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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Saturday, September 22, 2012



Is to free your heart from hatred

Live simply without much expectation

Give more and expect less

Free your mind from worries

Live freely

set yourself without bondage

Friday, September 21, 2012


If you have the courage to admit when you’re scared; the ability to laugh even as you cry; the nerve to speak up, even if your voice is shaking; the humbleness to ask for help when you need it, and the wisdom to take it when it’s offered-- you have everything you need to get yourself to a better place.

Thursday, September 20, 2012



A house is different from a home
Money can buy a house, but not a home

A house is made of wood and stone,
but only love can make a home.

Home is more than precious stone
Home sweet home

House is a hell of difference from Home
So do money and love.

Money cannot buy a home
Only love can make a home

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hilson Sumana Yeap
012-572 2763
"True happiness is a state of mind free from all emotional disturbances"

WHERE I LEARN: AFC Toastmasters Club

SELL YOUR WAY UP (Nia Mind the rejection)

What is the most important skill you need to have in order to

become successful in life?

(Wait for audiences’ responds and acknowledge them)

To me, it is SELLING.

If you want a promotion, you need to sell yourself intelligently. If

you need to ask a girl out for a dinner, you have to sell yourself

handsomely.  In fact anything we do, involves selling persuasively

During my university years, I yearned to be a CEO of a company.
I started to ask, “What should I do in order to achieve that goal?”

I got a unanimous answer, “starts a career in SALES”

I started to apply for a sales job in many multinational companies

like, Nestle, Dutch lady, Sony & JVC. Interestingly all of them

told me to wait and see.
I was dejected, disappointed & demotivated.

However, I noticed, most of the people who went for the interview looked and talked the same.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I have to uniquely SELL myself. I decided to do something different.

During the next interview, I prepared a promotion card & a name cards (show the audience the 2 items)

I passed the name card to my interviewer and when asked to describe about myself, I said, “I believed in 3 principles, “number one, “smile and the world will smile with you” Number two perseverance, passion and confidence drive the sprit to greater height. Number three, do not do unto others if you do not want others to do unto you.”

The interviewer was stunt and said, “You are the first person who came in an interview with a name card & promotion card. I liked your attitude & creativity but we can only pay you  800 per month. I thought for awhile, “ermmm, 800 ringgit ar, OK.”

During my first day at work, I was surprised to see I was the only

graduate. The rest were all form 5 school leavers.

After a few months working. I asked my boss why I was under paid. He said, “You are the most highly paid among the new hires.”

I was wondering is it my unique selling skills or my willingness to be paid below market value that got me the job.  NIA MIND….. I mean never mind.

When I first started in sales, I learned all the product knowledge and presentation skills.

Every time I see a customer, I did 3 things. Present, present and present. Amazingly, all the customers said, “interesting presentation and we will call you back”. However, all the customers never call me back.

I went back to see my boss, Mr Ngu, “boss, what went wrong. “ My boss said, “Do you know what NGU stands for.” I said, “It’s your surname, Mr Ngu.” “Nope, NGU stands for Never Give Up.” Go back to your customers but this time do it differently. Remember, “before people buy anything from you, they must buy you first”. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

I took his advice seriously and did it differently.

This time, before I present I CONNECT with the customer. I started to send the right signal, synchronize my body language and get the customers to talk more. In short I started to connect with my customer personally.

Then, I started to ask MORE question about the Organization, Goals & challenges they faced.

Then only I started to PRESENT the solutions and benefits.

As time went by, I started to get calls from my customer and my sales result not only skyrocketed but moon rocketed.

Today, I’m an owner of my own Human resource training company called, “Edu Action.” I have achieved my career goal of becoming a CEO of a company.

I’m earning 20 to 30 times more than what I first got.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to achieve something great in your life, choose a product or service that you believe in and embark in the journey of sales and you will achieve an amazing results. Go on and SELL

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BABY grabs surgeon!!!
This is Unbelievable.
Read before looking!
Please read before viewing the picture---it's worth it.
A picture began circulating in November. It should
be 'The Picture of the Year,' or perhaps, 'Picture of the Decade.' .

The picture is that of a 21-week-old Unborn
baby named Samuel Alexander Armas, who
being operated on by surgeon named Joseph Bruner.

The baby was diagnosed with spinal bifida
and would Not
survive if removed from his mother's womb.

Little Samuel's mother, Julie
Armas, is an obstetrics nurse in Atlanta


She knew of Dr Bruner's remarkable
surgical procedure. Practicing at Vanderbilt Univ Med Ctr in Nashville , he performs these special operations while the
baby is still in the womb.

During the procedure, the doctor removes the uterus via
C-section and makes a small incision to operate
on the baby. As Dr Bruner completed the surgery
on Samuel, the little guy reached his tiny, but
fully developed hand through the incision
and firmly grasped the surgeon's finger.

Dr Bruner was reported as saying that when his
finger was grasped, it was the most emotional
moment of his life, and that for an instant
during the procedure he was just frozen, totally

The photograph captures this
amazing event with perfect clarity The editors
titled the picture, 'Hand of Hope.' The text
explaining the picture begins, 'The tiny hand of
21-week-old fetus Samuel Alexander Armas emerges
from the mother's uterus to grasp the finger of
Dr Joseph Bruner as if thanking the doctor for
the gift of life.'

Little Samuel's
mother said they 'wept for days' when they saw
the picture. She said, 'The photo reminds us
pregnancy isn't about disability or an illness,
it's about a little person. ‘Samuel was born in
perfect health, the operation 100 percent successful.

Now see the actual picture,

and it is



do, pass it on. The world needs to

this one!

tell me our God isn't an awesome God!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have yet to become a star.
I'm a day time dreamer.

I would be an award winning author.

I would be the author of a best seller.

Traveling and tea drinking are my hobbies.
Reading and writing are my escape routes.

Wanting to be rich and famous.
Dreaming and imagining are my cravings.

I love everything under the sun.

No matter whether shine or rain.
Consistent and persistent results must be shown
This is the sure way to win.

I love making connections with people round the world
Through my blogs via the whole wide world.

I am giving love and being loved.
Throughout the people of the world.

James Oh

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hi Valauble Readers,
Have you ever experience any incident which leaves you a long deep scary, BUT BEAUTIFL memory?

I do have such an INVALUABLE experience. It all began in May 1969, when my late beloved father came to my school at Tong Sian Primary School, and requested that I be dismissed from the class immediately which was very much earlier than my normal dismissal time. I was very puzzled at that time and abided to his instruction, without knowing what the hell was happening. I quickly crawled into his fish bucket and he then carried it and tighten it at the back of his bicycle.

The shaky message of "Son, Listen very carefully. What I want you to do is to run and save yourself if any adverse event happens along our way home. Remember run quickly as possible and don't look back and save yourself. Understand?" I just nodded my head in agreement without any thought of it.

This is my first experience being hidden in the fish bucket. What I know next was that our journey to home was a rocky ride with my father's record speed.

Fortunately, we arrived home safely. Thereafter, my siblings and I were told to skip our classes from that day onwards. We were then living in our darkest time. To add insult to the injury, I also needed to help out to get our daily supplies from the nearest sundry shop during the permitted hours under the emergency rules imposed on the Nation.

On one occasion, my mother and I were running like wild dogs during our way back home after getting our daily supplies from the sundry shop. We heard the police's siren and we were told of all the unpleasant things if we were caught by the FRU outside our premises.

Out of my curiosity, I peeped through the windows to observe the situation whenever there was an opportunity for me to do so during this darkest period. I was shockingly surprised to watch live the real uncensored incident which was not suitable to my age. Shocked and saddened to watch one cyclist being brutally killed by a crowd of slightly more than 10 people with bottles, swords and iron bars. Bottles after bottles were smacked at the victim's head, one after the other, followed by swords, iron bars and whatever the attackers held in their hands. It was so horrible and tragic to watch an innocent and unarmed victim trying every effort to save himself from the crowd.

Although I saw from a distance, I can imagine how much pain, the victim felt. No matter how hard he was moving always from that crowd. The crowd was not bothered and continually attacked him until he finally fell to his death.

Such agonising and antagonising event did not end there. Subsequently I overheard from my parent's conversation with our relatives, neighbours and their friends that they lost their innocent friends and their family's member either being killed or burnt to death. This was the first time I discovered about the most ugly action of my nation.

The more I hear about all these tragic incidents, the more my curiosity. This has constantly serves as the driving force for me to explore further for a solution. On my journey to find such a solution, I even took lots of initiatives to read the numerous main political parties' history till todate. However, this unforgettable event turn out to a great blessing to me as I began to seek solution, I found my great heroes such as Confucius, Buddha, Jesus etc..

Couple with my other colourful, beautiful and wonderful tribulations, I finally discovered that LOVE is the solution to conquer these hatred feelings of mankind. With this in mind, I embarked on several initiatives to spread this message through my social networking in the hope that I can chip in and play my part, no matter how small is my action. Cumulatively, it will see some impact one day.

I also strongly believe that all these incidents were not by accident, but there are reasons for it. Time will reveal the truth anyway. So, what is important to me now is to keep sowing the seeds, just like many others have been doing it. By doing so, we are surely have hope and keep things moving on.

Please feel free to leave comments on the articles. I love hearing from my readers.

Kindly share this article on Facebook or Twitter if you have found it useful. Thanks; I really appreciate it!