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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Sunday, October 26, 2014


The biggest letdown in life is when you lose the larger purpose of life. This is true especially our daily busy routine sets in to divert our attention and action to other urgent but less important things. What makes thing even worse is when the surrounding chaos sets in from our other areas of life, namely finances, which causes us to feel like we are losing control over everything.

In short, “everything is letting us down.” Here are some of the ways which may assist you to get back control, commit and accomplish all the things you want to do.

What Would You Like to Accomplish, And Why?

Sadly, many people these days have a lot of goals but do not actually realize what they truly want out of life. You should not think what you want "from" life, but think what you truly want "in" life. Keep working on it. Be focused and create something you are truly passionate about, and expand its horizons so that you can sustain and increase your net worth.
By doing so, you can cope well with today’s highly competitive and inflationary but low interest environment. In this type of situation, we are not only compelled to invest wisely to get much higher returns than the rate of inflation, but also need to perform exceptionally well to cope with the fast-paced economy. Otherwise, growing your wealth exponentially will not be within our reach.
Begin with your current status and move to your next level of success.
Always stay open and brainstorm pathways to grow your wealth exponentially. A brilliant way is to leverage on others who have those resources that you don't have. The sky is the limit, and growing your wealth exponentially is something that you may have the privilege to strive for.
Just keep on creating the pipe lines so that they can bring in the residual or passive income to you perpetually. This is the surest way of growing your wealth exponentially.
Identify Obstacles.
Write down everything that may prevent you from growing your wealth exponentially. Be completely honest. If you do not have enough money or enough time, write them down. Identifying any obstacles can serve two purposes - it will highlight all the things you can do that you have just been lazy about, and it will give you an idea on what you need to overcome them.
What matters most is to realize what the underlying cause is at that time. Inaction is the number one thing that prevents you from growing wealth exponentially. Action triumphs in every success. 
Formulate Plan.
Make a third column and write down a plan of action now that you know what's preventing you from accomplishing everything you want.
The reality is that you have to take action, and without having a plan, you'll just keep spinning your wheels and nothing will get done. If one of your obstacles is not having enough money, maybe you can write down ideas on how to make more money, how to spend less money, or how to get a handle on your finances.
If there is nothing preventing you from doing something, write down that you need to JUST DO IT!
If your goal is "Learn to ride a motorcycle", and not having a motorcycle is what's preventing you, write down "find a friend with a motorcycle" or "save money for a motorcycle". Write down anything that comes to mind.
Take Action.
You reap what you sow. To grow your wealth exponentially, you need to keep sowing, no matter how small the seeds may seam. There is nothing too little to a great mind. No one will know what will actually turn up.

Every day, do something that will lead you to sustain and increase your net worth. Learn how to not swim against a current or let it carry you safely to the shore. Do take the ride of waves to grow your wealth exponentially. Never drain your resources to fight against the wave, but grab every opportunity that arises that will grow your wealth exponentially through leverage of others’ resources.

For instance I keep creating Ebooks, training programs to that effect as I believe each book and training program will bring me perpetual income over time. Moreover, by keeping on writing, I also will enhance my writing skills, knowledge and strengthen my mindset. Better still, what I am writing is mostly about motivation, wealth and mindset.

Investment Strategy
Every investor needs to develop a series of strategies to increase your wealth. An investment strategy is a set of rules, behaviors or procedures, designed to guide an investor's selection of an investment portfolio.
Usually the strategy will be designed around the investor's risk-return tradeoff: some investors will prefer to maximize expected returns by investing in risky assets, others will prefer to minimize risk, but most will select a strategy somewhere in between.
At the end of day, every investor wants to make a profit. But without an investment strategy, how do you know what to invest in? How long will it take for your plans to materialize?
To ensure that you achieve your goals with much certainty and consistency, you need to consistently invest into your most important asset. I prefer personal development because its return goes far beyond gain in monetary wealth. I become a better person in every aspect.
I am better equipped to be a better investor, entrepreneur, speaker and writer. It also directly contributed to my better health. Health is wealth too.
Always begin with a strategy and vision, end with model and analytical insights. Stay focused on the big picture without losing the details by measuring, monitoring, managing them effectively and closely in-line with the saying, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Look at your life now, are you investing a portion of your earning into your personal development? This commitment to on-going learning will enhance your income growth.
As you grow, you will see the world very differently. People are more eager to connect with you and resources that were unavailable to you will become accessible. Everything will change for the better. You may realize that no other investment could ever have given you with much meaning and contentment.
This is in line with what was advocated by Benjamin Franklin, “If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

The greatest investment you will ever make is an investment into your on-going personal development especially in regards to your mindset. This is because a man’s world is a projection of his mind.
When your mind is weak, you see problem.  When your mind is balance, you see the challenge. When your mind is strong, you see the opportunity. So this sound, sane and solid principle also applies to investment as well.

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