to rescue him from being put behind the bar. His letter somehow landed into his former teacher's hand, who then decided to help him. He then distributed his letter to all major newspapers and media. 

His government at that time was embarrassed with their uncivilised action, did not have any other choice, but to release him from prison. Fortunately for Dr Sun that the external pressure exerted was sufficiently strong that his government have to do so. His quick response in sending letters out saved him from being prison under its draconian law of retention without trial. Sad to say that this type of law is still being practised till today.

Here, it well illustrates the point that his strong determination helped him to overcome all barriers he had to go through. His love and care for bringing a better tomorrow for his people was also the main contributors to his success of bringing democracy to his nation.

This simple exhibit has so much to tell. In this connection, you may want to add some of your view points to enhance its already rich contents. That's the reason why I told you much earlier that I really enjoy my new discovery of jewels there.

It is also form a very sound and solid educational programme for the generation to come. This will assist them to cultivate good values in life and reject an autocratic government, like Manchu. If we are not careful, third world war may not be avoidable. The world cannot afford to have this war. As we all are well aware that the damages of the past two world wars were too great and its impacts are still in existence despite they have gone for more than 50 years.

As such, I must say that I had really utilized my time to the maximum during my stay in Penang with both new and usual activities I used to carry out there. I must admit that my recent trip was a great success. I shall at least maintain my record if not broken it.

So, take your time to read more of these articles, which are in the pipe line where I will blog what have taken place during my short trip there, from time to time, so as not only keep you entertained, but be beneficial to you, that’s the way we reward our blog readers.

Thanks and look forward to hearing and seeing you,

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18


Friday, September 9, 2011



Lately while I was uploading my photo on the testimony, in my blog at the link below, given by the late professor, Dr Yap, whom I had served for less than a year PRIOR TO MY first degree. 

It refreshed my old sweet memory while working for him under numerous renowned research projects undertaken by him. At that time, I was always taking extra miles to explore additional avenue to make significant changes in my life - to overcome the poverty I was in. One of the additional projects being carried out during my spare time is working with one of his students to rear tiger prawns. We tried out the experiments in the laboratory for a couple of months. Our best longest record of keeping them alive in the laboratory is 7 days. I had not pursued further because of my other commitment in pursuing my LCCI intermediate book-keeping.

To my tuition teacher's disbelief, I passed the examination in my record time of six months despite not taking her advice for attending additional night tuition classes due to additional financial burden I did not want to pay for. Furthermore, I too skipped my elementary examination because the examination is conducted once a year.

At THE TIME OF MY registration of this course after some discussion with the teachers there, I decided to do my intermediate examination in April of the following year. To make it viable, I had to do both intermediate and elementary courses simultaneously in a record time of six months while working as a full time laboratory assistant. I would say that it is not easy yet I endured through that six month period. I must attest that my success is due to the good values I had learnt from my great successful heroes, whose condition is very much worse than me. Luckily, I did not complain much, but silently bit the bullet and went through this unforgettable painful period.

Now, when I think back I realise that I was so blessed that this trial period made me strong. My success breeds success. At that time, it made me believe that everyone has ability to succeed so long as he does not give up. Thereafter, I spent my one and half years in my 6th form in private school while giving tuition at nights for 6 days a week before I managed to obtain a place in the local university. I took three and half year to complete my accountancy degree there and was very lucky to get a job as marketing surveyor during my mid-term break for three years. By doing so, I have chance to travel around Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore as the nature of my job involved lots of travelling.

Upon my completion of my first degree, our local economy was not performing well and getting a job was not easy. I then worked in medium size audit firm before I stepped into the commercial sectors. I was fortunate to have chance to lead a team in taking care of sizeable clienteles despite the fact that I was just an Audit Assistant at that time.

This really helps me in my first commercial post as assistant accountant. I was then assigned several projects such as rights issue exercise where I recommended them to adopt IAS 17 finance lease whereby the Group has capitalised additional couple of Millions as extraordinary gains. I was then promoted to branch Accountant, stationed at Sabah before I joined one of the Hong Leong's subsidiaries where I acquired additional sound management's skill such as KPI, treasury management, quarterly audit, acquisition assignment due to my audit experience.

Thereafter I was so excited to join another company to work with the senior management to turn around the company, undertook the computerisation of the EFG integrated accounting system from stand alone accounting system. Our teams did it successfully and we were then selected to implement the EDP projects.

With the above experience, I then spent my longest employment to apply what I have learnt to a small company and grow the company with the key management team to list the company into KLSE.

Today, I must say that I am so blessed that I have again a chance to apply whatever skill I have learnt to my various business using the previously proven formulae.

Thanks and I shall share with you with more exciting experience with you so as to reward you as my blog readers.

How about you? Please let us know how you keep yourself motivated. We of course love to hear your success stories here.

To our Success,

James Oh

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Thursday, September 8, 2011



Prior to our engagement on blogging, may I invite some of you to voice out your view on it, regardless the status you are in, be it a new, active or semi-active player in blog-sphere. If you do not have clue to it, you are encouraged to read it further. You do not have to worry about your view because there is no right answer to it. It is very much depend on individual's appetite to it.

However, at one glance this topic may appear to be confusing and misleading. If you are caught in that situation, you are right in the sense in that we wonder how it can be a true statement that a venture can be fun and profitable. Just ask any of the sportsmen, singers, artists, scientists, actors and actresses, the chances of them saying that the statement is inclined to the truth are high especially for those successful ones. Why, why, why? I can safely say that they treat their professions as their passions and perform them with enthusiasm and in absolute fun because they truly enjoyed it. Passion drives them to put extra miles than ordinary people. Yet they make fortunes out of it. Similarly true to blogging as well.

Before we dwelt further of what is blogging, let us take a quick look of its definition, as below, from the Wikipedia for your easy reference.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A blog (a blend of the term web log)[1] is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs and it is this interactivity that distinguishes them from other static websites.[2]

Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (art blog), photographs (photoblog), videos (video blogging or vlogging), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting). Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts.

As of 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence.[3]

As far as I am concerned, to add one more job --blogger--to my long list of duties is a big yes to it. The logic is clear to me. I started from scratch and cannot afford to take a wait-and-see attitude in this fast growing part of the Net. I took courage to join in at the age of my late 40 after realising what blogsphere can offer me. To my expectation, it brims with contacts, potential customers and fresh ideas. Do it right, it is just like setting up a booth in the biggest trade show on earth everyday with 24 hours a day. Close your eyes if you still could not be able to see this vision, repeat the last sentence I just said earlier and imagine it. Wow, are you able to visualise it now? Tell us what you feel now. As usual, we love to hear from you. Congratulations to you if you see it. Take action and join the rush of entrepreneurs into blogs.

Here, choice is yours and we respect whatever choice you made. You may do so for the fun of it. It is no secret that one easy way is to post something silly or embarrassing on a blog to gain attention, alternatively to have something go terribly and horribly wrong that attract audience. But do it with caution. 

Blogs are so new that liability in many of these areas has yet to be tested, but caution need to be taken. As such, it is easy for beginners to tune into the bloggers' world safely, though. You may use the Google engine search for the keywords for the theme of your blog you want. Take your time to give it a serious thought, if you can do so that is eye catching and well reflects its key message, so much the better it will be. For instance, Lift You Up - Always There For You took me more than 3 months to come out the theme of my blog. Do you think that it conveys its key message well to you as I believe it so. Appreciate your kind feedback both good and bad.

In the early months of my blogging career, I laid low, getting a feel for the new trade I was in. I posted a few articles, but barely link to other blogs. That made it tougher for other bloggers, using search engines or direct feeds to locate me -- I am still learning the lingo and mores of the blog world.

I picked up the pace after a couple of month later. I am linking to other blogs here and there. And I embarked on other activities as I learned and begun to see some money coming in while my followers and traffic growing each day. Slowly and surely, I can see who is Googling me, I can see how they get there. It is real fun and full of satisfaction of my sowing efforts.

Here, I must stress the importance on learning the trade. Participating in the blogsphere pushes me to read and learn from other blogs. It opened me up to the world and seeing the potential is so great and huge. I decided to stay on and never regret participating in it. Who knows it might be the biggest payback for all my extra work one day. I need hopes to keep me alive and stay focus. It is another way to make me be energetic and healthy. Of course, you will have all sorts of fun engaging with new friends almost every day. Perhaps equally important to me is expanding my networks and learning from everyone, who has same and different interest, talent and expertise from me.

To sum it up, I would describe this trade as both an entertaining and profit making venture. As such, I am convinced and agreeable to the above statement. In this sense, may I extend you my invitation to join us in this wonderful blogsphere. Wishing you make it as one of your ventures if you have the same belief.

To your blogging success,

 James Oh

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011



One afternoon, while I flipped through some of my old albums and spotted some of these photos taken during my unforgettable trip to Pulau Sipadan, Sabah, these photos ABOVE have been kept by me for more than a decade.

These photos bring me back to my old good times with some of my friends during our trip to this wonderful island in Sabah. We, my colleagues and West Malaysian friends working in Sabah, used to organise our trip to touristic places during our holidays in Sabah. One of our unforgettable adventures was at Pulau Sipadan, one of the world's most beautiful coral seaside on earth, an hour's ride by speedboat from Semporna. No introduction need to be made especially to scuba divers and snorkelers. However, appended below please find a brief write up from

Wikipedia for your easy reference and reading.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sipadan Island

                                         Sipadan Island

Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia, rising 600 metres (2,000 ft) from the seabed. It is located in the Celebes Sea off the east coast of Sabah, East Malaysia (which is on the island of Borneo). It was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcanic cone that took thousands of years to develop. Sipadan is located at the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, the centre of one of the richest marine habitats in the world. More than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in this ecosystem. Sipadan has been rated by many dive journals as one of the top destinations for diving in the world.[1]

                                        Hawksbill Turtle.

Frequently seen in the waters around Sipadan: green and hawksbill turtles[2] (which mate and nest there), enormous schools of barracuda in tornado-like formations as well as large schools of big-eye trevally, and bumphead parrotfish. Pelagic species such as manta rays, eagle rays, scalloped hammerhead sharks and whale sharks also visit Sipidan.

A turtle tomb lies underneath the column of the island, formed by an underwater limestone cave with a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers that contain many skeletal remains of turtles that become lost and drown before finding the surface.[3]


In the past, the island was at the center of a territorial dispute between Malaysia and Indonesia. The matter was brought for adjudication before the International Court of Justice and, at the end of 2002, the Court awarded the island along with the island of Ligitan to Malaysia, on the basis of the "effective occupation" displayed by the latter's predecessor (Malaysia's former colonial power, the United Kingdom) and the absence of any other superior title. The Philippines had applied to intervene in the proceedings on the basis of its claim to Northern Borneo, but its request was turned down by the Court early in 2001. On April 23, 2000, 21 people were kidnapped by the Filipino Islamist terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. The armed terrorists arrived by boat and forced 10 tourists and 11 resort workers at gun point to board the vessels and brought the victims to Jolo. All victims were eventually released.

In his film Borneo: The Ghost of the Sea Turtle (1989)[4] Jacques Cousteau said, "I have seen other places like Sipadan, 45 years ago, but now no more. Now we have found an untouched piece of art."[5]

At that time, I was servicing IJM Bhd and posted there as the Branch Accountant, taking care of several projects in East Malaysia, such as Kinabatangan Bridge, Bintulu Power Plant Station and etc. I was quite fit at that time and played badminton regularly because there were not much night activities at Lahad Datu at that time. I still recalled that place was attacked by pirates couple of times before I landed there. I was so fortunate that there was no subsequent attack by any quarters during my stay for almost a year there.

If my memory does not fail me, we drove all the way from Lahad Datu to Tawau. Thereafter, we head to Semporna before we took the boat and got to our dream destination.

From the photo ABVOE, you can see that the speed boat was a sizeable and it was quite comfortable there and we are allowed to move around. You are also able to see us sitting in front of the dock of the boat. Strong sea breeze was blowing at us and we enjoyed every minute of our journey. I guess our expression was well reflected in the photos, Right?

We even took a group photo before the boat departure at the port. The sea water level was very shallow and I dared to go down to a distance from the sea shore to watch the colorful fishes, corals and etc under the sea. It is so colorful and I was so tempted to dive into the water and observe the fishes swimming around for hours.

At night, we had fresh and tasteful sea food. We have very good meals and fun for the days and nights when we were there. I predicted that I would not go back there in my near future as I also desire to explore other parts of the world, which I did. I shall publish all these places in this blog from time to time.

Hope you too enjoyed the scenery as I did and feel free to comment or feedback of your experience there.

PS to watch its video, please click at the link below and see the beauty of it yourself.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

Monday, September 5, 2011


Welcome to Lift You Up Blog.

We know you all had a great weekend. It is a brand new day and beautiful new week, that time again to make new discovery of interesting events around us. If this is your first time linking up, we hope you find this a great blog to follow and to be followed. This is our intention to get more readers/followers in our blogs.

During my recent trip to Penang, I also managed to seize some of my time to pay a visit to my former school at Heng Ee High School. As I passed by the Hamilton Road, I noticed some decorations inside and outside of the school, ready for the grand opening. I then went in to snap some photos after obtaining permission from the guard there. While I was snapping photos, I recalled some of my old sweet memories where I spent my time at the School.

Below are some of the noticeable buildings I write to update you and hope you are entertained with these changes to the school.

Block F: Bangunan Wawasan

The Vision Building (Chinese: 宏願樓) (Malay: Bangunan Wawasan) has been topped out and is scheduled to have the grand opening at the School's 55th Anniversary Celebration on 9th of September 2011. The eight-storey building will house two multi-purpose halls, a library, a teacher's resource room, a co-curriculum unit as well as music rooms specially built for performing arts societies. An observatory deck was built at the rooftop for the school's astronomy club. Two elevators were installed to transport students throughout the building.

School Canteen

The original location of the school canteen was the current staff room. Years later, it was moved to the site beside Block E. Due to the school's expansion plan for the 8-storey Vision Building, the school once again moves the canteen to the site behind Block B temporarily. To cope with the increasing population, the new canteen to be built in the Vision Building will no longer be able to accommodate the increasing number of students. Hence the school announces the temporary canteen as the permanent canteen and three ventilating machines were installed at the same time.

Block D

Block D was completed in 1975. I recalled vividly that this block was built with public funds through walkathons. I lost my Identity Card during the fund raising exercise and fortunately I received it back when an unidentified good-hearted finder sent it through post. The ground floor of Block D was formerly the school canteen and was currently used as the staff room and the meeting room. Opposite the staff room was the air-conditioned lecture hall. Above the staff room was the school hall. Lecture Hall 2 was situated on the second hall opposite the balcony of the school hall.


This room has been converted to the afternoon supervisor's room. I remember he was very happy to receive students in need of help. However, he was disliked by some mischievous students, who like to create troubles. Being a responsible and conscientious person like him, he always takes extra miles to lecture and teach them appropriately. That is why he earned a high respect from my heart.

Trust you find this update useful and stay tuned for more exciting news which are in the pipeline waiting for your discovery.

James Oh!/pages/Lift-You-Up-Always-there-for-You/176685462397920
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What would you do if you received a certificate of Recognition from a distant society where you have no clue as to its origin? What if you do not t received any reply thereafter. Since then I have kept it till today.

Today I decided to blog it out in the hope someone out there could furnish me the answer one way or the other. The certificate below which I have received not long after I began my blogging venture and it is also my very first reward from my blogging career. I have no clue as to why I was given the award. As usual, I am so excited to know the reason behind it.

Alternatively, I appeal to anyone, who has received such a certificate, to share their experience as how they qualified for it.
Thank you in advance.

If you are from such a society, please step forward to say a word or two in regard to this certificate of recognition. Or at least direct me to its website to seek for the answer I am looking for.

I shall be very patient to wait for the answer as this will be permanently posted as long as Google is in existence.

Here, I shall reiterate that I will not be affected by the outcome whether it is in my favour or not. This is because what is more important to me is what is ahead of me and not what is behind me.

I must admit that this certificate to a certain extent gave me some motivation to work toward my objectives and I must thank the Society which awarded me this honour, far beyond what I deserved.

In this connection, I must also thank all my blog readers who have given the moral support in reading my blog and my other activities which made all these reality. Here, I wanted to say I love you all and please accept my sincere thanks.

Bye and look forward to hearing from you again,

James Oh

Sunday, September 4, 2011



I, like many others, during the long holidays of Hari Raya and Our National day, took my family back to my hometown in Penang. Some of you especially those who followed my other blogs may be aware that I had a really fruitful trip this time.

On the way from Penang back to Petaling Jaya, I  almost hit the divider of the North South Highway as I fell asleep. When I woke up at that critical moment, what I knew was that my vehicle was heading toward the dividers in between both sides of the highway. At that spark of the moment, my right hand was holding the steering of the vehicle. I was very calm at that moment, I was told to use my left hand to move slightly from the bottom of the steering toward my right side. As a result, the vehicle then swung from the divider and back to the lane it is supposed to be. Thank Lord again for popping up to assist when I am in need, exactly proving the saying, " a friend in need is a friend indeed'.

This is another time He has saved my family. To refresh yourself, you may read some of my old testimonies at the links below:-

As we used to say that God never blinks, He always watches us because He cares and loves us. Like the above instance, He came to rescue and directed me to avoid the accident from happening. Why I am so sure of His assistance? This is because all the above events occurred within a spark of second and I was so calm that He is within me. When need arises, I let Him  used me as His vessel to direct my vehicle from hitting the divider. I know for certain that I could not do it if He did not come to our rescue. As such, I write this testimony to glorify Him knowingly that all titles, glories and honours belong to Him.

The following morning after I returned from Penang, I went to meet up with a few leaders from the African Navigator Group where they share their experience with us. When I share the above incident with them, they told me that my time is not up yet. That message instantly reminded me of my uncompleted tasks which was assigned by Him.

Furthermore during our discussion on that day, we were asked  why we choose to follow Christ. My immediate answer was  out of love to this question because He is the one who loves us first. He had done everything for us; He gives us life, salvation and word; He even redeemed our sins by abiding His father's will to die on the cross. I can't think of anything that makes me not to love and follow Him.

I write to thank Him for everything He has done for me and will definitely let Him use me as one of His vessels to do according to His will, and not my will. I know that I could not repay Him for what He has done for me. To let Him uses me as vessel is nothing when compared to what He has done for me.

So praise and thank Lord should be written into our hearts deeply.

Seeing you again and look forward to hearing from you, 
James Oh