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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lessons I Learn From the Recent US Election

Well, again the American has made another history, to lead us into new political landscape. Barack Obama was just elected as the first African-American president of the United States. What did the whole thing teach us about leadership and about people? Let me go through each point listed below:

1. Leaders must inspire people before they challenge people to look forward.

Obama was able to inspire people with a picture of a preferred tomorrow- like both Clinton and Reagan before him. When leaders do this, people feel they're able to acknowledge and accept the challenge of the present realities they have to face. This show he has a better foresight to handle the future and does not let the past to hold him back. Another word, he is more looking forward than backward.

2. Leaders must build a brand that creates a tribe.

Barak Obama developed a brand ("Change You Can Believe In") and a tribe of all colors, ages and socio-economic backgrounds. There was a definite identity as Obama supporters. People want to belong to a tribe-so leaders must create one – that show love see no color. More importantly, he admitted the fact that the change is certain and therefore it is more appropriate for the leader to ask their people to get ready and face the changes with confidence.

Obviously Barack Obama was able to create a new culture within his party. I believe this is the challenge of both major political parties, and for that matter, nearly every organization that plans to succeed. This month Growing Leaders is offering a special on the fourth book in the Habitudes™ series: "The Art of Changing Culture."

3. Leaders must communicate in an authentic and sincerely and honestly.

This is not a substance issue but a style issue. People need to "feel" something as they follow their leader. They want to believe in him or her. They love it when their leader is authentic not plastic. (Authentic means "to author"; or to originate one's own identity.) In addition, people love to follow a leader who uses fresh technology. It gives them the sense the leader is on the cutting edge. Leader must always blow consistent trumpet so that he sends the right and not confusing statement to his followers so as to get confidence from his people. In short, he must walk on his talk.

4. Leaders must connect with ordinary people.

This one is a lesson from both candidates. People want to see the humanity of their leader. They want to experience a connection with him or her. They want to feel he understands us. They do not want to choose a leader who lives in Ivory tower and believe the leader can identify with them-like the neighbor next door. John McCain did this by talking about his P.O.W. experience in Vietnam. He was a hero, but he was a human who struggled and suffered in his past. Barak Obama did this by talking about his boyhood years, being raised by a single mom and his grandparents - - not a wealthy, nuclear family. And he's from a minority race. People are impressed with a leader's achievements, but they identify with a leader's struggles. That’s show that he really know the issue his people is facing so that his people will know that he can tackle it with confidence.

5. Leaders must foster a hope that people can make a difference.

The most important question in any election is: who inspires more? The leader who projects greater hope for the people, gets followed. Today, because of the present unrest and uncertainty in the US country, people voted for the quality and capability leader. People felt that Barak Obama is more capable to handle on where the future was going than John McCain did. If a leader can instill confidence, and if the leader can motivate ordinary people to join them because they will make a difference in history. . . you've got yourself a winning combination.

6. Leaders must unite the people and not divide them

Leaders must be able to unite his people, but not divide them and rule. Obama has demonstrated such a excellent quality by retaining his political rival to work together with him to overcome the unprecedented economic challenge in the history of the United Stated. In this sense, he realized and acknowledged that he needed more talented and capable people to address those critical issues at hand - well indicate his maturity and capability in handling these critical issues, which earn him the confidence and respect from his people.

7. Leaders must put the people interest above their individual interest

Leaders must show that he put the people interest first since the people who give his people first. Therefore it is more appropriate that the people interest must always put above of everything. He should put aside of their individual differences aside and work together to overcome the challenges his people are currently facing. He must admit and accept the effectiveness of servant leadership.

8. Leaders be selected based on his wisdom and capability

Leaders be selected based on his capability and wisdom so as to reflect the maturity of the society. In this aspect, we all can’t deny that the US has well ahead of any other countries in the world. This is not only a concern to America, but the rests of the world as well. Being the might in the world, it is definitely directly, or indirectly affects the lives of everybody so long as you stay in this planet. Therefore, it is everybody concerns that this great nation is fall into good hand and ultimately to ensure that the third world war would not erupted.

Use this as a platform for discussion to polish your own leadership.
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