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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Why I Am Passionate About Life

What matters most in life if not life itself? To have a life is to set yourself free from all the rat races; free from comparison and competition with others. This is because each of us was created for its own purpose. In other words, life is an examination and everyone has different question. Basically, we can’t just copy others’ answer for our given question. Hope I have made it clear to you.

Dig deeply inside us, find and understand who we truly are.  What we truly desire? Understand ourselves accurately and listen to our inner voice by cutting through the external noise. Stay on living the present. Be cautious of the fact that day in and day out, our brains are continuously distracted and disrupted by millions of external noises. How easily we can be tempted if we are not in control of our own selves. Stay calm, my dearest friends.

People often ask me "why are you so passionate about grooming people to be wealthy?"

My reason is profoundly simple. And it's not what you may think...

To me, having a life is to live freely and live in your own terms. What matters for you is to please your own self and no one can live for you and neither can you live for others. Why live to please others by impressing others. Nothing can buy inner happiness. What we need to do is to have the ability to choose consciously. And that is exactly why I am so passionate about helping others to consciously make their own choice based on their own informed decision.

Imagine this: you are a normal capable human being of any age and have the desire to change careers, you get married or divorced, you have children or grandchildren, and you have no freedom to do what you love and working for a pay check monthly. You are basically working like a robot and not having a life of your own. It is heart sickening and sad.

What FREEDOM does this give you to choose what you would like to spend your time doing? What FREEDOM does this give you on where you're going to spend your time? Not much at all. Your time is going to be devoted to your job and your money is going to be devoted to paying the bills. We are basically going to through your life doing all this ongoing routinely boring jobs. Worst still, what if it is totally against your own conscious choice.

Now.... WHAT IF, in addition to the passive income that generates from your labour of love and you have more time of your own to do what you love. Make your own dreams unfold one by one, ultimately leading you to spend more time to make others’ dreams happen. Making a better world and better living place for every human. Wow! How amazingly beautiful job you have created for yourself. What amazingly beautiful world we all are working towards.

What FREEDOM would this passive income enable every of us to live our lives based on our own conscious choice? Just imagine of having a life spending couple of hours a day (or more) online in managing, growing and maintaining what you love to do. WHAT IF, you could turn these actions into money generating ventures and activities? What if you were paid couple of dollars every visit you made on your smart phone? That's consistently generating couple of hundred a day or few thousands per year. I would say that is a pretty damn wise investment of time and efforts, wouldn't you?

This is why I do what I love doing rather than follow the traditional means of going to school, get a good degree and venture into a career field. Then overnight I lost my career and salary that may drive me crazy, which some of you are well aware what I had gone through.

Fortunately, I managed to discover my life purpose at my late forties. I vowed that I would never allow anyone to dictate my financial situation and my conscious choice. Thereafter, I dared to venture into internet world and plot my own unique path moving towards my own dream. Day in and day out, I live in present and stay focus on the opportunities I created for myself. THAT is exactly how I direct my effort doing what I do best. Dig deeply to understand your true self and follow your intuitive to lead the way you desire. As time passed by, I established more intimate relationship with my inner self and managed to cut through most of the external voices, if not all. I then realized that I am overwhelmed by my inner voice and eventually I give in to my inner voice. I surrendered to my inner voice and let it set me free from all self-inflicted fears and doubts.

Now, I am ready to share openly with others who aspire to follow their own inner voices, to create their own unique path working towards their own desired purpose. That is why I am so passionate about helping people create passive income that enable them to have FREEDOM to do what they love, what they do best, with whom they love to work with. Fear will not hold them back.

Bear in mind always that Money cannot buy inner happiness, but it is only through FREEDOM! What are you waiting for? Are you not doing yourself a great favour by creating your FREEDOM now? Drop me an email and let's talk today!

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