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Growing Your Wealth Exponentially

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi! everyone,

Change is the natural phenomenon and it is the truth. One good news is that we are designed to adapt to daily changes due to aging, climate, environment whether you like it or not. We are not exempted from changes because our body is changing every minute. We are naturally designed to respond automatically to all these changes. As such, we should have the courage to celebrate this truth rather than resist change. 

It is a big lie if anyone claims that he resists changes. Why I dare to say so? Simply because whoever truly resist  change must be willing to restore to his initial position. You can not have both. Everything changes through time. It comes with package of pros and cons. We can't running a car with petrol at the same time not polluting the air. You can't be selective and keep the changes that bring good to you and refuse to accept those bad changes that come along with it -  that is the truth. In short, sometime you gain, sometime you learn.

As such, if you prepare and accept this truth, you are already set free and not living as the slave of limited beliefs. In reality, these limited beliefs have been ingrained in the system and have a strong influence on us causing us to be deceived. This illusion was planted so that we continuously believe it to be the truth without realising it. Consequently, we create a false "comfort zone" . Once this comfort zone disappears,  we will face reality as we have seen in the recent financial crisis in America.

Therefore, it is vitally important to accept this truth that changes are inevitable and good. It makes life more colourful and more meaningful. We have to realize that there is no progress without change.

Once you understand this truth, you will agree with me that it is true to say that people resist change. To illustrate my point further, may I allowed to ask you the following questions:-

a. Does any adult wants to keep his child born brain intact throughout his whole life ?

b. Does any adult wants to crawl with their hands and legs instead of walking with their legs?

c. Are you happy to reclaim your hunter role in the jungle that humans initially began with?

d. Are you happy to return to live in the jungle as humans began with?

If all these answers are in the resounding No. Then, it proves the points we all are agree unanimously that we are in favour of changes. Then what make you to argue that people refused changes? truly inconsistent with our findings. 

In this article I am going to explore why such a lie is planted into our belief system:-

1. For those who argue that people resist change because they are afraid of their personal loss. In reality, you gain some, you loss some. For those who can't see the whole picture clearly wanted to keep themselves status quo. They are unrealistic and do not have the courage to accept the truth. As a result, they have created unnecessary stress or pressure on themselves to suppress this  truth. Be wise, do not fight against the wave, but ride the wave of change that gives you new hope.

2. Because they are afraid of losing "false" control over their dominion. They forget that whatever their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. The higher the suppression, the higher the rebellion will be. It is very sad that they refused to accept that the false control are in a way exposing them to higher risks. If it is left unchecked, it may drive them insane. Very good example is the Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

3. To argue that people feel awkward to change does not hold water. We are exposed to the truth that we are designed for changes. We begin with crawling, walking and running. It is a law of nature, how can we argue otherwise.

4. It is never up to us to say " Timing is not right for change" if we are not prepared for change. Are we ready for climate change? Is the timing ever right for the climate change? It illustrates the point that it is also another big lie if we say that timing is not right for change.

5. To argue that tradition is against change is not appropriate because tradition also evolves over time. Very good example is that wearing coat and tie is an universally accepted formal dress today regardless whether in the west or east. It is very clear that this does not hold water anymore.

By now, you should able to see clearly that people who tend to choose what to keep intact and what to change  actually look from their own perspectives and not from the truth sense. However, the truth is that  truth will  be ultimately revealed. I like to let the song "the wind of change"  sum up our discussion on changes. 

James Oh
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