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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This is what most of us want but it is so loosely used and many times the real true meaning becomes confusing, unclear and misleading to certain extent. People are constantly finding quick and easy ways to attain it without being able to sustain it. That’s may be the reason why many people enter into rat race. How many of you agree with my humble view? Worst still, its meaning becomes subjective and everyone is trying to give its meaning at their individual’s convenience.  Consequently, it seems impossible to accurately measure the level of success. This issue forms our central discussion of this article?

To measure our progress/of success accurately, first we need to ascertain where is our starting point? It is also the best practice to begin with the end in our mind. Then use our vision and strategy as our means to reach our ultimate end. In this instance, our ultimate end, in the long run, is vague due to our BIG DREAM to achieve perfection  may sometimes seem impossible to achieve.

However, its main function is to serve as an inspiration to help us move forward. What is clear and important is for us to attain or accomplish our immediate target. To move to the next level of success, we need to overcome our immediate obstacles along the journey. These obstacles arise mainly due to our current knowledge threshold and unknown factors surrounding us.

Consequently, we have no choice but to carry out initiatives that can accurately ascertain what are the unknown, based on our testing and not based on our assumptions gathered through our past experiences or bondages. To remove these biases, we need to truly know who we are and effectively solve our immediate obstacles that prevent us from going to our next target condition. In other words, we need to discover what the real issues that we are currently facing before we can overcome them effectively even if it is from our own blind spots. Otherwise, it will haunt us again and again until the real issue is solved.

By now, trust you are able to see the issue of purely relying on our underlying assumptions which may not be true in the new situation. In the nutshell, it is difficult to see our own blind spot. The only way is to carry out experiments to determine the scientific outcome we want before we can then truly reach our next level of success.

By then, the next plan need to be drawn and our next obstacles which are likely to be different from what we initially encountered. Through experiment again we test our assumptions and gather feedback, check and study them again. Finally, we will then decide to adjust or adapt to the new situation. The similar process will be used continuously to improve until perfection is achieved.

For illustration purpose, I use my 3Bs’ business model which I began with Blog at my late 40s. That formed my tangible product to carry out my experiment based on my hypothesis that I can produce what the market’s needs and requirements at that material time.


I have successfully overcome the numerous challenges and managed to get my blog alive and spread it widely to reach my audiences all over the globe. I then move to my next target condition to publish my Book after I successfully overcome many different and new obstacles. Fortunately, my faith and passion truly pull me over all the obstacles to get my first eBook, Better Than The Best, out few years ago. My subsequent books were produced with greater ease as I have expanded my knowledge threshold. The ability is built by doing or practicing it frequently. That’s the way I build my second habit. Previously I always focus on mastering on numbers which help me to understand its story beyond the numbers as I was in the corporate world for nearly 30 years. Now, I stay focus on mastering words and combining my strength of using both numbers and words to make my life more enlightening.


In order for me to reach out to a wider audience, I need to overcome new obstacles of getting more publishers in different segments to publish my articles regularly and establish myself in my new and upcoming trade. To keep my inspiration high at all material times, I need to constantly shift my mind to view things at its appropriate perspective to keep me moving forward. In this manner, I do not have to bother much how people look at me. To me, it is far more important for me to see how far I have reached and what I need to do in order for me to head closer to my vision. That is to be who I want to be. I used reflection practice to measure my real improvement by connecting the missing dots backwards. I will then fulfill the true outcome and my achievement in term of numbers of my published books, articles, training programs and networking I had built over these years.


I trust you are able to see direction is far more important than determination and dedication. We need direction to guide us to moves towards our intended goal. I then realized that I need to expand my current knowledge horizon to cater for next level of height before I can overcome my next bigger challenges. This is the way to acquire a growth mindset, which is the greatest assets within us. This growth mindset enables us to strengthen our health and wealth. However, every successful person needs to pay a price, in term of sacrifices, hard works and perhaps pains and endurance. By adopting the appropriate mindset, we can truly enjoy every moment at each and every stage as it gives you different sensation which is far beyond words.

It is worth for you to walk through the journey yourself to taste this self-fulfillment and satisfaction. To master any skill, we need to basically put it into practice regularly until it becomes part of us and becomes habitual. Knowing is not sufficient, you need to do it. By doing it regularly and you will condition your brain to automatically trigger with no or little thinking.  

In short, I have discovered my new profound formula which can truly measure your success with scientific way and can be even sustained with certainty, as follow:-

S    =   A x I x D

Where as

S =Success
A = Ability
I = Inspiration
D = Direction

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