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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Monday, October 3, 2011


FIRSTLY we, at Lift You Up, are very pleased to express our heartfelt thanks to you for the responses we received on our preceding articles on HOW CAN I GO GREEN. Your good responses make this article one of the most popular articles at the time of writing of Part II. We believe that this Green article will still be well received because it reflects the KEY message that lots of people do care about the planet and everyone's efforts is not put to waste.

It is an excellent positive sign that lots of people are hungry for information on GREEN issues and people are gearing up to equip themselves to do more so that they can play  more significant roles in this aspect. I can sense this vibration and that is the driving force for me to write another update on this issue. Before I forget, I write to make an invitation to you to participate in our recently hosted "Miss Bus Stop Contest" which is receiving overwhelming response from both the sponsors and readers.

In line with the saying, "we need to visualise in our mind first before we can make it materialise." As such, we hope you could send in your environmental friendly nominee to this contest. Let people see and let us send our message to the service providers so that they can make them materialised. So, please send your candidates in soonest possible. For those who have not voted so, please do so, via comment at the link below:-

In line with this Green projects, our government also made the Green car more affordable than before. Today, the leading popular Green Car of Honda Inspire and Toyota Pruis cost slightly below RM 100k and 140k respectively in Malaysia. For those countries which have not embarked on this scheme, please lobby them to do so.

Please be informed that it was proposed in 2012 budget that the 100% exemption of import duty and excise duty for new CBU hybrid and electric cars be extended for another 2 years. The increase in the use of hybrid and electric cars would be a catalyst to promote local assembly of these types of cars in the country and ensure sustainable growth of the nation.

Another good news I like to share with you is that our State Government of Selangor also give rebates of few thousands ringgit to those purchasers who buy selected environmental electrical appliances (rated 5 star) during this campaign period. Now, we hope that we will get the GREEN bus stop in the very near future. For those countries which have embarked on this healthy project, please come forward to update us in this blog. Thank you so much for doing so.

Let us think harder and see what the Green issues we can do together, apart from those mentioned above. Is magnetic train qualified? Please share your thoughts. If not, why don't think about electric train (China) or solar train.
AS we all fully aware that the fact of dwindling natural resources had caused high inflation globally, we need to think and use 3 R (Reduce, Recycle and Reused) to tackle this issue and at the same time bring down the environmental impact. THINK BIG and make sustainable GREEN GROWTH a reality. To do so, let us embrace the principle laid down by the book; the Magic Power of Thinking BIG by Prof David J. Schwartzr, Ph.D. is also one of prizes to be won in our recent Miss Bus Stop Contest. Make it a point to read and apply what have been written in this Magic book.

To make it an even greater impact, the young ones must also be exposed to it. Those prizes from Mdm Teoh Poh Yew also came in very handy and useful especially for the young kids, who will be the leaders of the future. Let them be exposed to more creativity and let us tap their brains to come out with some more environmental friendly items. The more the merrier.

1. Think BIG but start with small changes over time

To achieve sustainable growth, you have to think BIG. However, it is wise to start small and slowly build up so as to avoid disappointment. By doing so, you can always think of better and effective ways to do things better. It is also wise to use biological or natural way to compliment it. To do so, you may use my article at the link below as a guide. Feel free to add whatsoever you deem fit.
We can't deny that setting realistic sustainable goals and benchmarks is the key to success. Another wise move we should consider is to make use of rain water to water our plants which I was thinking of at one time. However I didn't pursue this due to other plans which made me  put this project on hold, but to put a big plastic pail given by my sister. Be mindful that all these small positive changes have great long-term impact on the environment especially if more people are also involved. Bear in mind that this is not rocket science, but numbers game. Just imagine the world population of more than 6.0 billion people, each making the small changes each day. Instantly, the effect can be felt in a BIG magnitude. 

2.    Make sustainable practice through educating and sharing

Thanks must be given to orgainsations such as Environment Booty and many other such organisations constantly reminding us to do so. Your efforts encourage us to be involved and be participative in these practices by sharing what we know and instill in our behaviors to become more environmentally responsible in our hearts.

3.    Actively participate in these noble activities

Climate change is a serious global threat, and it demands urgent and collective response. Therefore, it is time for us to show our undivided commitment to environmental responsibility by actively participating in these events and causes. In this connection, please send in your environmental friendly Bus Stop to our Miss Bus Stop Contest so as to let the service providers be aware of the bus stop of our choice we want in this planet. In this connection, we do hope all such organisations can also chip in to give away stuffs that are Environmental Friendly so as to equip us with such knowledge. Thank you. Here, we must act consistently to send out our message clearly and loudly.

4.    Modify your lifestyle

Reducing the environmental impact may require us to modify our lifestyle to be more responsible. For instance, consider sending email rather than the conventional way so that we can cut down paper usage. Opting for environmental friendly houses is another wise choice. Green car is in my next project and I shall update you in due course.

5.    Share your environmental accomplishments

Sharing and imparting knowledge is another positive affirmation to the environment. Never keep your environmental accomplishments a secret and let others follow your ways. Share the news with the public whenever there is an opportunity for you to do so, just like I do. It may be too late to prevent the climate change that has been taking place, but it is better than not doing anything positive. I believe it is still possible to protect the earth, as a whole, from its impacts to some extent. My advice is that more positive act is better. Thank you greatly for doing so.

6.    Lobbying local governments to increase environmental activities

The above examples I have mentioned above is beginning to pay us dividends and hope other countries will follow suit. For those countries which are more ahead than mine, please do us a favour and tell us more about what your country had done so that we will continue to lobby our local governments to do so.

The above discussion has clearly illustrated that we should not underestimate the little efforts and changes you and I can make that will result a huge difference to the environment in both short and long terms. So why are we not sending our vibration to them in a BIG way? After all, we have nothing to lose, but lots to gain. Let us unite and act now so as to leave behind a good legacy for the coming generations.

I beg you to work with us. Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

Your Chief Servant,

James Oh

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