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Monday, September 21, 2009

What are some affordable ways to detox our body ?

Very good day to all my dearest friends,

Hope you find this detox article interesting and beneficial.

What are some affordable ways to detox our body?

Try lemon honey drink. Lemon contains lots of vitamins and anti-oxidant while honey has many good properties. Plus eating raw salad vegetables and fruits without adding any sauce or processed food. But bear in mind if you have gastric or any other health problems, you should consult your doctor first.

How is acidic food related to detoxification?

Acidic food helps in digestion but does not necessarily help in detoxification. It also depends on what kind of acidic food you are talking about. Just remember, any food that has undergone processing will not help in detoxification.

Can I use Quaker oats plus honey as face mask?

Yes, honey has many good nutrients and oats acts as an exfoliator/scrub. When rub onto the face and left for 15min-25min, skin becomes smooth and radiant. You may
use Quacker oats or any other rolled oats. You can grind the oat too if you want finer grains. But what determines whether the mask is effective or not, lies on the honey. Use Manuka Honey UMF 8-15+. Other honey is of little use as the active agents within is limited. Mix the paste, apply with your finger and palm. Rinse off with water only. Do not use facial foam.

How to perform a natural detox?

Natural detox is by means of using natural food and massage to clear toxins from your body. Food that contains no preservative, chemical, or any man-made substance are natural food. Organic ones are the best. Detox does not mean you must starve and only drink liquids for a few days. You will faint. Eating a little vegetables and fruits will help boost your system's immunity when you go on such diet.

How can I get rid of flabby tummy?

Sit-ups and crunches help to tone up the muscles. However, if you have too much body fat, the abdominal area will look flabby and the muscles will not show as
they will be hidden by excess fat underlying the skin. So which contributes more depends on the individual concerned - if there is too much fat, there is a need
to reduce through a low-fat diet; if muscles are not toned, you need to do more sit-ups/crunches. You also have to consider genetic factors, as well as posture
(a "hunched" posture can make the abdomen look "fat").

Will honey become a 'heaty' drink if dissolve in hot water?

Do not dissolve honey in hot water as heat basically destroys the good properties such as vitamins and minerals in honey. Use water in room temperature instead. I don't think a hot honey drink is 'heaty'. Honey in cold water will also not make it
a 'cooling' drink. Honey drink that preserves all the vitamins, soothes the body and boosts the immune system.

It might be worth noting that honey can also be used for external application like treating skin rashes. For that purpose, it is required to be of a certain concentration. Look for "Manuka" honey from New Zealand with UMF 20+. Anything less than that may not be suitable.

What is the difference between day and night cream?

During the day, our skin requires protection from the elements, so we may want to apply a day cream with sunscreens and possibly, with antioxidant back up. At night, sun protection is redundant but replenishing any moisture lost during the day and feeding in active agents useful in optimum skin function becomes important. That spells the need for a night cream. The basis of any successful skincare regime is to protect during the day and to 'treat' the skin at night. Day cream and night cream serve different purpose in caring for the skin.

There are blemishes on my leg caused by shaving. How do I make it disappear or less prominent?

Simply apply some Aloe Vera Gel on the affected area. Aloe Vera has been shown to directly encourage tissue re-generation. Aloe Vera Gel is popular as a folk remedy for burns and wounds, some people even keep one or more aloe Vera plants readily available at home. It has healing effect and soothes any discomfort. You may go for Organic Aloe Vera Gel that is without added mineral oil, water or thickener.

Is it true that when I do not have enough sleep, I am prone to getting flu?

When your body does not have ample rest, your immune system will be less able to fight virus attack. Sleep is very important for maintaining a healthy body. If you find yourself getting flu quite easily, you should start building up a stronger immune system. Take more fruits like orange and apples for they are rich in vitamin c and phytochemicals. Actually, the whitish part on the orange skin contains more vitamin c than the juice itself. So try eating the whole orange instead of just drinking the juice.

Is there any effective method to eliminate dark eye circle?

Sleep well and I'm sure 50% of your dark eye circles will be gone! Basically dark eye rings are due to poor blood circulation around the eyes. When I do not have enough sleep, I have that problem too. I find facials very useful as the light massage on my face stimulate circulation. However some people perpetually look like
"panda bears". They might be having late nights for many years and for people like them, it'll take a longer time to recover.

Always remember, many problems be it skin problems or weight problems etc are caused by poor blood circulation. Our blood is not able to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells in a particular area that is why skin ages, cells deteriorate and other problems start to arise. As for anti-dark eye ring products, if you have very sensitive skin, my advice is not to try these products. So far as I know, I have not heard of any miracle that happened due to using a particular anti-dark eye ring product. I personally know some have tried many but in vain. The only solution I've heard of which is effective is IPL. However a good IPL costs SGD$500 to SGD$1000 each time. You have to perform the treatment a few times in order to see results. And dark circles will come back if you never sleep well.

Please do share with us your experience. Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you health and happiness.

James Oh
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