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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Sunday, May 5, 2013



Many readers and listeners have shared very positive feedback with me after listening to my speech or  after reading my written speech, so thank YOU so much for your kind words and encouragement ! 

Some of you may desire to have new resolution for 2013 of having to turn your weaknesses into strength. Do you have any idea how to start ? Thank you.

Any weakness can be turned into a strength. Likewise, any skill you have can also be turned into an expertise. It all boils down to 3P, that are Practice, Practice and Practice. No doubts, Practice does not make Perfect, but Practice makes Permanent Improvement.

Have you heard of the 10,000 rule? I have heard from my daughter's prize presentation speech from her school's headmaster. It basically says that when you spend at least 10,000 hours honing a skill of any type, you will turn it into your expertise. Read more at the link below:-

You may have read or heard as how I have successfully turned my physical weak health into a blessing. It makes me stronger, better and sweeter; not bitter. I strongly believe that nothing is permanent except God and His words and everything change over time. Everyone of us may be born with propensities in certain areas, but these do not have to define us unless we do not do something on these. E.g., I wanted to be an accountant after my form 6 just because I am good with numbers and now I am a chartered accountant. However, I am born with zero abilities in other areas such as writing and speaking, but these do not have to define me either. This is because I begin to make effort and initiative to become a professional writer and speaker which I strongly believe are learn-able skills.
For example, people often ask me how I always accomplish what i wanted in life. Some people might conclude that I was born a writer or I have a natural flair in writing to be able to do what I do today. In fact this is not true. 

To put on record, I must admit that through writing consistently and persistently that I have improved; become sharper and more concise with my words. Lots and lots of writing I had done. I was never a writer; I was a science student in my high school, studied Accounting and Law in both local and oversea universities, subsequently worked in Accountancy firm before I joined corporate world for more than twenty years after I graduated.

I have started my career as a writer in several online media in 2008 and I have yet to publish any physical books. I am merely someone who runs several blogs and uses writing to reach out to the world, with the intention to repay those kind people and souls who have touched my life significantly.

In this connection, writing has merely been something I have developed in the past four years from being a non-skill to my current strength. Because I had persistently spent so much time in reading, writing and speaking, there was no way I could acquire this skill except to become better. By doing, I continue to be better with the feedback and guidance from my mentors.

People have also asked me how I came to be so good in accomplish so many successes through my academic qualifications, career and dreams. At one stage, I have even lost sense of my  purpose in life after I have fulfilled all of my dreams at that time. (Again, this is not something I think, just something people told me so.) Similarly in my writing, this was through lots and lots of practising. This included one-to-one coaching, self-coaching, coaching readers through my articles, through unlimited belief which I have acquired some time ago.

Let us give it a serious thought. I have actually done my dues and clocked more than 10,000 hours in both writing and coaching since the start of my journey. I started my blogs  in August 2008. Till now, I have literally spent all my time thinking about how to develop myself before I can help others grow, I have clocked in the required 10,000 hours since then! (10,000 hours = 5 hours a day x 360 days x 5 years!)

Regardless of your current status, financial position and background, what defines you depend on :-

(a) your dedication/commitment in achieving that particular desire and 
(b) your passion towards achieving it.

Your passion can generate the required energy to enable you to overcome all obstacles that come along your way to success. Needless to say that at the end of the day, the journey will not come smoothly. That challenges along the journey will eventually shape you to be better, stronger and sweeter, like the transformation process that every beautiful butterfly took.

To take up new challenge, always begin with the baby step, followed by full step before we take the leap step. It is normal even if you start out shaky. So, it is accurate to say that we can’t change what we were born with but we can change how well we become in something through rigorous practice and a wealth of experience. Naturally, the more time we spend on something, the better we will become especially with appropriate guidance. The point in case is to start clocking in our developmental hours and not wait for perfection because the latter is a myth.

Therefore, it is important that we invest our hours in it if we want to become better in something. If you want to excel in it, then we need to put an extra mile more than others.

Now, you can see why I continue to invest my time in writing, coaching, building my blogs, and helping others grow every day. This is the way to strengthen our mindsets, skills and knowledge. Knowledge is the potential power. With action, it will emerge to become power. Exactly like our muscle, we need to exercise to strengthen our muscle.

Just imagine being able to live life on a completely new level - a level that would allow you to demolish obstacles to your success and finally manifest the dream life that you have been longing for. Trust me, you can do this if you know how to unleash your mind's power with the above secret weapon I have just shared with you.

I strongly believe that everyone wants a life that is enriched, abundant and complete. So please share the above post if you feel it is helpful to you.

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